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LG BX OLED 65-Inch at $3494 + Delivery - Catch.com.au


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  • 65" is cheaper through TGGC, though this could be a good deal for those with catch gift cards!

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    Plus delivery.

  • 10% code also works

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    At the moment you can still get the OLED65CXPTA LG 65 INCH 4K Smart OLED TV for $3,591.00 with Ebay 10% off deal free postage ( ENDS tonight )

    Worth the $100 for the better TV


    • Can get the BX 65" for $3,144.60 + Delivery if you are a student / have a mate to get the 10% student discount. Worth the savings to go for the BX in that case.

      • Plus 8% off gift cards for up to $500

        • Is it up to $500 per account or like per transaction? I wouldn't be able to get 6 lots of $500 vouchers?

          • @BeerCrisp: Per transaction on catch

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              @Pricebeat: So theoretically you could get the 65" BX for $2904.60?

              • @BeerCrisp: Yeah I suppose. I haven't done the calculations lol

                edit: I would say it would be around $3104.6 with 10% off unidays and 8% off gift cards and shipping will be extra.

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        I'm waiting a few more months to see what deals pop up.. Last years 65" C9's dropped as low as 2500

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    Appliance Central seems to have a better deal at the moment. Not by much though. Perhaps it's better to wait until Black Friday to see what prices these TVs go for.

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      CX 65 inch for $2900 like last year for C9 65 inch.


      • Yes! I got that 2900 C9 last year :)

        • Did you buy in April 2020?

          I am looking to buy TV ASAP. Thinking to go to stores and try to offer $3200. Will they accept it?

          • @crazyboy: Last time i was at the good guys the Advertised discounted price for the LG CX 65 OLED was $4199
            SO i would say ' NO.. they are not going to take off $1000

            • @vid_ghost: It was $3995 at JB HiFi couple of weeks ago.

            • @vid_ghost: The LG CX 65-Inch $4,090.00 on Appliance Central at the moment. The Good Guys and JB-HiFi refuse to price it below $4199.
              Edit: Wait until November/December as that's when they get big discounts.

  • This is an excellent TV. LG just applied a WIFI update to WebOS 5.10.3305 (Software version 3.11.10) a few days ago. Hope they continue - Havent looked at the changelog but im sure its avail on their website.

  • Guys is there a place to purchase the catch gift card $500 one at 8% off? The only one I have is NIB which is 8% for $ 100 card. I assume it will one code per gift card.

  • Catch is offering free shipping on some of these tvs, no club catch required

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