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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200MHz C16 $89 (Expired), EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO GAMING $399 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


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  • Is this graphics card decent? I'm looking to upgrade my PC and be able to support VR. In fact, I'm a computer noob if anyone could help me out with building a decent machine capable of VR that'd be great, I'd appreciate that.

    CPU: intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 Ghz

    GPU: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series

    Motherboard: ASRock 787 Killer

    RAM: DDR3 8Gbs

    Storage: 1tb SSD and 1tb HDD.

    I know I need to upgrade my GPU and more RAM but I'm not looking to spend over $1000.

    • Very good for rendering for its price I think

    • You're looking at a complete system upgrade there. GPU, CPU, Motherboard, RAM. Can still make a very very nice system for under $1000. Ryzen 5 3600, B450/550 motherboard. Depending on how desperate you are, waiting for new AMD graphics cards and Nvidia 3060 will be the best option. Ryzen 5000 will also be announced soon, probably leading to sales on 3000 series.

    • Amazon prime is the only place where you’ll get decent ddr3 ram at 2014 prices. 16GB Patriot pc3-15000 DDR3 is available from US for AUD97 shipped which you can add to your 8GB of RAM.

      For the GPU though, if your budget is maxed out at $400 and you need it right now, then this is a good buy. This is the lowest price it’s ever been.

    • Your PC is already quite capable of VR, depending on which headset and what settings you use (low, medium, high ultra, etc).

      This GPU is maybe 150% faster than yours in terms of 1080p framerates so it'd make a huge difference.

      i5-4670k is old but CPU performance doesn't increase very quickly these days. A faster CPU and RAM would be nice but definitely not necessary and will cost a lot for not much actual difference. Do it if you can afford it, but if your budget is only say $500, I'd put all my budget into the GPU if I were you.

      • I'd vote this as the most rational answer. Yes, we all want the best parts, but after spending so much for brand spanking new hardware, the only thing I've actually fixed is envy. No major real life performance difference.

        If your intended use is 1080p 60, then this is likely sufficient. Money would be best spent on upgrading your GPU and your monitor (if its old)

        For higher refresh rates, you may (or may not) have to upgrade your CPU but you can wait till they new round of refreshed CPUs are announced.

    • For under a 1000 you'd be better off getting a whole new PC. The RTX 2060 would be bottlenecked by your setup, and you'd have to get DDR3 ram which is rarer and slower than the current standard.

      Like already mentioned, AUD 1000 will get you a fast Ryzen setup.

  • Think they need to change the picture used for the 2060 KO link. The link is for the KO version which has a 1680MHz boost clock, but the first picture you see, is for the 2060 KO ULTRA box which actually has a higher clock of 1755MHz.

    Just pointing it out incase people get confused, this is for the KO variant, not the KO ULTRA one.

  • I wish it was the 2060Super - anyway hopefully the 2060S cards should be around $400 by November as long as RDNA2 and 3070 cards are available

    • I am on the line for that asus rog

      • Nah, the MSI Gaming X mate, apperantly it's the best 2060S around :)

        • I've read tri-fan MSI Gaming X is a couple of degrees cooler, a smidge quieter, and retails a bit cheaper than the ASUS ROG Strix equivalent Advanced card. The ROG is a little faster clocked with OC or Evo variants, but for me it has two HDMI and a USB-C port (vs MSI 3x DP + 1x HDMI) so I'm also holding out for a ROG.

          On this specific deal at >$400 it's great actually for another non-gaming reason: Working/presenting from home.

          Since 3080 launch the 2060 can run RTX Broadcast free software. It provides a hardware accelerated virtual green screen, two-way AI noise cancelling, AI pan/zoom camera, and NVENC for 2 concurrent streams (or >2 w/ hacks). Equivalent software subscriptions for xSplit vCam, Krisp AI, and a Logitech StreamCam (they crippled software PTZ on lower models) works out to near that price in time plus loads up the CPU and GPU. For not much more cost-wise you're getting a decent powered last gen GPU thrown in. Hoping to see a lot more deals targeting this market with dirt cheap 2060 stock soon

          • @TheLurker: This is so helpful Thanks so much!

            I have Asus Z490 Tuf gaming so due to compatible issue i prefer Asus GPU to match my Motherboard.

            • @MauTauAja: Functionally any brand will be fine though you might get a little smoother setup for software tools/utilities if same brand. The TUF series is a little below Strix so isn't as blingy, may have different ports, and doesn't clock quite as high or quiet due to cooler design. Strix does a very high finish on cooler contact surface for better heat transfer. TUF will save you a few bucks though

        • @bappy I posted a deal last night on MSI 2070S Gaming X Trio for $649 if you're keen to get one now

          • @TheLurker: Thanks but I realized its not going to fit into my Meshify C
            I am now eyeing for two fan 2060S version

            • @Bappy: It's a massive card for sure. My nr200 takes 330mm and it's 328mm long. The two fan 2060 still reviews really well for dBA tests so you'll enjoy it if you find a bargain price in coming weeks

  • Waiting for 3000 series gang to appear

  • If it was the 2060 super i might be interested.

  • Nice! Picked myself 2x8GB of that sweet RAM. Less than half the price for the exact same RAM I payed for 2 years ago. RAM prices are so low right now.

  • I've waited this long i may as well wait another month for the small RDNA2 AMD RX6600XT 12GB for the same $399 price :)

  • Building my first pc soon already have a 3080 on preorder, will this ram be good enough if paired with say a b550 and a 3700x?

  • Ram comes to $99 with shipping to Melbourne, it's $104 on amazon, hardly a deal