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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X Console $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Xbox Series X Console is now live, go quick doubt it will be available long

Series S (Listing is up but not yet made available)

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    • Same i complained and they gave me cash

  • Guys always remember this wise word.


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    Just got one from EB 👍

  • I have one in my eb cart but can't justify buying one for that much and having to wait months after launch to get it. Plus I have a ps4 and xbox one x I've hardly played🙂

    • i got one because mine 2.5 yrs old and it might pack up anytime. I use it as media player very often. If you don’t use it then why bother? save the money.

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        I might want to play some games one day. I played some tony hawks and doom eternal the other day but can't get into it.

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          I'm in the same boat. I sold my One X a couple of months ago while I could still get a good price for it. RDR2 was the only game I finished in the 2 years of owning the console.

          TLOU was the only game I finished on my PS4. I sold the PS4 long before TLOU 2 came out - no doubt I would've finished that too though. Number 1 is without a doubt the best game I've ever played.

          I love the idea of gaming but struggle to play for hours on end like some (most?) people do.

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      If you don't mind waiting, you're definitely in a better position.

      Stock could become available for day 1, or some decent bundles early 2021.

      Or both PS5 and XSX could stay sold out till mid next year lol.

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        Waiting is the best option. Launch consoles are always riddled with software and hardware bugs and issues.

        • Very good point also!

          I got an xsx purely from the Bethesda announcement lol. FOMO got the better of me. If i'm able to play Bethesda titles day one on the xsx, i'll be over the moon.

        • has it happened before? i bet microsoft would put a lot of effort into QA. 12 million units with hardware bugs will be a disaster. They provide 1 yr warranty.

          • @amazonaddict: I still have my OG xbox one day one edition console and control. Still works fine.

            I did hear PS4 had a lot of issues.

            My xbox 360 got the red ring of death, and that was an enormous problem. It only red ringed about 2 years into its life, but was still a serious issue.

          • @amazonaddict: Probably two years if you signed up to the Telstra plan

          • @amazonaddict: Not all units will fail instantly. QC will be bad to meet launch deadlines.
            This is the case with any software or hardware launch.

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    are people actually buying this to flip?

    • Not on OzB (at least i'd hope not). But people are setting up bot scripts to buy out as many as they can, because they'll make a lot from re-selling.

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        I think a lot are (on ozb), they just lurking and dont say it. Deal gets posted and instant sell out. surely they'd have at least a few hundred of stock each drop? but wooow that's a huge investment

        • Not at all. I’ve seen the ps5 sold out the other day then listed on eBay for $1,200+ and they’re sold almost instantly, so the ppl flipping them are being paid in advance by the eBay purchaser, therefore having the full amount (plus the scalping profit) on release anyway…

          • @handles1: I heard that these are often people ‘pretending to buy them’ kind of thing to build their own hype and set the prices. Someone was saying about this with regards to the Game and Watch console.

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            @handles1: eBay wins the most though. $130 for nothing.

    • short answer: yes they do. Because of scarcity.

      • I can't believe ppl are buying them at a premium… Some have too much $

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    Meh, stuff all games anyway.

    I'll be happy to wait till next year to get one of these or a PS5.

  • Xbox must have hardly any stock

    • They came back in on EB not long ago for a 2020 delivery. I’d say Xbox have made a fair amount.

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    you can pre order now on ms website - for deliver on 28.12 - shame its not for xmas but id still get it there then paying 2X as much

    • Just saw this… stock still available.

    • Where does it say 28.12? Mine has no mention apart from: Monday, 9 November 2020

      • said on it when i saw - top right corner if i remember correctly

  • Where's all the neggers from the RTX deals saying RRP is not a deal? I hope they didn't upvote this deal.

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      for a second, I thought you were saying another word

      • +1


        • They really were naggers in the RTX deals. Now I can see some who upvoted this.

  • Microsoft store has stock available again, assuming second wave? If anyone orders can you confirm what your receipt says :)….

  • Well I'm going to give a big plus to Amazon, even though I didn't get one. I had a push notification set up on the Amazon app to tell me when the XSX was available… I'd been hoping to grab of Amazon even though I am one of the lucky ones getting third dibs with enhanced.

    Anyway long story short. Amazon's push notification didn't work… I missed out… Amazon issued me a $30 goodwill credit for their push notification issue… This is why I shop at Amazon.

    • No such luck for me, guy kept telling me xbox wasnt released yet…..

      • Did you have a push notification setup? They checked my account and the notification and agreed it hadn't operated as it should have.

        • Most certainly was. However I really do not think my rep was even paying attention to our conversation.

    • I just got told too bad so sad lol.

      Notifications for both Big W and Amazon didn't work.

      Was lucky enough to get a second batch from EB games. Never would of thought I'd get better service from EB.

      • yeahi signed up for their notifications and got zilch.

    • Good for you, I have contacted them with the same issue, and they gave me only 5 bucks.

  • [RRP]

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    Everyone who ordered, you should now have an eta on your series x. This will tell you whether you have launch stock or not

    • it shows arriving 12-13 nov for me. not too bad. might still be launch stock

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        That is still launch stock, amazon since July have removed their preorder launch day guarantee cause of covid in Melbourne. So they have put the day 2 days after

        • yay. thanks :D

    • Did you check your order through Amazon app?

      For me it's still this message:

      "We’ll ship your order as soon as possible
      This usually happens when an item doesn’t have a release date, it’s pre-ordered, or it’s out of stock."

      The same for the PlayStation 5 and Call of Duty Cold War.

      • My Series X has a date both on the app and website. The Playstation 5 won't have a date on it yet, as no date for when they will recieve the stock as of yet. But if you're worried you can confirm with them if you're in the first shipment

        • Did you choose Expedited Delivery or Priority Delivery?

  • Hello,

    This email is to confirm that stock for your #XXXXXX for Xbox Series X Console has been secured.

    As we continue to adhere to guidance from local health authorities, some of our delivery times may be longer than usual and you might not receive your item on the release day.

    • I got this, too. No idea what it means specifically, though; are we talking a couple of days later or some time in December? Before today my Series X order said "Arriving November 13", now it says "Not yet shipped".

      • Got this too, just spoke to amazon chat - hopefully they are just clueless, was asking about when it would be sent…

        "I have checked and I can see that there is a shortage in stock for the item and our fulfillment team is currently working with various sellers to procure the product at the fulfillment center.
        This certainly isn't expected. I've forwarded this to our internal team to investigate this further and make sure this doesn't happen in future."

  • Amazon just sent out updated xbox shipping times

    • What's the delivery date?

      My order haven't changed, it's still "ordered on 22…"

    • Mine still says "Ordered on September 22nd" on the app and "Not yet shipped" on the website.

      • +1

        I received a random email from them today at 3:08pm


        Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on 22/09/2020 (Order #).

        "Xbox Series X Console"
        Estimated arrival date: 10/11/2020 - 12/11/2020

        For more details, please visit the Your Account section of our web site :

        You have not yet been charged for this item. We do not debit money from your payment card until just before your items are dispatched. We will send you a dispatch confirmation email on the date of dispatch.

        • I didnt get that email. I have a confirmation of my order at 6:15pm on the 22nd, apparently i missed out on launch even though i got the email 2 weeks ago saying my stock was confirmed. My order states we will email you with a shipping date. gahhhhhh!

        • has your order been shipped yet?

  • Just got an update from Amazon:

    "Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on 22/09/2020 (Order #xxxxx).

    "Xbox Series X Console"
    Estimated arrival date: 12/11/2020 - 13/11/2020"

    Went right down to the wire, lol

  • Anybody got their order shipped?

    • Mine hasn't shipped even though its meant to come today, I have got them calling me by the end of business tomorrow if it hasn't arrived. And been promised a pretty healthy compo

      • what do you mean by a healthy compo? I dint get ya on that part.

        • They are compensatingg me for the Xbox if it doesnt arrive on the 11th

          • @Thunder-Wombat: Woaah. How did you manage that? I wanna try my luck too :D

            • @kazer: I originally had an employee say the date I would get it, which is shot themselves in the foot

              • @Thunder-Wombat: haha. i should have gottem em to say something like that. well, next time :D

  • Merged from Xbox Series X Amazon Preorder, Anyone Had It Shipped Yet?

    They took the $749 out of my bank account today but it still hasn't been posted.

  • So mine said "Arriving Friday" right up until the moment it shipped, at which point the estimate suddenly changed to Wednesday the 18th (and that's with Prime Expedited shipping). They only sent it at 5:33pm today. I'll definitely be chasing up customer service to see if they might offer me a compensatory credit or anything. Can't hurt.

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      My recommendation, wait till friday night and then they will pay up when its not there

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    Mine arrived this morning

    • +1

      Also got a 15% discount cause of the delay of not having it arrive on the 10th of November. I had originally got them to promise it so that was for not fulfilling the order

  • Mine says arrives on 24th???? wtf it said release date originally then it said Friday.

    I just talked to someone in customer support and honestly worst experience I've had in Amazon live chat.

    They were not willing to give any kind of discount, credit or anything like that.

    They pretty much told me "There are limitations, hope you understand"

    Every retailer had limitations and they were able to deliver. Amazon were able to deliver it on time for some people as well.

    That is a horrible excuse

    • Call up, live chat is useless in these circumstances

  • Well, mine just showed up early. Delivery ETA of Wednesday but it arrived Monday morning.

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