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[PS4] Death Stranding $31 + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


As stated, had this in my basket for a while, jumped on it. Enjoy!

For those in Melbourne, this is a walk outside not limited to 2 hours. Imagine that.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Platform in title please

  • There is a lot of walking! A missed opportunity I feel.

  • +3 votes

    Should be $0 + $31 shipping because ….. you know ….

  • heard this game is very slow?

    • You pretty much play as a delivery worker.

      • No thanks! I already work as a delivery driver the last thing I want is coming home to do more damn deliveries!!!!!! Reminds me of Shenmu game on Dreamcast where at the time I worked as a forklift driver as my day job than coming home to do more forklift on the Dreamcast in order to pass the stage…….

        • Delivery drivers! .. the hero's of 2020 (aside from obvious like nurses etc .. hehe) …

    • Not as slow as Auspost😉

  • Amazing game, great price. I already have it on PC though

  • Australia Post Simulator 2020

  • Kojima in 2019: this game is set in a near future where people live in self isolation hiding from an invisible threat, as a delivery man you play a key role in keeping society alive

    Everyone: haha ok kojima.

  • Would buy if I knew this was getting a free ps5 upgrade.
    Amy news on an update?

    • I don't think they are doing it for free, Hideo has said maybe to a PS5 release I think. Which sucks.

  • Weird game. Super trippy.

    If you're in the right mood to space out and not kill anyone, then spin out a bit during cutscenes, there's nothing quite like it.

    But don't expect action packed gameplay.

    Play it when you're in the mood you would feel like going for a walk (that's what you'll be doing), rather than blasting music, and it might fit.

  • Especially since Gumtree is currently selling second-hand copies for $30 min - I'll pick up a copy for my PS5.

  • PC version, anyone?

    • Cheapest is around A$50~ from some potentially sketchy grey market. Otherwise, A$60~ from authorised sellers.

  • There's something special about this game. Especially considering it's AAA, these types of high budget games are very rare and basically don't exist. It's a strange world with a strange story, with some very cool concepts and mechanics. I think this game has the best "multiplayer" tie-ins that I've ever seen in a game. They compliment the world so well, and I would absolutely love this to be an inspiration for future titles.

    It's not for everyone, and that's totally fine, but if it clicks with you, it clicks. Don't be discouraged by the "delivery driver meme"; it's accurate but it is deeper than it appears.

  • My GOTY 2019! Its not for everyone, but what a unique experience! One I'll never forget and which will always hold a special place.

  • Thought this game will be boring… but when I played it was weirdly addictive lmao. Anyways at this price should give it a go!

  • If you don't want to play this now, wait, it will be $19 before you know it, and you know it.

    • Some games (like GTA V, RDR2, Metal Gear Solid V) will take forever to come down to $20.

  • How's the replayability like? Or once you've completed it, most likely you'll never play again?

  • Waiting for Resident Evil 3 "PC" to go on sale.
    The PS4 version is on sale on Amazon.

  • very tempted due to sheer curiosity but i think i need this on PC at this point… will be so much smoother and prettier…. BUT on the other hand i could sell this on when I'm done with it……….

    help convince me either way?!? haha

    • You pretty much said the only arguments. Either you play a prettier and smoother version on PC or you play the console version with whatever performance issues it has or doesn't have and recoup some of the costs after.

    • Or wait for PS5 rumoured version?

    • I won't try to convince you either way, but I can tell you that I don't think you can go wrong whichever way you end up choosing to go.

      PC would be a technical upgrade (assuming you have a good rig), but the game still plays really well and looks great on PS4 (at least it did on the Pro when I played it). It's a good couch game because of the slower pacing.

  • To those who bought disc games from Amazon before, are they gutted like from EB Games? Or sealed? Or it can go either way?

    • All the disc games I've bought from Amazon have been sealed.

    • Most are sealed. Certain publishers, like Nintendo, traditionally don’t seal their games sold in Australia.

      Games (in stores like EB Games and JB) are gutted because they used to contain the disc/ cartridge themselves and people would take them straight from the shelves.

  • Playing right now on PS4 and although I don't love every single item (BTs are more annoying then fun game element) it's enjoyable because it's so different then anything else I played in the last couple of years.

  • Loved this game. The story is very compelling as it twists and turns and you piece everything together along your journey. The visuals are stunning, the landscapes are beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing. The gameplay, although a little janky at times, is engaging and can also be relaxing. I found traversing different landscapes enjoyable, and completing deliveries can get addicting haha. Overall it's a very unique and though-provoking piece of art.

  • Anyone else still awaiting delivery of this game? Ordered a copy on the 23rd and it has still yet to be shipped out. Detroit Become Human which was ordered 3 days later has already arrived.

    The irony is not lost on me here.