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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 i7-1065G7 | 16GB | 512 NVMe | FHD 15.6” - $1,170.86 Delivered @ Dell


A repeat of the previous popular deal in May, although this time adding the code SUPER7 brings it down to $1,170.86.

Pretty decent setup for the specs.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • “ Sorry, this page failed to load or no longer exists.”

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      Link updated mate. Not sure why it was playing up. Apologies!

  • where can i see the full specs??

    • Updated the link. Not sure why it was playing up.

  • cant see if it has a webcam in the specs, the video image has one, the image below it doesnt seem to. ANyone got this and know?

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    Pretty sure these are the terrible 220nits screens. Only grab one if you'll be in a darkened room.

    • the terrible 220nits screens

      Could you please elaborate it more ?

      • The price is low because they have saved money by putting in a very cheap (low quality) screen.

        I dunno, I'd never go these tbh. Have Dell solved an issue with the fans being so loud?

        A screen is something you use the most on a laptop, to skimp on it makes no sense to me (if you can afford not to)

        • I would got no idea what is a 'decent' screen specs looks like … Planning to buy a laptop in a near future.

    • Are you sure? I bought one of these last Jun.
      The screen is good enough for the office works and it uses IPS panel.

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    Shame there is no thunderbolt 3.

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      The controller is already there on the CPU die, this is just artifical segmentation.

  • This or the previous lenovo deal?


    About to pull the trigger on the Lenovo for $1300

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      The AMD Ryzen 5 4600H destroys the i7-1065G7 in terms of raw performance. Up to 200% faster in multi-threaded workloads.


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        Thank you for the reply!

        So I'd say spending the bit extra is worthwhile

      • I wish I got the Ryzen instead of Vostro 5490 :(

      • What is a multi threaded workload?

        • Video editing

          • @Wally: What about excel financial modelling?

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    FHD again. Why?!

    • +8

      Because laptop screens are tiny anyway, and 4k screens use more power to run.

      • Resolution is not alway about size. It is also clarity. You can definitely tell 1080p from 1440p very easily.

  • I bought this model. The model before this one.
    Has 8GB ram, the screen brightness is ok. Definitely need a brighter one if you need to.
    It’s ok, overall.
    The sound on max volume is poor. Need an external USB speaker.
    This laptop overheats badly.
    I’m not even using it for CPU demanding tasks.
    Just emails and office use. The heat exits the back of the laptop which is mostly covered by the LCD screen when fully opened. Really poor design.
    I feel that mine will die soon due to overheating.
    As all electronics carry 2 years ACL, be ready to be sending it back in less than 1 year for repairs/replacement.

    • Why don't you check and disable some unnecessary background processes?
      I did and it's not hot at all.

      Also I like the design that the heating vent is back. If it was on a side it heats up any device next to it like a mouse.

    • As all electronics carry 2 years ACL

      There is no defined time frame for what is considered reasonable, and varies from one circumstance to the next. A $100 laptop shouldn't reasonably last as long as a $10000 laptop….

      Consumer guarantees under the ACL apply for a reasonable time and in addition to any warranties that manufacturers and/or suppliers provide for a good (consumerlaw.gov.au)

      I'm sorry that I'm just nit picking that detail, but it's a point that gets bandied about a bit.

    • I bought the Vostro 5490 and also suffering from heat issues

      It idles at 60-70 degrees and any processing task it will shoot up to 100 degrees. I'm not very happy with the Vostro and thinking of returning it. My vostro was a refurbished stock so maybe someone returned it for the same reason as me.

  • Does anyone know if the battery in this model can be replaced?

  • Don't buy this generation of Intel CPUs, they are shithouse

  • Just wanted to make anyone aware of this:


    I think maybe its just HDMI thats limited, and not the USB-C?

    otherwise its a great deal - but negging just to raise awareness of that aspect - might make it a dealbreaker for those wanting to run many monitors.

    you can see the specs on this pdf: https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/inspiron-15-5593-laptop_setu...

    2. USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C) port (optional)
    Connect to external storage devices. Provides data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps.
    NOTE: This port does not support video/audio streaming and Power Delivery.
    NOTE: This port is available on computers shipped with discrete graphics card only.

    One HDMI port
    NOTE: The maximum resolution supported by this HDMI port is 1920x1080.

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