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[PS5, Pre Order] Godfall $129, Dlx $169, Asc $189 @ JB Hi-Fi/Amazon AU, Balan $89 @ JB Hi-Fi, Media Remote $45 @ Amazon AU


Update: Some new titles added - Hogwarts Legacy, Lego Star Wars, MXGP 2020, and Riders Republic

Some updates to the previous deal I posted. Godfall has now been added to the list of pre-orders. Also Balan Wonderworld looks to be a much better price at JB HiFi than EB Games! I've also now added accessories. Note that everything is still pre-orderable for launch date depending on where you order. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget the pre-order price guarantee. If the price drops between order and release, you'll pay the lowest price. Also no deposit required for pre-order = pretty good. If you decide you don't want it from Amazon eventually, you can just cancel whenever.

Game Amazon EB Games JB Hi-Fi
Assassin's Creed Valhalla $79 $99.95 $99
Balan Wonderworld Not Found $109.95 $89
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War $89 $119.95 $109
Demons Souls $119 $124.95 $124
Destruction AllStars $119 $124.95 $124
Far Cry 6 $79 Not Found $99
Godfall $129 $129.95 $129
Godfall Deluxe Edition $169 $169.95 $169
Godfall Ascended Edition $189 $189.95 $189
Immortals Fenyx Rising $74 Not Found $99
Hogwarts Legacy $109.95 $109.95 Not Found
Just Dance 2021 $69 $79.95 $79
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga $69 Not Found $89
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Steelbook Edition Not Stocking Not Stocking $89
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales $94 $94.95 $94
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition $124 $124.95 $124
MXGP 2020 The Official Motocross Videogame $99 $99.95 $99
NBA 2k21 $88 $109.95 $109
NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition $139 $149.95 $149
Overcooked! All You Can Eat $62.99 $79.95 $79
Planet Coaster: Console Edition $62.99 $79.95 $79
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: Limited Edition $59 $59.95 $59
Ride 4 $89 $99.95 $99
Riders Republic $79 Not Found $99
Sackboy A Big Adventure $96.99 $109.95 $109
Watch Dogs Legion $79 $99.95 $99
Accessory Amazon EB Games JB Hi-Fi
DualSense 5 Wireless Controller $109 $109.95 $109
Media Remote $45 $49.95 $49
DualSense Charging Station $49 *$49.95 *$49
HD Camera $98 $99.95 $99
Pulse 3D Wireless Headset $159 *$159.95 $159

*Launch shipment presold out - prices included for comparison or if you don't mind a delayed shipment

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  • Godfall
    Not Found

    Sweet Jessssus- been keen on this game for a while :/

    • I don't have a horse in this race, but have they tried to explain why the standard edition is so expensive?

      • Nope. All gameplay videos have been really underwhelming with very poor marketing.

        I like the style and concept of slasher/looter game and was looking forward to it, but the general consensus is it still looks like a basic mobile game. Poor AI and no apparent depth to the game yet pushing expensive DLC skins.

        Those prices are absolutely ridiculous and they haven’t justified it whatsoever. Wait for it to be thrown in the bargain bin bucket.

      • I watched a YT video with one of the creative directors of Godfall playing/ being interviewed with Arekkz (he is a straight shooter)- he asked about pricing as it wasn't confirmed a week ago. The director of Godfall pretty much danced around it but did hint its at the publishers discretion Gearbox in this instance- he also threw in Rona etc and how much developers have been struggling.. also doesn't help when EA, 2K etc straight up said games are going to be this much for next gen

  • SONY really pumped up the prices on their excusive titles.

    • They know initially, many people will purchase it. So, unless you wanna pay the entry price, wait for reviews and even then… not worth it.

      • +3 votes

        Agreed. I'm sure Miles is going to be a fantastic game but it is only an expansion, not a full game. Demons Souls is going to be great but again, a remake of an 11-year-old game (and with Bluepoint on board doing the job, I'm 99% sure they will keep all the frustrations and anti-human settings that are out of date to keep the same flavour). And for people out there who enjoyed Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro, no, Demons Souls is not the new shining Soul game that you are expecting. Do your research first.

        • Prices are quite unreasonable. However, Demons Souls should have some quality of life improvement, it is just a matter of how much. The next gen gets SSD fast load, 60fps mode. Bluepoint could introduce some sort of easy mode as single shot kill in the demo seems a bit unusual (not a souls fan and never played the original so no idea). I am also unclear why so people who played it got so excited about it and some of them even indicated that game is enough as a system sale for them (again, not a souls fan so I don't get the excitement).

          GamePass is looking more attractive now with Microsoft buying Bethesda. Though I do wonder whether Microsoft would have done that if Halo Infinite gone according to plan. Sure, Microsoft can fix this with money and does do so.

          I hope both camps do well to keep competition healthy.

          Honestly, with physical game purchases, it really comes down to price difference between when you buy and when you sell. For people who quickly played the games and sell, how much worse off will they be under this newer, crazier pricing structure.

          • @netsurfer: As a souls fan, Demon's Souls is that game which everyone now wants to play after they've played DS, Bloodborne etc but couldn't until now due to the game only coming out on PS3. It's not like other remakes where it's a cash grab after the fact, most people who buy it will most likely have not played the original and therefore will see it as a new game

            • @kille745: I quite enjoyed PS4's Shadow of the Colossus, never owned PS2 or PS3. Personally, I prefer remake over remaster or backward compatibility. All the raving about XBox's back compat. I can see why Microsoft had Gears Ultimate edition (Gears 1 remake). Wasn't that impressed with Gears 2 and Gears 3 through back compat. The games are good, but the graphics…. in today's standard.

              Anyway, missed out on the pre-orders so I don't need to worry about getting PS5 games any time soon.


          Oh wow only an expansion, I thought it was the full sequel.

          The expansion DLC for the game got old quickly.

          This was a real incentive to pre-order the PlayStation instead of Xbox. My wife works for MS so we’d get the free game pass or whatever it is called, maybe I’ll take the hit on the pre-order fee of the PS5 and go Xbox

    • It's not published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's a third party, timed exclusive. Doubt Sony have told the publisher to sell it at a higher price.

      • All PS5 boxed titles seem to be $10 more, I think Sony has raised the licensing costs for all publishers.

  • These prices are crazy…

  • If sony continue to pump up the prices for their games i can see xbox winning this next gen console war

    • It's the same price across the board even for Xbox Series S games. Just typical Australia RRP. Game prices did increase $10 in America for next gen but I don't know how $10 = $30 AUD but our RRP just jumped from 99.95 to 129.95.

      • Yeah, but gamepass


          Until Xbox start releasing AAA exclusives on Gamepass at the quality and quantity as Playstation, I'm don't think its an apt comparison.

          If they do, its a no-brainer and I'll happily enjoy my Gamepass for PC subscription even more than I do now.

      • If you don't need the games at launch, wait for the dust to settle. I think most of the games will move upwards (this was inevitable) pushing more towards the $70-100 range this generation, but with very little competition at launch, these titles are simply doing a cash grab early. Pretty common when launch stock is limited and hype levels are high.

      • Even worse, JB and Amazon were usually $69-$79 for a $99.95 RRP game, now it seems like they are charging the same price as RRP and in addition tacking on the increase as well.

    • Happens at every new console generation. I wouldnt stress, we will be back to $70-$80 game launches before too long…

  • Does this look like a boring version of warframe to anyone?

  • I'm just gonna play some of the PS4 games on my PS5 when I get it. Mainly Cyberpunk and will probably replay TLOU2 to see out it looks on the PS5. None of these new games interest me except the Demon Souls remake. Really hope the new GoW comes out soon.

  • Wow, PS5 itself is expensive and now the game prices are expensive too. Will just stick to my Ps4 Pro for few years. All the best to people who can afford these.

  • were some of those amazon prices $69 a week ago?

  • My 10 month old baby has been waiting for this game. Mum would be surprised again.

  • If you're on PC, Godfall is $90 on Epic Games Store and you should be able to preorder using the $15 Rocket League coupon bringing it down to $75.

    $130 for the base game on PS5 is absurd.

    • There's an AMD Godfall promo on atm, which means you can buy the keys cheaper.

      On r/steamgameswap people are selling the keys for $40-$50 usd ($55-$70 au)

    • It's been awhile since I have seen video games above $100 AU for a non-deluxe edition.

  • Godfall - $129.95, for the standard edition… kinda regretting pre-ordering my 1st PS ever…

  • Great post, thanks OP :-)

  • Temped to buy but cannot get a PS5 atm……

  • Great work on the table and links. :)

  • what the heck.. the base price is $129??? i thought that was some kind of special ed … oof!

  • Some of these you can just buy the PS4 version for free upgrade to PS5 version

  • I hope that this is just the RRP - similar to how PS4 games have a RRP of around $99, but are usually sold at $69.

  • If these game prices don't fall significantly soon I'm getting rid of my PlayStation tattoo.!!!

  • lol these game prices are a joke

  • Looks like I'm in no hurry to get a ps5 pre-order just to spend stupid amounts on games.

  • dont care how good the next gen consoles are. I won't be paying these prices.

  • Sony, $129 for AAA title..rotfl.. I hope it's just a price marker. No way I'm buying that.

  • With these prices, maybe they're trying to push people towards digitial?

  • Quick guys before someone Brodens them all!

  • $130 for a f**ing game?

    I bet it won't even come with a manual lmao

  • Are the controllers sought after as well? They're pretty expensive right now but I dont want to run out as well.

  • This increase in prices shit is just pushing me to invest in a gaming PC this gen. Switch and PC is the perfect combo IMHO.

  • The prices will surely come down. If I remember correctly, game prices were ridiculous when PS4/Xbox launched as well.

  • another $400 at least to be able to play overcooked with another 3 people. LOL

  • This is so bittersweet. For years I've been telling people to support places like Big W, Kmart, Target etc. and buy the cheaper priced games from there rather than Price Matching with EB and JB.

    What will you do now? When these department stores don't come and save your tightarses? haha

  • Harry potter $109
    lego starwars $80.82
    mxgp 2020 $89.21
    are also up now

  • Haha $129 yeah nah i was willing to pay $79 for this but now ill wait a year and pay $20

  • Maybe it doesn't really matter that I missed out on PS5 preorder. If the prices of games are this high, I won't be buying them anyway. Don't need PS5 to play PS4 titles.

  • Errrrr wtf? Those prices are absolutely insane for standard editions. I would never be willing to pay that much.

  • If RRP for next gen is going up $30, game pass is becoming very attractive along with the bethesda acquisition

    • My feelings exactly.

      It's dependant on MS's ability to squeeze some good games out of these studios - but it definitely looks like they're going to give Sony a run for their money next gen.

  • +5 votes

    I didn't pay for anything higher than $69 launch price, no (profanity) way I'm paying $120 for base price for games.

    hype for this generation is dying off real quick

  • I really appreciate the effort in this post thanks OP. some of the prices are shockers though! Like Godfall, yeesh.

  • Please do not buy them at these prices. We need them to know that this is too much compared to the usual prices. They can't set a new standard. Else we'd be stuck with prices like Switch.