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[PS5, SUBS] 18 New Games Inc God of War, Days Gone, Batman Arkham Knight, Persona 5 Plus More Available to PS Plus @ Sony


Sony's response to Microsoft including EA Play membership as part of Xbox Game pass?

For PlayStation Plus members, we’ll have a special new offering on PS5 – the PlayStation Plus Collection**. PS5 owners with PS Plus will be able to download and play a curated library of PS4 games that defined the generation, like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and many more. The PS Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PS Plus members receive for a single subscription price.

More info -

At launch of the PS5, PlayStation Plus members will get automatic access to 18 of Sony’s most popular games. They will be included in the subscription price, so you won’t have to pay extra.

Here’s the full list of what will be available.

God of War
The Last of Us: Remastered
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Battlefield 1
Monster Hunter World
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy XV
The Last Guardian
Ratchet and Clank
Infamous: Second Son
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
Batman Arkham Knight
Mortal Kombat X
Persona 5
Until Dawn
Resident Evil: Biohazard

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  • +28

    I bought 10 of those 18 games over the last 2 months…damn..

    • +53

      On the plus side, they sat in your library gathering dust.

      • +4

        Real talk

      • +3

        so real. haha

    • +3

      good news is you dun need to spend another 2k for a 4k 120hz monitor

    • +16

      At least you didn't buy a 2080 Ti

      • +5

        I bought a 2080 super when they were 1250…. :/

    • Thank you for your sacrifice.

    • +3

      Me too, and haven't played any hahaha

      • +2

        Bought 7 out of the 18 here (exclusives only) and only played one so far (TLOU). Got them all cheap and as physical copies too so I can at least sell them back.

        Oh well, wasn't planning on buying a PS5 anytime soon anyway.

    • 99% of Ps4 Library will be compatible with PS5

      • Yeah but it wouldnt have cost me $200+ :P

    • Re-sell them on here/gumtree/fb marketplace?

  • +10

    So these are just perma free now for PS Plus members -as in you could sign up now, or 6 months from now and these are always free to play?

    • +3

      I believe that's the case, yes. Not sure if the line up will change ie new games added / old ones rotated out over time, but it will at least be longer than 1 month.

    • +7

      Note for PS5 owners only.

      • So they won't be available for PS4 download?

        • +4

          Nope. PS5 only.

          • @Narull: I've seen reports that after you use the PS5 to claim them you can actually download on PS4 as well. Haven't tested yet.

  • +15

    That is amazing if you dont own the majority of them already like me…

    • +1

      Still decent if you own a lot of these on physical disk but are intending to buy the digital edition of the ps5!

  • will this be available to only people who got the PS5 pre-order?

    • +1

      It does mention for the PS5 but nothing about preorder. So 'no', in a roundabout way

    • +1

      You need to have a PS5 to access these games. The games are not available on PS4

      So PS Plus + PS5 to get these games

      • +1

        Thanks just making sure, I will definitely be getting the PS5 sometime this year. I missed out on pre-order, thats all.

        • +2

          I will definitely be getting the PS5 sometime this year.

          You sure, if you missed out on pre order it's looking like 2021 unless you pay a premium in aftermarket.

          • +2

            @Slo20: WOW yes I heard this, so i frantically looked around and ended up getting a pre-order on Big W :)

          • @Slo20: I hope no one buys aftermarket. Like (profanity) off scalpers.

  • +5

    That's awesome for new PlayStation users.

    • New PS5 users.
      Not available on PS4

      • -3

        "The PS Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PS Plus members receive for a single subscription price. "

        But yes, I would hope new playstation users are buying a PS5 rather than a PS4 haha

        • +3

          PS5 owners with PS Plus

          Yes agreed but if you decided to grab a PS4 you wouldn’t get this feature included.

          • @jimbobaus: Can we log into a friends ps5 and add these to our library? They are playable on ps4 right once in your library? Confirming you can play the ps5 games on ps4 directly once adding them to library on ps5

  • +3

    Wait, so do you need to have bought the PS5 to get this or nah

    • +2

      Looks like you need a PS5.

      Sony are giving an incentive to upgrade.

    • +4

      PS5 owners with PS Plus

      Looks like I entirely missed this bold section lmao

      • I don't know how it works, but you could potentially sign into a friends ps5 right, add to collection?

  • They used to have games that were always free on PS Plus, I remember back in the PS Vita days.

  • I'm pretty sure that's meant to be Resident Evil 7 also, not RE1

    Alot of websites are copy and pasting the wrong info.

  • +11

    Imma PS4 player but Xbox sub has better value TBH.

    • +1

      I feel like this too

      • So every ps plus subscriber on PS5 gets this? So there is no backwards compability on ps5?

        • +2

          There is backwards compatibility on PS5 - these are PS4 games that you can play on your PS5. That is the definition of backwards compatibility.

          • @AngusD: It's PS4 games added to your collection. You can play them on PS4 or PS5 once you have added to library. Just started downloading one on the PS4.

    • Yep, if only they had PS games on it :-(

    • -1

      I am hoping Xbox wins this generation so I can buy a PS5 for relatively cheap like I did with the Xbox One. By the looks of it, I will be able to play all of the main PS4 games I missed out on on the PS5.

      • I hope Sony wins the console wars.
        Microsoft can produce software for your gaming PC till eternity.
        Let them have the software of gaming and Sony the hardware.
        Imagine if Gamepass came to Playstation as an app. Would you need a Microsoft gaming console anymore?

        • Personally, yes, but that's because I have never had Gamepass even with my Xbox One. It is a patient gaming situation and I bought it for the backwards compatibility and therefore cheap games. I had a PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 before my Xbox One as well so the only generation of games I am currently missing are the PS4 era exclusives.

          Totally get what you are saying though. It is purely for selfish reasons I hope Xbox wins this generation.

        • +6

          I don't want a winner, we need competition, otherwise the PS5 would have been $1000

          • @Moventura: Nintendo can create a console competition for Sony.
            Microsoft has always been the most successful in creating and distributing its software.
            With no competition, if a PS5 came out at $1000, for a holiday 2020 release, it would flop.
            People will just buy a cheap PC and/or upgrade their GPU they can afford (a 2080Ti for $750 used) to run all those Microsoft Game Pass titles on it.

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        • If I ever seen a brainwashed kid, it this one!

          • -1

            @halil23: Brainwashed? Methinks you project.

            Still, no response on why someone who wants to go all "deepstate", "Gates is evil", "fight the man!" is using google links.

            If you missed the irony first time, maybe this time you'll get it.

            But, I have doubts.


  • Can you get PS Plus for a month, download all the games and then play them once your PS plus membership has expired? Or do you need the membership to play the games?

    • +5

      You can play them as long as you have an active PS plus account.

      • And your console is currently activated as the account primary console.

    • +6

      If it works like every other PS Plus game, you need an active sub to play them.

    • The console stores your PS+ sub ending date & time so you can't play past that. Could be possible if you started the game prior to it ending (requires you being online to start), dropped the net then just kept the game active but there is a chance of a system timer or online after coming out of suspension.

      Basically def not worth it for games that sell for $13-17 on special.

  • I literally have all those games, RIP :'(

  • +8

    GamePass + EA Play is so much better and you don't have to buy a new console to get it

    • You can buy a next gen console for $35 a month with Game Pass Ultimate + EA Play.. bloody nuts.

      • Yeah it's amazing!

      • Where?

        • with Telstra

          • -3

            @Caped Baldy: It is $46 a month for Series X, and I need to stay subscribed at least for 24 months. Not that great.

      • No downpayment too right?

    • +4

      Yes, but for people getting a PS5 who didn't have a PS4 this is great value.

      There's at least 7 exclusives on there I was planning on picking up cheaply.

    • +2

      No PS exclusives though, the real killer.

      • +3

        Did you even read the list?

        God of War
        Last of Us Remastered
        Uncharted 4
        The Last Guardian
        Ratchet and Clank
        Infamous Second Son
        Days Gone
        Detroit: Become Human
        Until Dawn

        • -4

          Wow, you can get all those on GamePass + EA Play?

          • -5

            @onlinepred: no way 2 old dinosaurs - game pass has recent games…

            • +4

              @petry: I was being sarcastic if you didn't notice. I said you can't get PS exclusives on gamepass/ea play, then muppetman asked if I even read the list, then produced a list of the games on the list. Then you said to me "no way 2 old dinosaurs" which I don't really understand.

              Either way, hope you understand that I was being sarcastic, I thought it was incredibly obvious.

              • -2

                @onlinepred: i got the sarcasm but these 'exclusives' are really old /way too old/ for meaningful comparison cept by sony fan- atics. i reckon gamepass's outer limits was one of the best giveaways for months, and u could write a long list of recent gamepass games really worth playing

                • +1

                  @petry: Sony fanatics? You mean game fans? I have more than one console, as I like playing games. I have gamepass for my xbox…. but they don't have ps exclusives, so I have a PS for that. Having new games on gamepass doesn't change the fact it doesn't have PS exclusives, so I don't see any point to your argument.

                  • -3

                    @onlinepred: no sony fan- atics reject the fact that gamepass is excellent value and that the current one x is the superior console. its not an argument it's fact.
                    Ps exclusives are few and far between and i buy them when they are cheap because there are many games worth playing on all consoles.

                    • +2

                      @petry: Okay? Seems like you are an Xbox fanatic by your logic. I think everyone knows that Gamepass is better value, but it doesn't change the fact that PS exclusives are far better than XBOX exclusives, and Gamepass doesn't have PS exclusives - fact.

                      Everything else you said is subjective. Anyway, glad you enjoy your xbox and gamepass - as do I!

                      • -2

                        @onlinepred: 'Microsoft, with the release of the Xbox One X took the title of "most powerful console" from Sony.'

                        Fact not subjective but apparently not acceptable..

                        • +1

                          @petry: Yes, but just no unique games to take use of its power. Anyone who cares that much about power buys a PC to play PC and Xbox games, and a PS for PlayStation games. It's why year after year more PlayStation a are sold and more PlayStation games are sold. We already know for a fact having a slightly more powerful console means nothing.

                          You said "current one x is the superior console", not the most powerful. That's what I was replying to. When better rated games and more sales are concerned, PlayStation wins.

                          • -1

                            @onlinepred: Wrong pc is really expensive gaming these days compared to the microsoft console. The graphics on the console are excellent for the price - don't need a gamimg pc anymore unless you spend a grand a year for card upgrades. playstation exclusives are few and far between, and will be reducing… demons souls will likely hit the xbox in about a year for example and thats sony's launch title? its a reboot.

                            • @petry: I don't know what crawled up your butt, but you are sounding like a 12 year old. Saying "wrong", "fact" when you are just making arguments up yourself.

                              I never said PC gaming wasn't expensive. So how can I be wrong? I just simply told you, the only point of an XBOX is for PC gaming on the cheap. Gamers will just get a PC to play PC and XBOX games, and then have a PS for the exclusives. After 6 months, xbox graphics ability will be behind PC graphics, and the next year even further behind etc etc.

                              Given XBOX has no great exclusives at all, meanwhile look at Sony's: Day's Gone, Last of Us, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne,Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, did I mention the last of us?

                              Anyway, i'm glad you are in love with your xbox, it's a great device, now stop arguing with strangers on the internet about pointless things.

                              • @onlinepred: not arguing - but you seem very upset and abusive about the fact that 'Microsoft, with the release of the Xbox One X took the title of "most powerful console" from Sony.'

                                Fact not subjective but apparently not acceptable..'its not making up an argument- its a clearly unwelcome fact that you wish to deny by denigrating me, which is of course your choice.

                                Enjoy your 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 etc exclusives lol

                                • @petry: I never disputed it, not once. Please quote me when I said the PS is more powerful. Fact, I never said it. So you can try and dispute it as much as you like, but you are only arguing against yourself. So yes, it is making up an argument, when it is entirely one sided.

                                  Also you must not know much about games, but most of those games were made after 2018, 2 of which were this year. And clearly that statement is you again showing that you are sour and arguing for no valid reason except spite.

                                  • @onlinepred: perhaps you check your fantastic exclusive's release dates…because your abuse continues to be unrelated to fact.

                                    • @petry: Days Gone 2019
                                      Last of us Part 2 2020
                                      Ghost of Tsushima 2020
                                      Uncharted 2017
                                      Bloodbourne 2015
                                      Horizon Zero Dawn 2017.

                                      Again, you keep saying fact, but you apparently have no grasp of what a fact is. FYI, this year is 2020.

                                      Anyway, you clearly were arguing for no reason, as you couldn't find where I disagreed with you, and now you are disputing something else. Peace out fellow OZB, enjoy your pointless arguments, hopefully one day you will grow up and reach beyond fanboyism.

                                      • @onlinepred: so out of 7 - only 3 were after 2018 - which is I quote according to you 'most of the games'.

                                        and yet according to you I am the one who 'must not know much about games'.

                                        Way 2 many people in this thread and the other PS5 threads trying to manipulate what is being said by lots of people posting, and if that doesn't fly resorting to abuse.

                                        • @petry: God of war 2018. Please take this time to realise how argumentative you are. You create argument after argument when you have no argument. I hope you can actually see how pathetic and petty it is. I welcome civil discussions, but clearly you are not capable of having them.

                                          • @onlinepred: You asserted I was arguing from the outset when i was only making a point. from that point on you have repeatedly attacked me in numerous ways, including making personal attacks.

                                            This is what you term being civil

                                            ' I don't know what crawled up your butt, but you are sounding like a 12 year old'

                                            'stop arguing with strangers on the internet about pointless things.'

                                            'sour and arguing for no valid reason except spite.' etc etc etc.

        • +2

          I see what happened here - onlinepred was responding to iMacca:


          GamePass + EA Play is so much better and you don't have to buy a new console to get it


          No PS exclusives though, the real killer.

          onlinepred's response on its own sounded like it was critical of PS Plus for not having any PS exclusives, hence the muppetman reply with the list of exclusives.

          • +2

            @brotherfranciz: Ayyyyyyy!!!! Someone can read haha ;-)
            Thanks mate! Now watch all the negs hit me.

      • +1

        God of War

        Guy from Stargate

  • +1

    When Gran Turismo?

  • Is this Sony's answer to gamepass ? If it is gamepass still better

    • @cheapojoe it does indeed bring gamepass to mind. These are 18 really good games. I'd say it's a big plus even if it doesn't match the number of games on gamepass, especially because it's 18 games you wouldn't have gotten normally with plus.

      • +1

        maybe u should check how many have been given away already…

        • -2

          But its the 1st time these games are appearing on your PS5.
          And for free (if you purchase our new flagship console AND have an active Playstation Plus Subscription)
          Love you forever and ever Sony.

  • Wonder if these games will be getting any next-gen updates?

    • +1

      very likely, thats why they were selected.

      its sony's attempt to get more games active on the ps5 on day 1…