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Arnott's Shapes: Cheddar / Cheese & Bacon / Barbeque / Chicken Crimpy Min 3 $4.80 ($1.60ea) + Del ($0 w/Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Back down to $1.60 per box (this time to match Woolworths' offer) with a minimum order quantity of 3 boxes for a minimum of $4.80.

Four flavours available:

Flavour Weight Price Avail.
Cheddar 175g $1.60
Cheese & Bacon 180g $1.60
Barbeque 175g $1.60
Crimpy Chicken 175g $1.60

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    I learnt the hard way that Shapes don't survive pressured aircraft cabins very well. Amazon ships most parcels via Express Post from their Melbourne warehouse to Perth. Not sure why they don't keep Shapes in stock at the Perth warehouse.

    The last 2 times I bought Shapes from Amazon, 1 out of the 3 packs had burst and were stale on arrival. I'll just get them at the supermarket now.


      Never had this issue even once. Have ordered multiple times


        I must have just had bad luck then.


    Man, I wish they kept the new version of Cheddar. They were so good. The old/current ones taste like shit, they're like a slightly cheese version of savoury.


    Deals like these and my lack of discipline is the reason why I am getting so fat in lockdown lol

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    What is with this quantity of 3 BS on everything. I'll buy 3, but not 3 of the same bloody type or I'll have 12 in total.


    Anyone noticed shapes are missing the little yellowish coloured bits (cheesy bits I assume, noticed it on pizza & bbq) ever since they announced new recipes years ago.. even though they advertised originals on the box and I think they announced they were going back the original recipes. its never been the same.. I much prefer the older shapes, especially the pizza ones.

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      They've gone super stingy on it. The best part about polishing off a box of Pizza Shapes used to be the big handful of crumbs at the bottom of the bag.


        yep there is handly any flavouring towards the end of the pack. I miss the old days. its no longer a favourite to buy.


    no nacho cheese - that's the best flavour!


    baked not fried, yet the second ingredient listed is still "vegetable" oil.



    Should I neg for ruining my diet?