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Ducky One 2 Horizon PBT Brown Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard $167.81 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


FIRST TIME POSTER! Been in the market for a good keyboard. My Kogan ones are pretty junk, they keep breaking. Was scouting around, lots of OOS. Was gonna purchase from PCCG but saw this available and in stock! And about 30 dollars cheaper than PCCG factoring shipping. I know this is probably not the cheapest for this keyboard historically, but looks to be the cheapest (and in stock) for covid times.

Please give me feedback, comments about my post thanks

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  • Oh also, I think there's 1.5% cashback?

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      Don't bank on Toby Deals to approve cashback

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    Good price, hideous colors!

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    i'm waiting for the Ducky One 2 3️⃣

    • +1

      I've heard good things about the ducky one 2 three 4 FIVE model

      • +12

        Is it really all it's quacked up to be?

        • -3

          @froot eneloops take my upvote and go

  • great keyboard given the mech keyboard price jack due to corona this is good price.

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        Any recommendations for models from AliExpress?

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          Anne Pro 2 is pretty good.

        • +1

          durgod k320

          • @blazboi: I have this keyboard and confirm it's awesome.

        • It's jasswolf, don't listen to them.

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            @jasswolf: Well given I only paid a little over $100 a couple of years ago, I'm pretty happy

            • @kapone: Saime paid $89 for a ducky one back in 2013 when the only options for mechanical keyboars were: Duck, Das, Razer BW, Steelseries 1G or WASD. Still going strong without any issues!

  • good deal

  • Anyone dealt with TobyDeals before?

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      I have. They put Au in their name but they are actually based in HK. They have this habit of selling out of stock items, making customers wait for ages.

      But they are not a scam. and they do have really good deals. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite at a good price but waited one month for it to arrive. The product arrived well. But this is not always the case as I have seen where people received their item in 4 to 5 days.

      If you don't mind the chance of waiting awhile for your stuff, I say go for it if its a good deal.

      EDIT: They also take a thousand years to respond.

      • I had opposite experience. It's my only purchase from them so far, but I ordered a Ducky keyboard from their website on Sep 17, and it arrived yesterday Sep 25. No problems, smooth transaction.

    • I had the exact experience as Contrice when I bought my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 from them.

    • Yes I recently bought the Ducky One 2 RGB Silent Red the other day - Sept 17. Smooth process, good price, fast delivery.

      I'm in Victoria, and the keyboard arrived yesterday, Sept 25 via Toll. That's impressive considering my Aus Post packages have been taking 3 weeks even when sent from Melbourne.

      Will buy from Toby's again based on that experience, but that's my only purchase so far.

    • Avoid this company, they are happy to take your money but not resond to emails. Avoid the hassle and stress. They will not provide a tracking number

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    Ducky make amazing keyboards. I recently bought a Logitech and it is nowhere near as good as the ducky in build quality.

    • you have no idea how stoked i am lol. my kogan ones have worked fine for about 3 months before they started failing…you get what you pay for so i cant complain lol. but it was my first foray into mechanical keyboards, so this looks like a good step up

      • +2

        this is an understatement, I own both this ducky and a Kogan mechanical. They are lightyears apart. I wouldn't recommend the Kogan one if they were giving them away

        • I mean there's quite a big difference in terms of price lol… haven't had problems with my Kogan Mechanical Keyboards… on the other hand i've had a problem with one of my Ducky keyboards in the past a few years ago :o

          • @Tehcookiemonsta: Yeah for the $40 I paid, I've been pretty happy with the Kogan keyboard. A year later the W key has started playing up, so I'll look for a nicer one now. This ducky one looks pretty good!

      • Can also confirm Duckys are far far better despite both being a "mechanical" keyboard.

        • thank you for your confirmation Mr cheapcoffee

    • +1

      I got my Ducky Shine 3 in February 2014 and it still feels exceptional. The Caps lock LED died somewhere around year 3 or 4, kinda sad, but everything else is going strong. It's probably going to outlive me, which makes the Keyboard market pretty boring to watch, but it's nice to know that in a pinch I could probably use it to bludgeon a dude and still keep going at a LAN party.

    • I recently bought a Logitech and it is nowhere near as good as the ducky in build quality.

      Logitech have both budget and high-end keyboards.

      You can spend more and get a good quality Logitech keyboard that beats the Ducky. For example the G512 Carbon, which sells for around $160 is a quality RGB keyboard, well-built, solid keys, smooth and quiet. In fact, it beats the Ducky in build quality - it has an aluminum chassis, whereas the Ducky is 100% plastic fantastic.

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    Highly recommend Ducky keyboards,
    I've had my Shine 2 for 8 years now and the only 'issues' are that the LED's have died in a few F-keys, which obviously wouldn't be a problem with this keyboard.

    • +1

      I've had a Ducky Shine 2 for around the same amount of time and mine has no issues whatsover after all this time.

    • only 'issues' are that the LED's have died in a few F-keys,

      LOL, you're in denial.

      Be advised that when LED's die on your keyboard, it ABSOLUTELY is an issue.

  • +2

    Would also recommend having a look at Durgod at this price point.

    Got a full sized for around $150 AUD delivered.

    Build quality is excellent.
    Comes with PBT Double shot caps.

    Shipping took 2 months due to covid though!

  • +12

    I'm a bit worried - I just saw that I've used my "e" key 49,999,990 times now, and this sentence means I've now got non lft.

    • +13

      at st you sti hav th rst o you kys

    • Where can u check that?

      • +5

        Extreme muscle memory

        • +3

          my Ex had that… remembered everything I did and didn't do

    • +1

      Looks like your used your last 10 "e" in typing out this response! R_st In P_ac_

  • +9

    Duckys are great quality, but you'll want to replace the case quickly, then you'll think only a $130 case was worth it, then you realise your wife left you and the dog won't look you in the eye.

    • +5

      all that happened when I built my first pc this year…
      "1200 watt PSU? yes it's overkill but look at the deal!!"

  • +1

    Can also vouch for Ducky keyboards. Clean, low profile designs that are built like tanks. I've had my Ducky Zero (2108s) for 5 years now, use it near daily, and have yet to have any issues despite multiple spills and drops. The one downside is that total disassembly can be a bit arduous - but this may have changed from the 8 year old design I had.

    My only suggestion is that if you are going to use these for gaming then you should use the optional WASD keys that come with the keyboards. This isn't specific to Ducky though.

      • +4

        Keychron are great for a wireless option, got my K4 (aluminium w gateron brown) from their website for roughly $140 shipped (very quick shipping too) and can't recommend it enough

  • Looking for a deal on mx red silent. Anyone got a tip?

  • Does anyone know about this keyboard compare to Blackwidow Elite?

    • +1

      It's mostly in the switches and the aesthetic with mechs, unless you're going boutique kits with rotary encoders and stuff…
      In this case the Ducky will be quieter and less tactile/snappy. Form factor is similar, but you'll find you've got software enhancements with the BW.
      Keycaps on the ducky will me miles nicer, if you can stand the colour choices.

  • +1

    Becarful when ordering from them. I ordered a ducky keyboard off them a few months ago and waited a few weeks with no update on delivery. When I contacted them they were non responsive and took several morw attempts before they refunded me.

    Also they charged a conversion fee for my puchase. So use a credit card that have no conversion fee if you have one.

    • +1

      ugh. hopefully the deal wasn't "too good to be true". will update.

      • +1

        All I needed was for them to give me an update. (e.g. delayed shipping or no stock and I would have been happy to wait). The lack of service was the reason why I cancelled the whole thing.

  • Got a ducky shine 3 for several years now and it's practically new except some LEDs dying. Great keyboards.

  • -2

    Why would you get this when you can buy a Corsair for less?


    • +3

      The legends on those keycaps make me wanna puke: That's worth the price difference alone

      • +1

        Looks like something you'd see on an Alienware from 2005

    • +5

      Because Ducky make better keyboards than Corsair?

      • but everyone knows you need to have RGB backlighting to be pro. the lights make you faster and more accurate!

    • +1

      Corsair keyboards are no where worth what they cost, their switches have lots of stem wobble, and stabilisers rattle like crazy. Also, the keycaps look hideous

    • +2

      I just switched to a Ducky One 2 RGB after having a Corsair K70 Lux RGB for only two years where over 10 keycaps broke with completely normal usage and a few LED started failing.

      The quality of the Ducky is MILES ahead at a similar price point. I expected it to feel better after doing some research but it really felt like night and day when it arrived, it's built like a tank!

  • +2

    Better look at reviews of this seller.
    HK based.
    Many bad reviews, very slow customer service and may not have in stock with slow refunds.

    • Can't say for others but that was my exact experience.

  • +2

    Ducky's are nice, I have one at work and home. Worthy investment.

  • +1

    I have a ducky one rainbow with brown switches at work and a ducky sakura at home with blue switches and i will tell you now that you should definitely test the keys out that you want before purchasing, i love my brown switches, tactile without being too hard and clicky without being super distracting could write several novels with it im sure.

    The blue switches in my home keyboard are super distracting and not great to use. My partner got it for me as a well intentioned gift but without checking which switches to buy. Because it is a really thoughtful gift i will use it till the day i die but it sounds like gunfire every time i start typing anything.

    So yeah check which switches you like before you commit to a keyboard that will likely outlive your pets.

  • +1

    Ducky keyboards are top quality

  • mech keyboards are a dime a dozen these days

    if you're spending this kind of money should check out topre clones: https://nizkeyboard.aliexpress.com/store/5054249

  • https://www.tecobuy.com/en_AU/catalogsearch/result/?q=Ducky+... about the same price here if you don't want to deal with toby

    • I think they are owned by the same people.

      • either way tecobuy also has silver and blue switch versions which toby does not

  • I'm waiting for a 90's esque beige keyboard release. Comon retro hipster market get into it. Mechanical cherry brown switches please.

    • Should get it with Box Navy switches so it's closer to being as loud as a Model M.

    • +1

      Then you need a Unicomp Classic 104 White Buckling Spring USB! Exactly the same keyboard as the original Model M that IBM used for years. Unicomp bought the business from them and carried on making awesome keyboards that will last nearly forever.

      • Those look so damn cool

  • +4

    Ducky's quality has gone down since the became more mainstream. The best off the shelf keyboards are now Leopold and Filco

    • +1

      Hell yeah, Leopold FC980M for the win

      And you can get it down at mwave if you want to source one within Australia.

    • +2

      Leopold FC660C is probably the best keyboard I've ever owned. Very happy owner, although they do cost a lot.

    • +1

      Yeah, I would go with Leopold

    • Varmilo is also pretty similar to those 2.. Also Razer has really stepped up their game recently due to getting feedback in the /r/MK subreddit

    • +1

      Leopold 750r here, by far the best off the shelfs

    • Where does Das fit in for quality vs value?

  • Ducky are really good keyboard when the MK scene was still in its early stages like 8-10 years ago.
    Nowadays there's a lot more brand that matches its quality for a better value.

    My pick of the bunch is Durgod Hades Awesome build quality, compact size, PBT keycaps, best stabs I've had.

    PBT keycaps are the "SSD of keyboard". One of those upgrade where once you get them you just don't wanna go back to crappy ABS keycaps.

  • +1

    Ducky are the best!
    I have a shine 7! Love Taiwanese build quality 🥰🥰🇹🇼

  • +5

    Be careful ordering ducky products from a non-licensed source, alot of fakes coming out of China that are very similar as seen here:


    This is the list of licensed sellers for each country:


    • dang. thanks for the information. will check mine when/of it arrives!

      • this might not mean much, but i contacted their support just to probe lol:

        "Hi, I'm interested in purchasing your ducky keyboards, however I am concerned as there is news about fake products recently. may I know if there is any guarantee that the stock you have is genuine, and what your refund policy is like? thank you!!"

        "Dear Customer,

        Thank you for your message and interest in placing an order with us.
        I am delighted to inform you that we only offer new and original products here at TobyDeals.
        As such, all items comes with original packaging and complete accessories from the manufacturers.
        We are able to offer these amazing prices due to our geographical location and our network of suppliers around the world.
        Should you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us."

        a stock response, but yeah. we will see!

  • I loved my Ducky keyboard, but I 100% would buy the backlit one next time

  • +3

    I adore my Ducky One 2 - got it for work with MX Browns.

    This colour scheme also looks great: https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/ducky-one-2-tuxedo... and is in MX Blues if anyone prefers.

    • Got a lot of love for the ducky with brown switches. I miss my old one…

  • I'm using Shine 7 here, awesome build quality. Bought it in Taiwan last year still the same price today.

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