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[Refurbished] A Grade 27” 4K UHD ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ Gaming Monitor 12M WTY $1,499 Delivered @ Rebornelectronics eBay


27” 4K UHD ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ Gaming Monitor

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Factory Refurbished - Grade A - Excellent Condition. In Original Box.
Fully tested - No dead pixels or bruises.

  • Wide Screen 27.0"(68.47cm) 16:9, 97% (DCI-P3), 99% (Adobe RGB), In-Plane Switching, 3840x2160, Non-glare, HDR, Flicker free, Brightness : 600(Typical)/1000(Peak)
  • 144hz IPS Panel with 384-zone Full Array Local Dimming
  • Ports - HDMI(v2.0), DisplayPort 1.4, 3.5mm audio Mini-Jack, USB3.0 Type-B x1, USB3.0 Type-A x2
  • Cables Included - AC Adapter, DP, HDMI, USB 3 Cable

  • Warranty - One Year

  • Free Shipping

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closed Comments

  • I know it’s a superb monitor but paying that much for a refurbished one is another story

  • Should definitely add that it's a 144hz refresh rate panel

  • Paying that much for a 27" 4k with 12m warranty LOL

    • At least 5 years statutory warranty whether the seller likes it or not lol.

      Edit: actually statutory warranty may not apply to refurbished

      • If you're banking on statutory warranty, don't buy from ebay sellers

      • There is no specific duration apart from 'a reasonable period of time' for statutory rights.

        • Yeah. So the way I do it is look at the price of the cheapest equivalent, divide price of actual item by that amount and multiply by 12 months.

          Obviously it's still murky if you're anywhere near the end of the period you calculated and want to claim.

          I've also claimed hard drives before on a ' extremely low power on hours count'. That took alot of talking to get that over the line. So you can try level of usage as a method of defining reasonable.

          I can't think of better gauges of 'reasonable'.

          • @justtoreply: Good points, I was just highlighting it isn't a specified duration. I have also argued it (successfully), but it often does take a lot of work by the consumer, much like yourself with the hard drive.

  • nearly two grand for a 27 inch monitor… geez - what sort of person is even considering this?

  • One of the reasons it (was) expensive is largely because it was ASUS's first monitor that has 144hz + G-Sync + IPS + true HDR with full array local dimming zones + true 10-bit colour.

    The downside was it's hefty price tag.. and it's also 2 years old and perhaps discontinued by ASUS. I guess they didn't sell too many of them.

    Basically this would've been the BFG of gaming monitors back in 2018, not sure about today but I think only OLED or Micro LED tech would top this sort of monitor.

  • This monitor has been discontinued, and even if it was in stock, you'd expect to pay less for it new in the current market.

    You can buy 4k 144Hz IPS monitors of the same or better quality for well less than $1500, and those will crash through $1000 soon enough.

    You've come in here trying to pull a fast one mate, and I doubt anyone will come to appreciate that when you post your next deal.

    • Yep, can get an 27GN950-B for $1499 brand spanking new! But finding one is pretty hard at the moment.

      • not really the same thing, this monitor is still better than those mentioned, and there is a diminishing return with higher price tags, see 3090 vs 3080, 2 times the price for what 20% performance, but it is still going to sell.

        Just because you didn't find it useful, or value its quality, doesn't mean other won't

      • This isn't even comparable with the 27GN950, This has FALD with 384 zones

    • You can buy 4k 144Hz IPS monitors of the same or better quality for well less than $1500

      Not really, it seems like

      ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ - Only 90% DCI-P3, Display HDR 400, no local dimming
      Acer Predator XB273KP - Only 90% DCI-P3, Display HDR 400, no local dimming
      LG UltraGear 27GN950 - Only Display HDR 600, no local dimming

      • The real alternatives is Acer X27 and X27P, but is discontinued, and not cheaper than this PG27UQ.

      • OK I stand corrected on the FALD aspect, had it in my head that this was global dimming.

        A key point would be the lack of DSC support, so you have to use a dual-cable DisplayPort setup to run this properly.

        Again, I would make the argument that more FALD and miniLED monitors are in the pipeline for release next quarter, and this is a hard deal to justify for a refurb with a relatively limited warranty.

        Keep in mind for HDR in gaming, 384-zone panels still don't cut it as there is a noticeable halo effect. This deal also doesn't stack up well against OLED TVs such as the 48" CX, as that will drop below this price next quarter.

        • Certainly not a deal for me too, so won't upvote but won't downvote either.

        • People looking for a 27" 4K monitor are probably not considering a 48" OLED TV as an alternative…

          • @tophorus: Depends on their current setup. Up close, the 48" can be a 2x2 1080p monitor array with 100% text scaling, and seated further back it can be the best HDR experience you can buy right now, while offering better BFI that backlight strobing.

            It definitely competes against ultrawides, especially if you have want for a small 4K TV.

        • @Jasswolf, I'm not saying a 48" monitor can't be a brilliant choice, but if someone is looking for a small-ish monitor they probably already know they don't have the desk space for something 75% bigger diagonally.

          • @tophorus: That's fair, but what I'm saying is that you can get a device that's almost twice as large with a better HDR feature set for roughly the same price. The value proposition here sucks.

  • 75Hz to 144Hz goes for ~300$ to 1700$. Can't justify whooping 5x on the price for double the refresh rate and if you have the money for this, you probs don't have to be hunting around on ozbargain.

    • 4k 60Hz doesn't even go for $300 right now, but it will soon enough. 4k 75Hz doesn't exist at present (probably because the panels don't overclock well), but if it did it would be running for about $500-$600.

      See my above post, as you can get better 4k 144Hz monitors for less than $1500. I agree on the value proposition in a general sense, but let's get the numbers in check.

      1440p 240Hz will be a nice sweet spot soon enough, coming in under $700.

  • “More than 10 available “, will take them very long to sell out

  • $1700 for a refurbished item. superb.

  • 1700$ for a discontinued refurbished monitor…..come on mate…which planet you from?! …..lol

  • You're better off getting a XG27UQ new for less than this, unless you absolutely need the cinematic backlighting, and trust the quality and durability of the unit.

    I also don't recommend 4K at 27", even with a 3080 you'll struggle to put out more than 60-80 frames in anything where as you'll be purring along at 144 fps on a 1440p display, and there's very little difference between 1440p and 4k on a 27" display.

    The render cost issue doesn't apply if the display is primary destined for multimedia (movies etc.), but then the 144hz and g-sync is totally pointless without costly interpolation as blu-rays, high quality downloads and video streaming services render at approximately 24 frames per second.

    • My current 1080p monitor (1200p actually…) is 12 years old. When I replace it (which I need to do soon as it's starting to have issues), I intend to replace it with something that I think has a reasonable chance of still being a good choice 10 years from now. I expect my monitors to last much longer than my graphics card so I'd be willing to pay a bit more for one that I can't yet get the full value out of, because chances are I'll be able to in a few years.

      So apart from two issues I'd actually be quite happy to jump on something like this. But those two issues are dealbreakers for me:
      1) It's refurbished - doesn't really fit with my whole "10 year" goal.
      2) I don't think I could handle 4K on a 27" monitor. I really want a 32" 4K gaming monitor but they don't seem to exist just yet. The 4K gaming monitors seem to jump from 27" right up to 43". Fingers crossed some of the announced models get released soon…

  • 100% positive on ebay
    Not so flash here, unfortunately

    • mate,
      in here people scrutinize all features and also compare extensively with similar product from price and feature perspective.
      If someone posts just because they think people will grab , very much mistaken and has come to wrong place.

    • You forgot about Display HDR 1000 and 384-zone Full Array Local Dimming

      • Ok, maybe this is a deal to those looking to drop $1000+ on a monitor, but for the majority of Ozbarginers looking for the best value monitor, this is outrageous.

  • Just linking it to something your selling on ebay doesn't make it a deal, more like free marketing (plus blurry item photo)

    Considering a newer model costs less than this refurb

    Sorry, no deal

  • I'd rather pay a little more and get the PG43UQ…

  • get a G9 for that

  • Lol rep hasn't commented on anything, just posts and leaves, then just drops it $250 when the negs come in.

    Well have another neg