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Now is the perfect time to learn basic Mandarin online, sign Up to our 2-week FREE (2 sessions) online class at K.T Chinese.

This free course is for 2 lessons over 2 weeks, with one class each week. We teach in Mandarin and Simplified Chinese.

Please message us at www.facebook.com/ktchinese for zoom link, or email us at [email protected] for free trial zoom link.

This course is suitable for:
- Over 15 years old

Our first class starts soon, don't miss out!

Our professional teachers will ensure you will have fun and learn Mandarin including speaking, reading, and writing. Our students love our classes!
Lesson 1: Greetings in Chinese, Chinese strokes, Chinese Pinyin system introduction
Lesson 2: How to introduce yourself in Chinese, Basic conversation in Chinese, Chinese pinyin, Number 1- 10

Time Zone:

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Sydney Time (Every Saturday)

90 minutes, 10-minute break

Once after your confirmation, we will send you the ZOOM 24 hours before the course starting time

Have a fantastic journey of Chinese learning.

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  • +56 votes

    "Now is the perfect time to learn basic Mandarin online"
    Why? So we can welcome in our Chinese overlords?

    • so we can finally understand their plans and foil them when they least expect it

    • it always has been a useful language to know as it's a global business partner, but we can always just post fearmongering comments too.

      • +50 votes

        Also handy so you can communicate with the guys at Woolworths buying 400 baby formulas.

      • Yeah nothing bad about China except mass ethnic cleansing of Tibet, East Turkistan (Xinjiang), Inner Mongolia.

        Plus organ harvesting of China's version of Scientology.

        Not forgetting millions of Muslims imprisoned for their having religion.

        Turning a great, liberal, enterprising city, Hong Kong, into another land of false imprisonment and corruption.

        Did I mention a total lack of freedom and privacy of its people who were gunned down in their Capital's main square for disagreeing with the government.

        The Cultural Revolution where millions of their people starved due to maniacal leadership akin to North Korea.

        Oh, they've got lots of shiny new shopping malls. Cool!

        • Damn, I found it curious that every bad thing is tokenized for easy to recite and regurgitation. Almost like someone has agenda to push 🤔 …

          • @Peterdicky: Are you saying that Uighur muslims and Christians aren’t being imprisoned in “re-education camps”?

            • @k23man: if you have actual details please share, i've yet to see any hard evidence

              • @abctoz: CNN isn’t hard evidence?

                • @k23man: did you read it bro

                  "The allegations have not received formal United Nations (UN) recognition, with 54 member states supporting China's policies in Xinjiang,[13][14] and 23 condemning them.[15][16]"

                  • @abctoz: Have a look at which countries voted against. Russia and a heap of tiny African countries such as Togo and Tajikistan. Would be interesting to see how many of them receive funding from China.

                    The western democracies voted the other way.

                    • @k23man: just because they voted doesn't mean they're right

                      i'm interested in evidence, you can't make a strong argument based on anecdotal evidence, particularly when they start sourcing "Radio Free Asia was founded and funded in the 1950s by an organization called "Committee for Free Asia" as an anti-communist propaganda operation funded by the Central Intelligence Agency"

                      "Radio Free Asia went off the air in 1955.[13] In 1971 CIA involvement ended and all responsibilities were transferred to a presidentially appointed Board for International Broadcasting (BIB)"


                      this is just an excuse for a war against communism

                  • @abctoz: Erm, because the CCP control the UN by paying iff poor, corrupt countries, many indebted to them through the Belt and Road scam.

                    Same with the WHO.

                    • @tightwad: is that against the rules i thought that was how democracy worked? and do you think poor countries are only indebted to china? they are far more indebted to western countries

                • @k23man: Wikipedia isn't a real source. There's a reason universities don't accept it

              • @abctoz:

                if you have actual details please share, i've yet to see any hard evidence

                There's hundreds of pieces of circumstantial evidence that you're happy to ignore though, and people disappearing without explanation. You're the kind of person who wants to see 4K video recording of someone being sedated and their heart cut out before you believe it

                • @Blitzfx: hundreds of pieces of circumstantial evidence? can you list them?

                  the vast majority of evidence i see is anecdotal, the weakest form, you have to realise people there earn $1/day and if you offer them 100x their wage to make up some bs story, do you think you can find a few?

                  the way i see it is there some truth but it is in most likelihood massively misrepresented, that's what propaganda is.

            • @k23man: "it is also anti-China CIA propaganga!!!!! RRREEEEEEEEEEE"

              /50 cents

            • @k23man: It's funny that some people are being more acceptable to the twisted and damonised "facts".
              Do you know in 2009 there was a well organised riot which resulted in thousands of civilians injuried and even murdered on the street? I know that happened for a fact because I was only a few kilometers away and I was 17.

              Do you know how big of an impact it was to the city and people who call it home?
              It's funny and sad that some media intentionally only label those people as Uyghur muslims and leave out the unsettling committed crimes behind the curtain.

              If you wanna know the truth, go visit Xinjiang yourself, it's not on the moon. If you don't care at all, at least plz stop spreading racist negs on a bargaining site.

              • @justAguyHere: Can you give a few examples of facts which are twisted? And what does the riot have to do with the Uighur issue?

                • @k23man: The Uyghur issues are after effects of many similar terrist events like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_2009_%C3%9Cr%C3%BCmqi_rio...

                  5th July 2009 is the most well-known.

                  Do you really believe there was no precedent and government just started imprisoning people for nothing? As far as I know, when it comes to domestic cultural issues, there is no simple solution. Well, NZ has been doing an amazing job.

                  • @justAguyHere: That was over 10 years ago. If you believe the people being re-educated are terrorists, why are Christians and Falon Gong practitioners imprisoned as well? Without a trial I might add.

                    • @k23man: Based on your response, it's pretty clear that you don't really know what have been going on with terrorist events in Xinjiang. Then what are you defending?

                      I said 5th July 2009 was one of the most well known. "But that was over 10 years ago" do you think those who planned all those would be like " oh yeah, this will do, job done. Let's wrap it up"??

                      It's Falun Gong, not Falon… and it's a cult. Do you really know what are you defending…? See this

                      Honestly I don't care how you think and discuss CCP.

                      I just don't like the way you spread misleading info. And it's truly disrespectful since all you see and use are their labels "minority Muslim, Christian, practitioner" . There are also many mobs who got put in prison without public trials. Why don't you use this?

                    • @k23man: Ever heard of Guantanamo Bay?

            • @k23man: Christians? Never heard about Chinese govt put any Christians in prison

              As far as I know Uighur muslims terrorist has attacked Uygur Autonomous Region ppl for at least 20 yrs.

              Why dun u criticize on US invading Iraq after 911? In your point of view, US did a evil thing rite?

              World should protect muslims terrorist rite?

        • I don’t like a lot of what the CCP does, but the people are generally nice and given this is one of the more widely used languages it should be useful to learn if one wishes.

          • @cloudy: Lovely people. Just ask the Tibetans, Inner Monglians, Muslims, Falunggong members, any voices of opposition, anyone who has made money and refuses to pay bribes, investigative journalists, people who try to stand up for their rights, anyone who reports corruption, and so on.

            Lovely people.

            • @tightwad:

              Lovely people. Just ask the Tibetans, Inner Monglians, Muslims, Falunggong members, any voices of opposition, anyone who has made money and refuses to pay bribes, investigative journalists, people who try to stand up for their rights, anyone who reports corruption, and so on.

              There's a billion of them, there'll be heaps of bastards and arseholes etc etc.

              Many of them act under instructions of authority and justify their actions based on their boss or colleague or culture against certain others. Think of our soldiers who have committed war crimes.

              Which is why i state the CCP itself is wrong, why is it wrong? Because you have one man, who is effectively king, and wishes to keep his throne forever (as you can imagine), and does this by any means necessary. This is what is wrong, and i am against, and i support the free HK movement, and etc etc. But i do not hate chinese people or language, there's no reason to target a whole race (oh which i am part of mind you). Plus, there are many dissenters whom are chinese who speak out too, many risk their lives to speak out, often in mando as well.

              I'd wager the % of Chinese who are bad people are probably no different to westerners who are bad people.

              • @cloudy: join some telegram groups or follow some of the folks on twitter who post china stuff, I bet your attitude will change after seeing many videos of Chinese culture lol

            • @tightwad: Love that people down vote you but the cowards all refuse to actually refute your comments.

              They'll probably disappear if they mention any of those keywords themselves.

              Truly sad to see the entire world fold while the CCP kick off another "education camp" cleansing of Tibet.

        • listen to George Galloway….. https://youtu.be/xg4wqJ15e-o

        • Oh boy, you know so much.
          was any of your ancestor in of those?

        • This looks similar to reports from Epoch times. Hate to see those who only read one side of the stories and start talk about another country.

        • Full of Chinese trolls this post!

          Pro-CCP Propaganda plagging social medias and people buying into it.

          See what Reuters just released on Tibet.
          Wait! Trolls will claim “fake news”.

    • Well done you beat me to it.

    • I don’t know about you but I want to be able to understand the guards when it goes down.

    • I for one welcome our new overlords.

    • Just knew this kind of low intelligence comment would be seen here.

      • It's called expressing an opinion based on facts.

        Low intelligence is just criticising people without a valid reason.

    • -6 votes


    • Surely you know Chinese is spoken in many countries/ethnic zones and not exclusive to people in China, right? Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan just to name a few, even Japanese kanji was borrowed from Chinese characters which goes to show the vast cultural significance the language has throughout the region. As @sinewaves7’s said, it’s a useful tool to negotiate and forge new partnerships in times of need.

      Say what you will about politics, but picking on the language/culture seems really redundant to me. I get the sentiment, but why discount a language based on the actions of a single regime? Idk do people in Asia laugh at the English language because of what a joke Trump is? Did Dutch-speaking folks get shit back in the days of their appalling slavery? And who are we to speak when our kids rarely get taught indigenous languages at school? Oh yes, we were the overlords. Regimes fall, alliances alternate, political stances change over time, yet culture remains and that’s what many identify with.

      Make your voices heard by all means, but learn to differentiate between politics and culture y’all

      • All true, but this is a free country and this is a language spoken mostly in a country where people have basically no rights and no freedom of speech.

      • Trust me it's both politics and culture. Most Taiwanese, Hongkong people and even Singaporean who speak Chinese don't accept they are Chinese until they need to, e.g. if they are holding a Singaporean or Taiwanese passport, they proudly deny being Chinese, but when there's a job position that requires the person to be Chinese then Chinese they are, or when it comes to China on Corona virus, the majority of Chinese speakers in these countries stand up for China as they believe that is their mother country (But is China mother country of Singapore? Of course not). That's the unofficial double standard every Chinese person in the world has. I'm not just saying this out of nothing, I have asked many of my friends from these countries on this particular topic.

    • Because anywhere in the world when you travel you will encounter some stranger coming to you asking something in Chinese as if everyone speaks Chinese - I'm Asian and I'm in that situation all the time. If you learn it you will then be able to talk to those, maybe : ))

  • 谢谢你

  • Will I be taught about Winnie The Pooh?

    • +17 votes

      I mean it literally says Mandarin…

      • It's debatable.

      • That's what the CCP wants you to believe. Unless they are mutually intelligible, they're separate languages. Cantonese speakers cannot understand mandarin and vice versa

        • Many Cantonese speakers are biliterate and trilingual (can read English and Chinese, speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin)

          • @rainbowbutterfly: Yes, they need to learn a NEW LANGUAGE to communicate with their Mainland oppressors.

            • @tightwad: Such a smart ass.. different languages my butt.. those dialects have been co-existing for thousands of years. And Mandarin was just one of many back in the day. The main differences are pronunciation and wordings. Then how did people from different places communicate before 1949? Drawing pictures?

            • @tightwad: Canton refers to Guangdong, which last I checked was very much on the mainland.

              Better get your atlas out.

          • @rainbowbutterfly:

            Many Cantonese speakers are biliterate and trilingual (can read English and Chinese, speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin)

            puts me to shame, there's like 3 words i can understand of mando, lol, i even went to do a subject in uni for mando and can't remember any of it its so different.
            So my conclusion is many Cantonese speakers are not bi-literate and trilingual, just depends on whom you speak to.

            • @cloudy: I said many, not all. Or to some degree/variation. I speak Cantonese but not Mandarin, but can understand a few common words and phrases as they sound similar to them in Cantonese. I can read some (traditional) Chinese but can't write it. I also grew up in Australia and don't know or socialise with people who speak Mandarin so thats probably why. You mainly become fluent in a language only if you use it often.

          • @rainbowbutterfly: Nah mate. Many Cantonese people think they can speak Mandarin. Nobody understands them though.

        • I know Mandarin. I can understand Cantonese and Shanghainese. From my perspective, they are effectively dialects. They also utilize the same system of characters - hanzi.