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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Black Body $1,503.20 at digiDIRECT eBay Store (Bonus M.zuiko Digital F1.2 PRO Lens)


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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II - Black Body and bonus F1.2 PRO Lens via redemption at https://shop.olympus.com.au/promotions

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  • $1500 camera and comes with $2099 worth lens?
    Is this real?

    • Lens RRP was increased early this year. I would say that any of the pro f1.2 brand new lenses with discounts are worth $1100

      • Do they give 3 lens?? Or just one?

      • Confirmed, it’s just one Lens,

        Could you tell me if 17mm or 25mm or 45 is better?

      • Yeah, I agree, just looking around they are around $1100. That being said, this is a good deal. The EM1-II + 17mm f/1.2 would be a fantastic "walking around" combo for $1500

        • A stellar combo for that. This was Olympus' flagship pro body until the E-M1X. Even though it's a few years old, it remains an excellent camera.

          I saw this camera with the recent 21% sale at a little under $1,800 from Ryda (with the lens promo), and thought it was a fantastic deal. This has just blown that out of the water. I don't care about all the arguments on full-frame vs MFT and the sale (or otherwise) of Olympus' imaging division - it is a stupid crazy cheap price for a previous gen Australian stock flagship MFT camera with pro glass on it.

          If you wanted to get into serious photography, learn how to use a camera properly, and leapfrog the crappy kit lens you'll get at this price level - here is an excellent way to do it.

        • The system is not dead at all, that is a load of rubbish. JIP selling off assets and patents is pure speculation

          Panasonic is still an active player and there are still third parties manufacturing new lenses (e.g. Laowa).

          It's far from dead, and neither is Olympus.

        • +1 vote

          How does a low R&D going to affect the camera you have purchased? Yeah they may not build new lenses, but it's not as sketchy as tech where there is the continual push for faster this and bigger that as software takes advantage of those improvements (yeah you can get better lenses with faster and better glass, but what's out there would be more than enough for the average user, plus you can probably purchase a 3/4 to other mount to expand your range. There's no real need to keep updating your camera body unless you're after something specific (or you're sold into the hype).

          Photography is not all about specs, but about understanding how to use your instrument to get the emotion you want out of your shot. I'm an average photographer and have only bought 1 new glass in the same time i've upgraded my phone 3 times. I have been pining for a Sony A7iii but can't justify the purchase as I'm still happy with trying to work out how to get interesting shots from my almost 10 year old DSLR with a 30 y/o manual 50mm 1.4.

          • @ryf: Camera companies need to sell new cameras and lenses to survive. Money coming in funds R&D into newer tech. How else do they fund innovation to differentiate themselves to competitors (i.e. sensor stabilization, live composite mode, high grade weather sealing, focus stacking etc etc).
            Software innovation falls into this bucket too.

            10 year old cameras work fine sure. But if you are putting your money and buying into one system only (which most people can only afford), can you recommend Olympus as a solid choice in the current market? You'll feel awfully silly when the next body (if there is one) from Olympus is still using the same old aged sensor from eons ago. On the plus side - you'll get awesome features, ergonomics, weather sealing and stabilization.

            I'm not against Olympus - I'm just saying know what you may be getting into.

            • @cyrax83: Don't disagree with you there, its definitely a crowded market out there for every product segment and these brands need to survive. It's unfortunate that society has been geared toward this upgrade mentality to look for the newest innovation, which half drives this update. Would I consider purchasing this 4 year old camera when there are newer models with better bells and whistles? It's hard as I also get draw in to the whole feature innovation aspect, but (specifically on this deal) the offer for a 1.2 lens is something that appeals to my creative side rather than the 'old tech' aspect.

              On the point of locking yourself into the system, i'd say it would be dependant on the range of glass that Olympus provides for 3/4. I'm sure the range is big enough for the average user, and innovation upgrades to lenses doesn't happen as often as body upgrades. If I pulled the plug and bought this, and found the body was more than capable (and it probably would be compared to my 600D) + the lens was super awesome, then I wouldn't be concerned about the next body they release and probably recommend this camera.

              That's just me though. I'm sure others have different priorities over what they want.

  • this sounds like a great deal no?

    • Yes, if you consider the price the camera and the lenses generally sell for. However, it is a four year old camera and the future of the system is uncertain (see discussion above).

      • I would look at this way, if you like m4/3 and want a top end model camera in the system, it's hard to go past this.

        If you are someone who potentially is going to chop and change systems, then yes the current uncertainty may affect your ability to resell down the track.

        • I watch the Olympus stuff on eBay, and I have not seen a plunge in prices since the announcement. If anything, some items are more expensive. Expect to get min $700 - $800 used for one of these f1.2 primes (though not sure if this promo will bump the market). It is a superb deal.

          • @Banj0: One of the good points of M43. Most bodies and nearly all lenses in the system hold their value well.

          • @Banj0: I've been eyeing the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 lens and have also noticed that prices have actually gone up. That's based on the final value prices on the sold items. Not quite sure why that is though.

            • @jakentta: Yes…I've also had the impression that some used lenses have gone up in price. Not sure if this is because of seasonal changes, or the Olympus announcement (maybe some people are eager to collect lenses in fear that manufacturer may cease or quality drop), or maybe because of the COVID situation.

              Whatever, if you don't pay through the nose for your Pro series lenses, you tend not to lose much money on them. They are highly regarded.

              That 12-40 is a cracker. Very nearly that holy grail 'bag of primes'.

          • @Banj0: I have seen the prices in the used market have dropped as many are selling off their m43 gear.

            • @OzHan: I can't really agree. I can point out to you an E-M1 II body only that sold on eBay during the past month for $1229. Used. Crazy, no? 16,000 shutter count and just recently serviced by Olympus (see eBay item 324268455330). I would not have paid this myself, since grey imports were available for around the same price and hey, wouldn't a brand new grey import be better than used? Personally I'd also want something a little more lightly used, but 16,000 shots isn't that much in the scheme of things. I bet the buyer would be pretty cranky if they saw this current deal!

              I saw another more recently fetch a little over $2k…but it came with grip and four lenses (non-pro, but including the very well regarded and usually expensive 75mm). Again, around 16k shutter count. Not too bad a deal…but still…

              There is another currently with bids at $745, and not finished yet. It will be interesting to see what this one fetches, given the current DD deal. Personally, I'd prefer to pay $1,500 for a new one with bonus Pro lens.

              Maybe some of the lower end stuff drops price more quickly? I don't tend to pay much attention to E-M10's or the E-P ranges, and nor am I fond of kit lenses. Still…I can say from observation that E-M1 II's are selling between $900 and $1200 in general, 12-40mm pros go for $500-$600, 7-14 pros generally hit $900, and the 40-150mm pro can fetch $900 - $1200. I have seen nothing that tells me there is a dip in prices for this gear…in fact, some of the prices since the Olympus announcement have surprised me as being a little high. I really don't think there's a rush of people selling off M43, at least not as indicated by eBay sales.

              E-M5 II have, I think, dropped prices significantly in the past year or so…but that was happening before the JIP announcement. You can pick up a used E-M5 II around the $400 mark, and I think this would have been $500-$600 a year ago. Seems to be natural devaluation rather than a big sell-off by people jumping ship though. A cracker of a camera at $400 if you can find a nice example.

              If Olympus conducts more bonus deals like this, or has a firesale, then I can see used prices being affected. Admittedly, eBay is only one marketplace. I tend to ignore Gumtree, since most of the camera gear I see there is well overpriced.

              I've also ignored the Panasonic side of things…I'm not sure how those prices are faring, though you'd think it would be Olympus gear that is suffering in the used market, but that's not what I'm seeing.

  • Sold most of my m43. But can’t resist at this. 1.7 plus a mk2? Crazy

  • The build quality on the E-M1 Mark II is very high. Plus, there have been several significant firmware updates since this camera was originally released, which has kept it well up to date. The lens range for the micro four-thirds system is more extensive than any other mirrorless system. So this is definitely an amazing buy!

  • is the 12-200mm lens worth $530 more?
    still can claim the bonus lens from what I can see

    • If the lens is useful for you, then it's definitely worth the extra $530. It's equivalent to 24-400mm. Pair that with the 17mm F1.2, and you would be well equipped for travel.

    • You'd be hard pressed to buy the 12-200mm used for that price, so if you want a superzoom for your Oly, then it is a good deal.

    • Yes. 24-400 and a 17mm f1.2 sounds like a killer travel combo

  • woahhh this is a stunning price with the f1.2 lens. I don't have a 1.2 lens in my kit :(

    too bad its sold out

  • How many units got sold at the discounted price, I wonder?

  • If anyone has had second thoughts since purchasing it I'd love to buy it from you. The 12-40mm EM1-II kit is still available but I already own the 12-40mm and don't feel like going through the hassle of selling the one that comes with the kit deal. Thank you :)

    • +3 votes

      the Olympus E-M1 Mk II with 12-200mm Lens is better value (if you are going to sell the lens).

      with the 12-40, you are paying $800 for the lens. No way to sell at that price.

  • Body-only is back up for the moment boys. Get it!

  • Thanks OP, snagged one - Now the tough decision of which lens to pick - what are you all leaning towards?

    • Glad it helps. I am btw 17mm and 45mm. So far 17mm is winning and buy the sigma 56mm latter on.

      • Yeah, thanks for posting mate. I wasn't planning on upgrading, as my relic E-M5 Mk1 (8 years old!) is still good enough for my needs when paired with the 12-40mm f2.8. This deal however was way to good to pass on (even though I foolishly did just that last night, thinking I could purchase when I woke up in the morning!) Luckily I got a second chance. I'll more than likely go for the 17mm as well.

    • I requested the 45mm, mainly because I don't own a portrait lens that good in any of my camera systems (an 85mm 1.4 on full-frame will give more bokeh, but I hear that the bokeh from this 45mm pro is exceptionally nice anyway).

      Elsewise I may have gone for the 17mm as a high quality walk around…but then, I hardly use that sort of focal length wide open anyway, so f1.2 seems a little wasted on me with that lens.

      • I'd probably go for the 25mm if I were to buy the camera. Sigma 56mm is the better portrait lens than 45mm f1.2 based on the reviews I have read. 17mm is a tad too big to my taste for a walk around lens. Each to his own of course.

        • Yeah…at these sizes the 17mm isn't really 'walk around' is it. I do fancy the 12mm f2 for that, but have the 20mm Panny lens which is more or less pancake and goes nicely with a GX or Pen camera as a 'normal' walk around lens.

          So many options really.

  • Silly question but how do you claim for this when purchased via ebay?

  • In response to bataleon… It’s the purchase receipt that I need so I pinged them on eBay and have asked for a tax invoice.

    Thanks anyway though.

  • Back in stock, 2 available.

  • Magically back in stock now :)