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Cooler Master MWE Gold 750W 80plus Gold Certified Fully Modular Power Supply $149 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Behold the 750W 80 Plus Gold rated, fully modular MWE Gold. This power supply unit delivers consistent 90 percent efficiency, low temperatures and quiet operation. High quality, heat resistant components have been used to achieve gold level performance at temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius. The Silencio fan and exclusive LDB bearing provide nearly silent cooling at no loss to system performance and a longer lifespan…….

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  • This is not really a bargain, heaps of stores sell it for the same price


  • How do CoolerMaster PSUs rate compared to other brands?

    • bought one from umart and less than 1 year its dying on me… im so stupid not only from buying from umart but should have just stuck with corsairs high end RM/x ones. I regret because umart are being asses.

      • What are they doing? I've always found them to be really reasonable about returns.

        Never had to return a PSU though.

        • They just told me to go to the manufacturer first then go to them after twice and told me that if no fault is found like they new the PSU wasn't the problem they're going to charge me for the shipping fee to and from umart to the manufacturer and they're also going to test it in their own testing facility… what? Even if they 100% act like they know the PSU wasnt faulty they werent even answering my questions it was literally copy and paste from their FAQ and RMA page.

          Was playing a game with about 60% GPU usage and 30% CPU usage and my pc just turns off without warning but the RAM RGB and mobo still on. The FAN RGB were off though. Power LED still on and i cannot press or hold it down, it does nothing. I have to turn the PSU siwtch on and off for about 10 seconds then I can switch it back on.

          AMAZON AU However THEY'RE FAST. Their customer service literally cant be compared to any "local Aussie store" I have learnt my lesson and to always buy from Amazon whenever possible. Watch me come back later to complain about how I just got assed by Umart.

          I'd like to add as well Eva Tech AU they're pretty good at customer support. They legit helped me troubleshoot and try different things for my GPU when I had a problem. They didnt need too, they even switched the GPU to a new one just incase there was a problem they didnt find.

    • Bought MWE White last year (coz. it was apparently a newer model and price was reasonable). However, I was disappointed. There was coil whine on my Ryzen system. However, when I brought it back to the store, the store could not re-produce it on their intel test system. I was able to hear the coil whine (though it is far less severe on the intel test system), the store staff was unable to hear it. I still decided to return it so I had to pay for re-stocking fee.

      I also have a 1200W PSU (Superflower) which I intend to send to e-Waste centre. Same issue - coil whine (but this is when GPU is in used playing games). It's quite frustrating as you would think a 1200W PSU would use decent components. Quite annoying as I really like the modular cables for that PSU.

      MWE Gold is a higher grade model.

      Personally, I prefer to pay more and go for Corsairs RM/x or better. 750W… I am guessing RTX 3080? If that's the case, don't cheap out on the PSU.

      • Even with my 2080 super it has coil whine / eletric current noise? its so bad and it is frustrating.

        Rule of thumb is… If you have a mid range - high end YOU DONT SKIMP ON THE PSU.

    • I bought the MWE Gold 550 modular at the start of the year.. Put it in a Ryzen 3600, Rx580 16gb of ram, msi motherbaord etc.

      It hasnt missed a beat but
      *hasnt experienced the harshest of Australian summers yet.
      *There was a teensy whimper of coil whine when i put my ear up against the casing in the first week whenever the system was powered down but it just went away Or i stopped noticing it.

      Its good for a budget PSU but idk if i'd want it in a system next to my bed. Sensitive sleepers might notice it.

      Coincidently gamersnexus uploaded some videos of a full factory tour at the start of the year where the MWE Golds 750/550's were being produced, assembled and packaged.

      If i was buying a top tier Graphics card like the new 3080 i would honestly steer clear just because the company havent established their products as reliable.

      edit: I didnt bother reporting the coil whine as i bought the system just days before Covid lockdowns took off and it was honestly nothing new. My last 3 Power Supplies from Thermeltake, Corsair, Antec also produced coil whine in different configurations.
      The Antec HCG 520 was making an awful clicking sound whenever it overheated as they had a silicon that was rubbing against the casing whenever it got hot. The Themerltake made a god awful whine when i plugged my last Intel system into it.

      None of these PSU's actually failed i just swapped them into other hardware where the coil whine just strangely didnt occur.

  • Tier B according to this (ie recommended for mid-range systems)


    • I have a 3700x and 2080super while playing intensive games mine would shut off without warning. I wish i found this list before i bought it. 6x RGB fans 1 AIO w/LCD 3 fans (no RGB) 2x RGB RAM.

      CoolerMaster MWE Gold 750w 80+

      I would caution if this was a "local Aussie store" but since this is Amazon AU people can try their luck. Amazon customer service is literally #1.

      • lol that'll teach you to spend more on an aio with an lcd than the psu. /s
        sounds like its not producing anywhere near 750w or just really really trash components should need about 550w, sub 600w at least.

        • Yeah weird thing is this 750w PSU should have been more than enough. I used the PSU calculater and it uses about 460w is what they calculated so 550w should be a good hovering point even 600w at least. Mines a CoolerMaster MWE 750W 80+ GOLD though :C should have been more than enough but Umart man … IDK If there was anything to go by. They wont have none of this.

          yknow your being sarcastic but I think I needed that. Lesson learnt. Should NEVER skimp out on PSU and Motherboard I guess. The things that hold everything together. Should've bought a Corsair RM/X hey…

          Also the z73 was on deep sale I think. No way I'd spend $500/$400 on an AIO though. It was pretty close to a marked up Corsair RMX 750W gold

      • What were the games and how long after you got the pc did this start?(not doubting you just interested) I have the similar specs….

        • Hi, Ill tell you more specifics.

          Less than about 10 to 15 minutes I'd say under full load.

          Game TITANFALL2 - Settings (VERY HIGH) Requirements 8GBVRAM with 16GB RAM.

          Bought my pc 10/2019 and it just happened so less then a year I guess. 0

          Game 2 BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT - Mixed settings of HIGH - VERY HIGH (Some .ini edits to pass the 90fps cap.)

          Tomb Raider (Reboot) Maxed settings.

          3700x / 2080super / 16gb RGB ram / 6x RGB fans / 3x AIO fans / CoolerMaster MWE 750W GOLD 80+

          The game that crashes the fastest is TITANFALL2 for some reason maybe its the texture streaming? It uses like 60-70% of my GPU anyways if i play for more than 10 minutes.

          • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: crashing with lights on really sounds more like a mobo issue dude, thats why they are saying that if it isnt PSU you could be billed for the RMA i would guess.
            PSU shutdown should be lights out.
            Have you tested with another PSU?

            • @mycosys: I have a spare PSU that but too afraid that it;ll damage my parts. It's a cheap $69 ThermalTake LITEPOWER 750WATTS (NON RATED). I can test it but what will happen?

              • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: I wouldnt trust it for years on an overclock, wouldnt use it on my own machine, but for a while it should be totally fine. Honestly it should probably be fine for years. you wouldnt be using near that

                • @mycosys: Yeah I'm just using this for idle this spare PSU is waaay too cheap to test but I have no way of knowing if it's my PSU or motherboard I just guess I got to wait for umarts testing if not I might grab myself a Corsair RMX sale on Amazon.

                  You think if I should game on this for like 30 minutes just to see if it shuts off as well? Prob not hey.

                  • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: I would test with it and iuf it is the PSU i would probably use it til the RMA came back, its not THAT bad, certainly a better unit than a lot of yum-cha supplies.
                    I probably wouldnt overclock (out of an overabundance of caution) but stock it should really be fine. Your Actual draw stock clocked would be under 500W, i would probably regard the litepower 750 as a reasonable 600W unit, based on the testing of previous litepowers

  • the psu is the heart of the system - never skimp - waste of time

  • Question… I've got an old XFX 850w semi-modular PSU I bought back in 2012, and it hasn't missed a beat since. I am a little worried about it dying on me, and part of me thinks it might be smart to buy another PSU like this one to replace it before it dies. Should I stick with the current PSU for another few years, or am I on borrowed time already?

    • when u see a cheap one buy it - like the corsairs a few months back - this ones at best average and not cheap