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Bonus $800 The Good Guys Gift Card with Telstra 150GB $99/Month 12 Month Plan (New/Port-in Customers, In Store) @ The Good Guys


The deal on the website shows a $500 gift card but in store at Good Guys Macgregor QLD, the deal is currently $800. Unsure if store specific and/or Australia wide. Deal does not show on website.

Works out to be only $32 a month, if you have a plan for the $800 voucher.

Offer available in store only. Minimum cost $1188 over 12 Months. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer. Available to port-in and new Telstra Customers only. Excludes Telstra Prepaid, Boost and Belong custs. Bonus issued once connection approved

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  • hi OP, $800 voucher offer ends on 30th Sep 2020, you can edit post too

  • Just went into Good Guys Castle Hill NSW. Can confirm the $800 deal but you need to ask the staff.

  • JB are doing a $500 GC for the $69 plan today only. Must call up their sales, and they might have to ask their manager, but its valid. Just finished signing up

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      $414 early termination for $69 plan with $500 egift, meanwhile, $594 for $99 plan with $800 egift is a better value if you intend to sign up then cancel immediately :)

      • Yeah. I’m keeping the plan though, for my iPhone 12

        • fair enough, 69 plan ratio is 50% while 99 plan is only 32.659% (considered off RRP aka original cost of the plan)

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    I just called up JB now and was told the $800 promotion is finished and now its only $500. Anyone else get told anything different?

    • I churned 2 services, one at 99 and one at 69 - and initially was told the 800 promotion is finished and is now 500. However the 69 is still at 500.

      I asked the girl whether she could do anything given im transferring 2 services - she went to chat with her manager and I ended up getting 700 GC for the 99 service and 500 for the 69 service.

    • I rang up JB and was told there is no $800 deal just the $500 for $99 plan. im from VIC, anyone else from VIC getting this same info?

      • Yeah I'm from VIC, but the guy told me there was an $800 deal but it finished this afternoon.

      • Im from VIC - 1st time I called up the girl said the 800 deal ended already. I said ill need to think about it and call back.

        Called back and asked if I churn 2 plans, if they can do better than just 500. She spoke to her manager, ended up doing 1x69 plan (500GC) and 1x99 plan (700 GC).

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      I just did the $69 JB plan with $500 gift card. Eta on sim is like 2 weeks. And can only use gift card once sim is activated.

      • Is the GC sent with the sim, emailed, or pick up in store? Thx

    • I called (as forgot this morning) and they said $800 promo finished this afternoon. I asked about the $500 with $69 plan and then they asked if I am in Victoria which I am, then they said yes they have this offer. Then they asked if I am with Telstra, which I realised Boost PrePaid uses Telstra, then he checked and advised I am not eligible for the gift card due to being with Boost.

      However, at the the same time I realised that Telstra don't have international minutes anyway, so I would rather still stay with Boost, even though I have a 5G phone with a 4G plan (not that I can leave my house right now anyway due to lockdown, so on WiFi).

    • JB at Oxford st Sydney were doing $99 plan $700 GC

      • You mean in the Westfield?

        • No he means Oxford St, Surry Hills

  • Just called them again and the guy said the $500 gift card for the $69 plan is no longer available but the $700 gift card for $99 plan still available. So I ended up just getting the $99 plan.

    • $500 gift card for $69 plan is definitely available at JB. I have a photo of their specials board that shows it expires on 30th September. I can send to you for proof of it helps?

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    $800 for 99 plan is still on at Good Guys. signed, preordered S20 FE 5G with $345 on top. grabed a prepaid kit and ported it out to cancel :)

    • So from your previous comment you received the S20, earbuds, $800 good guys credit for $594 + $345 = $939? Bloody insane value if so.

      • yep, it is as it is :). $800 gift card is good for the deal when u sign to cancel (paying $594 for that worth) then take extra with preorder bonus by buying a samsung s20 fe 5g, make it cheapest local stock snap 865 5g phone :)

  • I just called them they said the $800 bonus giftcard will be finished tomorrow.

  • i just called JB only can do $400 bonus giftcard for $69 plan and Victoria also can get $10 credit every month for mobile plan. is it still a good deal?

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    Wait.. I dont get with by OP saying $32 per month? Am I missing something here?

    • ((99*12)-800)/12=32.33

  • Is there still a 10$ port in discount for new customer if done on telstra live chat?

  • Apparently the JB Telco call centre team aren’t open on Sunday’s 🤔

  • Wish they actually stock the Samsung S20 FE 5G with 256GB and not just the 128GB version.

  • Anyone receive their e-gc yet?

  • is there a fee to downgrade the $99 plan to $69 straight after you leave the store?

    i know its done via the app but unsure if there is fee.

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      I've done a similar thing before with no penalty. I was on a $65/ month when they gave me a new Hisense TV. I subsequently reduced it to their $50 plan. ill try again this time but I wont do anything till I receive my GC!

      • So u can do this while still in contract and no questions asked? What about the $10 credit that they are giving… Will that still apply?

        • i would dwongrade first then ask :). once you downgrade its essentially a new contract then ask for a loyalty $10 discount.

          • @Michaelz101: Well not overly concerned of the $10 credit… More concerned of ETC… Wont the downgrade mean u arr essentially breaking contract amd charge u with ETC?

            • @Tems: yes i did that with the offer last year with the Hisense Tv deal. no ETC not sure about this time

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                @Michaelz101: Thanks mate. In case u try again this time after u receive your gc plz let us know how u go 😉

                • @Tems: So I’ve cancelled this one. I was charged the full ETC but I complained ended up getting charged $200 for ETC. I did tell the guy I was downgrading to 65 plan rather than just closing straight up. After that I went to chat with a different bloke and closed off the 65 plan. I just felt I won’t get enough leeway cancelling it and avoiding ETC. better do it in 2 steps

                  • @Michaelz101: Yep. Makes sense.. But what did u complain about? I mean they do state etc will be charged, so what did u tell them for them to change their mind?

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                      @Tems: I said my wife is going to kill me when she sees a $440 ETC

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                        @Michaelz101: Hahahhaha 😝😝😝😝 good one mate
                        Appreciate the insight 😜

    • it seems to be hit and miss, my brother was able to downgrade without charge, but I was not.

      • did the app indicate a fee if you were to click downgrade?

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    I guess metro Victoria will miss out on the deal as can't go instore to sign up :(

    • so bloody sad isnt it…. 20 days until my optus plan expires… looking for a deal like this and i cant even get it… so annoyed..

      • Can’t help about the vic issue but nothing is stopping you from getting another mobile number. Can have 2 numbers for 20 days

  • Anyone got this $800 deal in Melb????

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