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Bonus $800 The Good Guys Gift Card with Telstra 150GB $99/Month 12 Month Plan (New/Port-in Customers, In Store) @ The Good Guys


The deal on the website shows a $500 gift card but in store at Good Guys Macgregor QLD, the deal is currently $800. Unsure if store specific and/or Australia wide. Deal does not show on website.

Works out to be only $32 a month, if you have a plan for the $800 voucher.

Offer available in store only. Minimum cost $1188 over 12 Months. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer. Available to port-in and new Telstra Customers only. Excludes Telstra Prepaid, Boost and Belong custs. Bonus issued once connection approved

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Whats the ETC? Half the total contract cost?

    • Really? Half?

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        Yep. But it comes up as a credit check every time so something you might want to consider… I did it too many times and got denied after a few times apparently the credit check gives you a number of plans/phone repayments you can have within a 12 month period. That’s how it was explained to me (I switched to the plan that was month to month, ported out and back in). Loophole has since been closed anyway and paying half is no where near as appealing

        • no shit free is better than 600

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      $594 ETC as per the CIS.

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        Woah free money for cancelling!

        • +5

          So you're saying $200 risk free?

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            @mr_asstight: Do you still pay the first month plus 594?

            Either way tempting.

            Don't know whether to do that and use the 800 for a series X or to go with telstra all access!

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            @mr_asstight: It's more like "buy $800 TGG gift card for $600".

            • @bio: plus a credit check.

              • @jsb: I've never quite understood the real danger of credit checks…

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              @bio: TGG gift cards seem to sell for about 80% face on ebay, so it's like $40 less ebay fees etc.

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        This is amazing. Surely can’t be right

      • Doesn't minimum cost ($1,188) take precedence over ETC? Hence, early termination will cost $1,188 instead of $594 in this case?

        • +1

          No - that's the minimum if you complete the whole contract.

          Otherwise there would be zero point in cancelling/terminating early if it was the same cost as seeing the contract through….

          • @BeauGiles: Thanks for the confirmation .
            I have always thought that's what the minimum cost was set to do, to ensure ppl either completing their contract, or paid the amount expected by the provider in pricing the plan up.

            • @royale: You will notice the exact term is… minimum cost over 12 months. Implying the full period.

  • Pretty good deal to get 5G in areas where supported. Hopefully VIC stores do this offer and hopefully the 5KM rule goes away soon as thinking to sign up.

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    Hope JB matches the deal soon 🙏🙏

    • +2

      they have, i called yesterday

      • which store? and what did you say?

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      JB is the same company as TGG

  • Does this data cap if you use all the 150gb?

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      I think it slows these days, happy to hear from others.

      I don't get anywhere near much smaller limits, but I do have have unlimited NBN.

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      Yes capped then slow to 1.5mbps. say so on the fine print in the photo.

  • hardly uses all data throughout the month but that 5G speed is pretty crap for inner west sydney use,sometime only getting 10mb down speed when it says 5G….

    • Yeah I've been getting at least 50 at any one time and have seen up to 1000mbps in Qld

      • That's good to know.

        • Mind you I haven't checked for a while for the top end speeds - there was no 5G contention when I tested it cause some of my colleagues and I literally got 5G the first week you could, when we were running speed test all the time and being wowed - seeing 450mbps+ on HTC Hub hotspot connection, and 900-1000mbps direct on Samsung Galaxy 5G, but we knew we were fairly close to a tower (not right next to it but approx ~1km)

          but certainly a noticeable improvement over 4G for day to day use for me also but would depend widely on where you spend your time vs 5G coverage.

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    OP - any in store deals on any plans lower than $99 by chance?

    • +1

      Not that I saw. Only this deal.

    • JB had the $500 GC with $69 plan for a couple of days last week - they'll come up from time to time. 49 plan should get a $200 at some stage I'd imagine.

      • On the website the $69 plan is only with a $300 gift card. So do they just occasionally have in store deals for higher that are only around for a few days? Looking to pick up this deal soon but guessing I have to be more vigilant.

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          Yes, sometimes just in store unfortunately. Best to keep an eye on ozbargain if you can’t get in often.

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    Damn, those post it notes are magical

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    Anyone tried Sydney stores yet?

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      Keen on knowing this too or if it's exclusive to that QLD store

      • Managed to get the deal at jbhifi Liverpool nsw.
        Ends tomorrow.

        Edit: store rep said only for iPhone.

        • You could only use the $800 GC on an iPhone?

          • @Loocy: Yeah that’s what the guy in store said, you can test your luck with another brand but we were getting an iPhone anyway.

  • How many of you guys using that much data per month? Just curious.

    • I do on crappy Exetel NBN, at $45/m
      So I had to cut that off heh

    • +3

      I have 60gb and have never gone anywhere near my cap. I usually use 10-15gb per month.

      With that said, a cursory google search shows that 1080p youtube videos use around 2gb of data per hour, ergo a commuter watching youtube on their way in to and out of work could chew through 100gb fairly quickly.

    • +1

      I use 15~20gb per year 😅

      • Do have broadband at home how do you use ?
        I can’t get it so their people out there this is Agoda deal who can’t get nbn

        • At home NBN. But mostly year round otherwise, that's how much I would use. No streaming etc ofc.

    • +1

      XVideos no one?

    • I don't have home internet anymore because 150gb is enough for out and about and at home. So it saves me having a confection at home.

    • I use close to 100GB per month. 60GB plan and the rest on WiFi. Sometimes less depending how long I use data when I'm out.

  • Sorry for asking this again, but im with telstra atm, can I swap to optus pre-paid and sign this contract? Thanks

    • Usually minimum of 30 days required before you can port back in.

    • +1

      I was in the same boat last year. Telstra plan was up. Brought a $2 Optus card, activated for $10 credit, changed the new plan to my old number.

      • +1

        Can confirm this works just fine

      • Sorry could you explain again?

        My current plan with Telstra is up say the number is 888

        I go buy a Optus 2 sim say the number is 666

        I use the 666 to port to Telstra via JB

        How do I get Telstra to change 666 number to 888 whilst the contract is under 666?

        • +1

          I went into a Telstra store but I’m sure you could do it over the phone. If you link the new 666 number to your Telstra account which 888 is on and plan 888 is expired just tell them to swap plan 666 onto number 888.

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    Can I join and after I use giftcard just cancel the plan
    If so, will I need to pay extra

    • I am curious about this also

    • If true at $800 then you might get 100-200 freebies heh

    • +1

      Yes - no need to wait until you use the GC, just cancel online after you've been signed up and have been issued GC. You'll be charged ETC mentioned above plus first month prorata

      • You have done this at $800?

        Did you have to pay the initial FULL month or pro rata'ed day/week?

  • Can this $800 be used towards iPad air which is coming soon? How about JB? If JB has this deal, can it be used towards iPad air?

  • Can only see bonus iPhone se 64gb on $99 plan at Tempe. And $300 gift card for $69 plan

    • They didn't have what I was after and went to Alexandria. The had $600 gift card with $99 plan.

  • -3

    Gift Card deals can only mean inflated prices at these retailers

    • +2

      They often have good Apple deals if there's such a thing, stack with these GC deals and works out nicely

        • +6

          What do you expect? That’s business mate. How stupid would they be to give you $800 in cash, lol.

    • just don't buy retail and keep the card till the end of year sales

    • Which is fine if you're happy to pay RRP - eg, Apple where there isn't often a discount, or flagship Android phones as soon as they launch

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    Post It Note wreaks of year 12 prank

  • +1

    I wonder if it's worth getting something like this, cancelling your home internet (if you don't use that much data) and just hotspot from your phone at home?

    • Would like to know this aswell!

    • +2

      Imagine every time you gotta turn/reactivate hotspot for TV, consoles, etc. Can you take that inconvenience daily?

      • +2

        I do it, I can tell you it’s not a hassle. When I plug my phone into my computer (which I need to do to charge as hotspot drains it quick) it automatically connects the hotspot.

        When I want to watch Netflix on TV I just turn my hotspot on my phone to active prior to turning on the TV and it again connects automatically.

        • +2

          i bet you don't have kids :-)

          • +1

            @V13tbargain: On the money!

          • @V13tbargain: I have a kid and i use mobile plan as my home internet. Much cheaper than anything else. I keep the hotspot on the the whole day and phone on charging. No hassles as all… Works just like ypur home internet but better speed 😁

    • +1

      I’m on a Telstra Ultimate Plan. Older one from two years ago. Unlimited 4G. It’s expensive at $199 a month but it also gives me data almost anywhere in the word which is invaluable in my job. Telstra has since removed included overseas data and now I pretty much can’t get off this plan as I’d need to pay $5 a day for going overseas which I do regularly and for extended periods.

      I do not have broadband at home, I use only 4G which i stream 4K content and play online gaming.

      I live inner west Brisbane and get usually 20 megabytes per second download. In the city, I’ve had nearly 50 megabytes. The ping is also very good.

      I’ve got spotted over two terabytes of data using hotspot this year alone. Never had an issue from Telstra for fair use.

      • I regret not signing up for that plan before they cancelled it for new people.

        • Yep it's a shame they are gone. As I said, in my job I travel overseas very regularly. Even in times of COVID i am going overseas twice in the next two weeks.

          For me, the 10 gigabytes of data overseas is amazing, especially in countries like Solomon Islands, PNG, even Nauru, places I have been many times before and been thankful for the reception.

          I will not be changing my plan until they bring it back but I guess they realised what it was worth to them by charging their shitty day packages @ $10 a pop ($5 in NZ how generous lol), then $10 per excess gigabyte.

          I am pretty sure if you don't opt with the international day pass you're hit with $3 per megabyte which makes my 10 gigabyte worth as much as $30,000!

          • @toshjammi: I want your job

            • +1

              @Nick K: Unfortunately those overseas gigs land me in quarantine every time and I live alone, so let me say it hasn't been easy. I'm on my 11th day of quarantine right now, will get out Saturday, then Thursday when I come back from overseas I have another 14 days. Halfway through that 14 days I go overseas again, and the timer resets, so I'll do about 20 days straight bar the short trip overseas for work which I cannot leave to do anything. I have restrictions in my job just as if I am home quarantining.

      • I'm in the same boat as yourself with the $199 Ultimate plan! Averaging 750GB/month for work and have never had any complaints from Telstra. Even on 4G, if you're based in a decent spot, there's totally no need for 5G. The ping I get with my mobile connection is better than what I get via NBN (FTTB).

        I loved the 10GB/month international data allowance up until COVID-19 came and kicked all my personal and business travel plans in the bag, haha. Still no regrets for sticking with the plan, especially since it looks like Telstra no longer offer any unlimited mobile plans and just throttle the heck out of your connection when you hit the limit.

        • +1

          Damn son! Most i've done was about 400gb and I was home a lot in that period. I'm impressed!

          Agreed, I had NBN when I lived in Sydney and maybe got 15-25 megabytes per second. 4G like i said, i've had up to 50 megabytes per second.

          (although according to some, thats impossible https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/567585#comment-9334447) So I uploaded some video proof and they never replied. Probably salty cause they pay $80/mo for their NBN100 and can barely load ozb to reply.

          • @toshjammi: 50 megabytes per second is insanely fast for 4G.

            • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: You're not wrong, that was dead in the CBD of brisbane. In the burb's where i live though, I could get 35 right now if I walk outside. 20-30 anywhere inside my house.