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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra $69/Mo 12 Month Plan (New/Port in Customers, in Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB hifi Oxford St (NSW) shows deal in store for

$69 plan = $500 gift card
$99 plan = $700 gift card

Had a few people asking for this to be DM’d in the good guys deal, so figured I’d post the deal for everyone.

Offer available in store only, t&c’s etc.

EDIT: we confirmed this deal is also available with JB over the phone, so it’s likely most stores will honour this.

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  • Beauty I might pop over on Tuesday, im an existing customer but I'll just sign up a new account.

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      I ported out to Kogan on Thursday from my old JB Telstra plan from last year. Ported in yesterday (Friday), no issues at all. That's the PS5 paid in full!

      • does kogan do it online or you have to wait for its sim to arrive?

        is it this one? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

      • You don't have to wait for 1 month before you can sign back in for this deal?

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          Technically yes but I think it pretty much depends on the person you get and their store policy.

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          Yeah, JB general rule is 30 day wait if you’ve ported out. But some staff don’t care or don’t pay attention. This has worked for me the last two years.

          I went in saying that I was a Telstra customer and I’d switched to kogan but the reception was terrible and wanted to look at Telstra options. They were more than happy to help me sign up.

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            @WildWarrior: Great idea

          • @WildWarrior: do they check and can they see in their system?
            I'm planning to port to Voda asap if it works….

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              @cola2002: It does show them on their system when you were last on Telstra but it’s not an alert or anything. Most staff skip right past it.

              If you’re worried, grab a kogan sim that’s $4.90 and 40gb data for a month. That way if you’re stuck in limbo between porting back in, you have a decent phone service in the meantime.

              If the JB store say they can’t do it, just try another JB store. I find QVB store in the city are relentless and never helpful. Oxford St. are always easy to deal with.

              • @WildWarrior: Echo your comment on qvb store.
                Just doing their job though, so no hate from me.

      • Thank you Op, do you know if it is possible to add the $10 international calling pack? Thanks

    • Has anyone tried to change the plan (to a more expensive one) after signing up?
      I am looking at the $75 mobile broadband (no voice call) plan.

  • Is this only available in Oxford St store or other stores as well?

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    I bought Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for $1394 on 24 months interest free loan on Go MasterCard from JB two weeks back when TGG had 10% off. They gave me a $30 Telstra sim starter pack free too. Effectively, I got the phone for $1364 ie. $ 56.83 per month for 24 months. I am using Boost 12 months sim got for $130. So I have the phone and service for $67.70 per month. It is exactly the same amount I used to pay for my S9 on Optus 24 months plan bought in 2018.

    • For go Mastercard, you must have the amount available to use on credit card, it's deducted from available to spend amount? Is that right?

      • Errr, yes? I did this with my latitude creditline card last year for a xr deal, got it for like $600 ish. But you have to have an available amount to spend

      • +1

        Yes, you are right. I use it for most of the purchases above $500. Interest free period ranges from 6 to 60 months depending on the price of the product and offer from the retailer. No annual fee for credit card but there is an account service fee of $ 5.95 and online payment handling fee of $0.95 charged every month if you have an outstanding balance.

        • I do have gem visa, I think its same company, its $99 annual fees.

          • @Modesty: I had Gem visa card before I got the Go Mastercard. I paid off the balance and cancelled it just before the finish of 12 month term.Go MasterCard is way better in terms of interest free period options and cheaper to maintain. It has 55 day credit facility like other normal credit cards for daily shopping and bill payments.

    • You forgot to add ~$7 fees per month for your interest free loan from go MasterCard.
      67.70 +5.95 + .95 = $74.6 per month
      And simple calculations show that the total fees paid over 24 months of your loan equate to an interest rate of ~12.14%.

      • No mate, the $5.95+0.95 is for the total amount you owe. It's not for each purchase. I have $17K limit on my card and my outstanding balance is about $10K. The monthly fee is the same if I owe $1 or $17K. The more you owe them the cheaper the fee. HN, TGG, JB and lots of furniture retailers offer up to 60 months interest free. I have been using the card for about 7 years now. No problems till date.

        • @jimeoaby how did/do you get 24 months at JB? I've never been able to get over 12 with them. As their preferred card is gem they don't normally offer over 12 unless it's a big transaction I'm told.

  • $80 net profit on the $70/m plan, or $100 on the $99/m plan.

    • Huh? Please elaborate?

      • maximum payout fee is about 420.

        As such, you get the 500 gift card then cancel.

        $500 giftcard - $420 (max payout figure) = 80 pfofit

        • +3

          Wow. I did not know Telstra would accept JB Gift Card as a payment for its bill? Thats new to me.

          Im pretty sure if I pay Telstra bill with JB Gift Card, they will send a debt collector agency to my house.

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            @gerrys: They will come and take your 80 pfofit too

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            @gerrys: Yeah a $500 JB voucher is not $500 real cash. You’re still out of pocket for the ETC and you would need to sell your jbhi voucher on some dodgy place like gumtree. No thank you.

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      How? doesnt' add up.

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    Anyone remember what the deals were for the iPhone 11 around this time last year were? Better to wait or just to get this deal and put the gift card to the new iPhone 12 when it comes out.

  • would it be possible to sign a $69 plan and downgrade to a $49 later on thru the telstra chat?

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      I’ve never had any luck downgrading after just signing up.

      In the past, they’ve offered a $10 port in discount. But I’m not sure if they still do this. Maybe other OzB’ers know?

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        I tried with Telstra online chat for 4 times, finally they offered $10 discount for 6 months. So I will try it again after 6 months. Go go go OZ bargainers.

      • i signed up to the $99 plan about 2 weeks ago, just went on chat and asked if they could apply the $10 monthly welcome credit, no issues.

    • Wait for a month or so and then try to downgrade to m2m over chat.

      • I’m 9 months into a 12 month plan and they wouldn’t let me downgrade via chat recently

        • Same, got 2 months to go and won't let me change.

          • @taoz: Before I signed up again yesterday on this new $69 deal at JB, I had one month left on my old telstra contract ($65/month).

            If I cancelled early I would have had to pay a $30 ETC of 1 month left. Instead, I went into the app and swapped over to their $65 month-month, no lock-in contract. (option is in "my services" and contract options)

            Once swapped over to the month-month telstra plan, I ported out to Kogan avoiding Telstra's ETC on my original phone contract by being on the month-month.

            A day later I ported back into Telstra with JB on the $69 and got $500 GC.

            You might not be able to downgrade, but you may be able to switch over to month-month of equal value, and then cancel the service/port out once you don't have a cancellation fee - depending on how many months you have left.

            I did this last year as well through the Telstra App chat team, I had 2 or 3 months left and said the month-month had better value for the same price (more data allowance on the newer month-month plans), and if they couldn't help me, I'd switch provider. I'm sure I have the transcript in my emails somewhere from last year, too. Give it a shot if you're looking to port back in for the GC.

            • @WildWarrior: Cheers.
              I waiting to hear back from them. Have asked them to switch it out.
              Not keen on the year contracts really, just get sucked in with the gift card to deduct cost.
              Unlimited or speed limited can't be far away

            • @WildWarrior: Thanks for the info.
              It is weird how we cannot downgrade but we could change to m2m (then do whatever we want with it)
              I personally like the telstra coverage, don't mind the 12mths contract however $69/mth is a over kill for me

            • @WildWarrior: I was told that I have to stay at least 30 days with a different operator before porting back in!!!

              • +1

                @Amr911: That’s JB’s general policy. But some staff don’t care to enforce it. When I’ve been advised I can’t port in, I just try another JB store.

                I went in saying that I was a Telstra customer and I’d switched to kogan but the reception was terrible and wanted to look at Telstra options. They were more than happy to help me sign up.

            • @WildWarrior: How do I know I won't be charged ETC if I change to month-month plan? I can go to "my services" and choose the month-month plan but it doesn't say if I'll be charged for changing the plan. I still have about 3 months left on my contract.

              • @nayanmodi: When you get to the end of the process it'll tell you the total cost of the switch, if it says $0, you're good.

  • +1

    TGG are running similar offer with $800 GC on $99/m Telstra Plan. Just in case someone wants more GC amount upfront:


  • I thought i read yesterday that the $99 JB deal comes with $800 GC and maybe $600 GC for the $69 deal?

  • whats the minimum payment if you cancel early?

    • its in the critical details summary sheet (follow link)

      Its about 420 on the 69 plan and now comes with 80 GB.

      Did this last year and paid for my son's PS4 for Santa

      This year…….maybe it's my turn. New Samsung tab? Switch? hmm

  • how many GB data per month?

    edit: nvm i see the picture says 80GB

  • Wait so it’s paying $828 ($69*12) to get a $500 gift card? I assume many of us are already on plans, so doesn’t seem like good value.

    Or pay a ETC of $594 to get a $500 gift card, that’s even worse.

    • +2

      My Telstra plan just expired so quick port out and in I go for a free gift card.

      • Did you manage to sign back in without waiting for 30 days?

        • Let you know soon.

    • But do you pay for the plan your currently on?

      You post makes it seem like that is not the case.

      Otherwise unless you're on one of the long expiry plans with very little data per month (and hit or miss reception depending on where you are) then you'd pay maybe $20 a month more than an average basic plan.

      The math could be more like
      $240 ($20*12) to get a $500 gc on top of a standard phone plan people would be on anyway

  • 69/m every months get 80gb data?? Or total 80??

    • +1

      Every month you get another 80GB

  • +2

    But no international call, :(

  • Must be hard attracting customers in Australia…

  • +1

    I’m on last years one of $65 for 60gb and got the $500, but the thing is with me being at home as well as a lot of others 60gb I barely use 2gb month and I’m sure likewise for a lot of people.

    • +1

      If your 12 months is up, it might be worth porting out of Telstra and back in and getting another free $500 voucher? They're handy to have around. With last years $400 GC I received, and this $500 GC, that's the PS5 all paid for.

      • What's the quickest way to port out?

        • I used a kogan sim for $4.90. These can be bought at 7/11.

          I’ve also used a Vodafone sim from any Vodafone store. I think it was also $2 or $5. Number ports they say can usually take up to 2 or so hours? Mine happens within 5-10 minutes of requesting the number port on the new provider sim.

        • I did from Boost to Amaysim(10 AUD- 2GB data) within minutes.

  • i called JB only can do $400 bonus giftcard for $69 plan and Victoria also can get $10 credit every month for mobile plan. is it a good deal?

    • It works out to be have more value by $20 if you stay and don't terminate early etc.

      $10 off per month over 12 months = $120… instead of extra $100 in gift card.

  • If you sign up in store do you get to pick your number, or at least pick from a few available?

  • Does anyone know when the promo finishes?

  • Is it possible to port out and back in again without losing Telstra points? I can't think of any way to do it, but someone might have a trick?

    • +1

      Yes, your main Telstra account stays active even after you’ve ported the service out. It just removes the service from your Telstra account. When you port back in on the same email address, the service attaches to your existing Telstra account.

      I had 15k Telstra points. Ported out, back in. As soon as I put the new sim in my phone and opened Telstra account, it logged into my existing Telstra account and listed the new service under my services , 15k points still there.

      • How long did you port out for before porting back to Telstra?

      • That's good to know. Cheers.

  • dose any off this plans include INTERNATIONAL calls ??

  • do they do credit check for this plans?

    • Yes, there is a credit check

  • Is it possible to take a new Telstra number on this plan, and later move an existing number to that account and plan by closing the new number.

  • +3

    I ported in two numbers and the guy said they had starting offering $10 off for twelve months, so $59, not $69. Winning!

    • Which store was that?

      • Green Hills NSW

    • Yep, just got the same thing in Canberra

      • Which store in Canberra?

        • +1

          Canberra Centre. They said it was an unadvertised special that was on for a day or two. I called up this morning and they suggested I go in today to make sure I got it.

    • $10 off monthly with $500 gift card?

      • Yep

        • Yep signed up today
          Dude reckoned victoria only offer $10 less

          • @Adamilk: Nope, got $10 off plus $500 gc in Canberra today

            • +1

              @Monger: Not in Victoria either, definitely available in states not in Victoria.

              • @Blu: Yeh i got $10 off & 500$ Gift card
                Reside in vic..

  • I don't understand the popularity.
    This deal isn't even close to that offered earlier in the year such as the P30 which was free on a $65 12 month contract plus a $10 per month discount.

    • +2

      This is a gift card that you can choose what you like, not a phone people may not need or is a nuisance to sell.

  • Does anyone know how gift card is provided once you order over the phone and how long it takes once you sign up?

  • Can i immediately use the voucher to buy a phone on the spot?