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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 $1999 Upfront on Telstra 150GB $99/Month Contract (1 Year) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this in JB Hi-Fi Catalogue. If you need a new plan or good price on the Z Fold 2

Does come with Galaxy Buds Live bonus.

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  • only if it was $99 a month…

  • Early termination is $594. So $1999 +$594 +$99 = $2692 is the cheapest you'll get it.
    $99/month is a lot unless you really need the 150gb/month.

    For most people I still think the Education store price of $2349 and joining a cheap MVNO plan puts you ahead.

    Yes you do get the buds live, but they're $255 from the education portal if you really want them. Potentially obtainable for less on FB marketplace/Gumtree as people look to offload them.

    Answering from a Fold 2. Truly an amazing device and a step up from the OG fold.

    • Usually. But if you can cancel your nbn that isn't such a bad deal because thats another $700ish saved

      I know I could get by on much less than 150gb/m

      • Is there a way to use the data in your house if you are not there and need the sim in your phone? I've often wondered how to do that to take advantage of really high data plans

        • Some of the providers offer an additional sim for pooled data sharing for a cost? Could then put one sim in a router?

          Haven't looked into it further as Boost Mobile for $12ish/month is enough on the go and the family uses >500Gb at home. YMMV

        • Telstra used to offer data sharing sim cards for $5 a month but unsure if they still do. You can get a new number instead and use that at home while you keep your current sim in the Fold.

        • optus had this a few years ago, just had to apply for it and a one off payment of $5. i got mine back in 2015 and it is still going strong, they did pull these off as initially it sounded like a good idea turnedinto losing money and they soon pulled it off the shelves.

          my wife and i have a data share sim.

          mine is in my samsung talet and used daily and data used goes towards my pooled data with my mobile phone.

    • Yeah, this phone is pretty awesome when I got a chance to play around with it 18 months ago. Not sure if I’d pay this much tho.

    • Mvno dont support 5g .

    • fb marketplace, ain't dealing with that page again. Its full of scammers and fake products.

      • yup, same as ebay, gumtree, carsales, amazon and aliexpress.

        Better go back to the classified section of the local paper.

  • It does come with Galaxy Buds Live as the Education Store doesn't have this bonus

  • I am waiting for the $65 deals to come back….

    • I'm waiting for a better $30 plan to jump onto, otherwise I'm just sticking with my grandfathered plan.

  • I keep wanting to get this, and sell my S20U 512gb….. as I'd like a Tablet and I hate the large sizes of the S7s

    But the screen is just tooo easy to damage…. and I'm still worried about it's longevity….

    The actual usable outside screen has really made this appealing.

    • Yup, plastic, no protection for plastic.

    • MKHB found he was using the outside screen more than the inside.

      Makes you wonder what’s the point really….

      • Yeah I saw that, and I wouldn't be surprised if I did the same personally.

        For all those normal quick checking stuff… why bother opening?

        You'd only ever likely open it if sitting down (or to show off cause reasons)

        The first model looked like a toy in comparison.

      • To have a tablet like experience when you want and a phone experience when you don't? Pretty obvious really. MKHB was a little off with that review.

      • Makes you wonder what’s the point really….

        It doesn't seem like a very practical device but it will cause people to like you by demonstrating illusory wealth.

      • That's exactly the point. A tablet that doesn't compromise the one handed usage. The fact that marquess is using one handed more often suggest that its ergonomics is sufficient to still be used as a phone, unlike the first one.

    • Hey man, don't worry about durability. Everyone is scared about it but it's not a real concern unless you're a clutz.
      Source: I own the first gen. And I've dropped it far too many times than I'd like to admit.

    • I thought about the Fold 2 too, but decided on the s7+. It's less portable but the screen sounds like it's worth the lack of compactness. I guess I'll find out when i receive mine. But the Fold 2 looks amazing for a portable tablet and i like the full sized external screen on it too.

      I wouldn't be concerned with the folding screen tho since it folds inwards which should protect it much more in normal use than a normal phone.

  • This will be great for playing clash royal. I can never lose

  • This or my Left Kidney 🙄

  • Samsung Education Portal offers it at $2399 excluding the Buds Live.

    • +11 votes

      Because this is actually an innovative phone unlike apple innovations of recent years: let's add widgets…

      • You're quite literally comparing Apples to… Samsungs. The design and UX methodology behind both major brands is so vast there's no point in drawing comparisons.

  • +11 votes

    Paid 2349for this phone and now using it to rely this thread. So damn good

    I was using iphone, but this phone just gives me totally different experience!

    I can even play two games in the same time. (Of course not 2 pubg )

    Cannot be more happier to own it.

    Watching movies is so damn enjoyable, especially those two speakers, gosh.

    Guys I highly reckon you go store and check it out. I assure you won't regret to own one if you like phones

    Also do make sure u make a purchase of Sammy care plus for only half price as u don't want it to be accidentally damaged and pay big money for a fix

  • My next phone is definitely a Fold phone. THEY'RE SO COOL!!! I played with it for a whole day at work. Can't justify wasting $2000 on iphones anymore. They're all the same but the camera is great!

  • Meh waste of cash and drop hard in value like anything Samsung.

  • Imagine fitting this phone in your skinny jeans

  • Imagine paying $2000 just to check facebook and ozbargain 100 times a day. This truly is the golden age.

  • This is an awesome device, the screen real estate makes it a brilliant device and my eyes are gratefu for it.
    Political crap aside. I wish Huawei had been competing in this area, we the consumers would have had better choices.

  • Not sure if this will effect on anyone's decision making here, I received my Fold2 two days ago from the Education store pre-order (20% off), so I didn't receive the bonus buds but instead came with AKG wired earbuds. Thought I put it out there as the Youtube unboxings vids never mentioned earphones.

  • got this for 2349, what an amazing device , premium built , if any one considering to buy this , go for it

  • I just bought the fold via education store. finally cases are available to purchase.

  • I ended up going with Woolies Mobile, Optus was not offering any pre order bonuses. Woolies offered the free bud lives and $250 off the phone. yes they don't have 5G but it works out to be approx $14 cheaper a month compared to Optus over 36 months.

  • Not available in Vic metro sadly. Which is shame as this is a great deal imo.

  • Just picked up my new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 for $1999 on the JB Hi-Fi Telstra $99 per month plan, which included the free Galaxy Buds Live. This thing is incredible. It reminds me when I bought my first Galaxy Note and everyone said “wow that phone is too big“ the Galaxy Note series change phones forever, as will the Z Fold 2. Anyone else who purchases this phone will not be disappointed.

  • When do you suppose these guys will register that the tech isn't quite there for reasonable consumer satisfaction, and lower the prices? It seems ok, but it's still a phone with a small battery. At least they used the sd865.
    Maybe i'm being a bit harsh.

  • Got the phone and used for few days. Just sold it