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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 $2399.20 Delivered ($2349.20 with Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education & EP Portal


Proof: RRP is $2999

Whether its worth it or not is up to you. I'm just posting the deal which represents a 22% saving off RRP ($649.80) on day 1.

You needs to subscribe to the newsletter to get the $50 off voucher.

No pre-order bonus but I'll take the instant saving over "free" buds.

Access to the education portal via an edu.au email address.

With the massive depreciation in Samsung devices, I'm finding a lot of value in a second hand Fold 1 at ~$1200-1500 mark. This puts it in the ballpark of other normal phone flagships and represents a 50-60% saving from launch. I have found it to be an amazing device which has replaced my smartphone and iPad Mini.

The new fold is undoubtedly better in almost every aspect but in my opinion doesn't fundamentally change how you use the device nor take away from its predecessors strengths (massive screen, foldable pocket device, great battery life). The software updates will also filter down to the OG fold.

This will be the cheapest price for a while I suspect. Last year the Fold 1 never made it to the EPP. Good luck for those buying :)

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  • +2

    Amazing thank you!

    I can't find it to add to cart, am I missing something?

    • +1

      It's the first thing in their front page. See my screen shot.

      • Cheers had to clear cache. I had been checking every day (besides today of course). This thing is going to be a beast, now to get Samsung insurance somehow

        • Have you figured out how to get insurance? I'm not too keen on making the leap without it tbh.

        • +1

          Do you mean Samsung Care+? Can buy direct from here by the looks, and the banner at the top says 50% off Care+ cost with eligible Fold 2.

          • @Forphucsake: What is the benefit of care+? Doesn't the warranty cover Device swap if that is all care+ offers?

            • +1

              @nadan: Warranty doesn't cover damage you caused like a broken screen from dropping it or liquid damage etc

              • +1

                @Forphucsake: Definitely, the details of care+ wasn't very clear hence I asked.

  • +14

    Thanks op bought 4

    • +23

      I'll accept just one as a finder's fee. Sounds like you can afford it? :)

  • How much is Note 20 Ultra now in EPP?

    • Education store: still $1599.20 / $1759/20 for 5G models. Just no bonus.
      4G Ultra is still $1479.20

  • +13

    I have bought one. Since it has sd865+ and local warranty for 2399 you get a phone plus tablet.

    • Anyone know it’s single sim or dual? It doesn’t really matter but it would be a bonus if it’s dual

      • Single physical plus an Esim. Same everywhere worldwide.

        • thanks mate I finally can get rid of iphone

    • +4

      2399 you get a phone plus tablet

      For $2399 you can get both a very capable phone and a very capable tablet as is though lmao

      • +5

        But then you have to carry 2 device. I can understand why some people would want the folding phone, I for one would like one too when the folding display tech is more mature, that's the price they pay for being early adopters I guess.

        • Considering how well the first one went I don't mind having to carry two devices.
          I've got a 2-in-1 PC/tablet plus my phone.

          This isn't going to replace my laptop any time soon.

          • +3

            @pennypincher98: This isn't meant as laptop replacement, it's a phone with huge display.

            • @Jackfruit: For me personally I don't see the point in having two half-tablets lol but I guess the market must be there otherwise they wouldn't make it.

          • @pennypincher98:

            Considering how well the first one went I don't mind having to carry two devices.

            The first one was actually fantastic after they resolved the initial issue. I can't ever return to the candybar form factor after using the Fold.

            I don't see the point in having two half-tablets

            It's not too dissimilar from buying the iPad mini vs iPad Pro. It's all about the form factor.

        • Its a compromised phone and a compromised tablet especially that aspect ratio besides being fragile.

          • @dealsucker: It really isn't. It may seem like it from photos, but, in practice, the aspect ratio is just as useful as a standard tablet. I preferred using the cover display, as it was easier to hold and use one-handed—a usability advantage I thought we had long lost.

            Regarding fragility, I used it like my previous devices, and it was fine.

            Obviously, if you tend to abuse your devices, then yes it's not a wise purchase (at least without a strong case)

            • -2

              @itsfree: I tend to keep my devices for 3-4 years now and so I am still not convinced of the long term reliability besides its too thick to be carrying the pocket. Samsung's software support is pretty terrible too both time to update and the number of updates. I'd rather have a phone and a tablet.

      • +2

        While we're comparing apples and oranges….here's a banana - for $2399 you can also buy quite a competent roadworthy motor vehicle (looking at CarSales.com.au)

        • Tell us when we're able to browse OzBargain without straining our eyes on said roadworthy motor vehicle.

          • @jkim: Print pages from OzBargain onto A3 or A4 sheets. Stick on dashboard. BOOM!

            Alternatively, buy a $2000 car and a $400 phablet. BALLER!

      • +1

        Well, I rather have early adopters to subside future price and advancement of folding phones in future. I look forward in 3 to 5 years folding phone will become cheaper.

  • It's not letting me pre order the fold 2. It does give the option to pre order for all the other devices. Has it already been sold out for preorder?

    • I had to use PC, wouldn't off my phone.

  • +1

    Anyone willing to help out? Dont have access to EPP :(

    • +1

      you didn't activate messages, I can't pm you. Happy to help

      • Can you also help me? I don't have access to EPP?

      • I'd like to hear what ca be done as well.

        My issue is a lack of pen and we get the gimped 256GB model and Asia gets 512 :( but it is one tasy product and I may be tempted depending on what can be done. At full retail, nope..

    • Same, PM if u are in Melb

  • "With great power there must also come great responsibility" - Stan Lee

  • Hey Guys, can I use a US edu email or does it have to be from AU? Also, can you trade in on the education portal? Thanks

  • +3

    Just missing the s-pen to complete the whole experience of the Note. Maybe the Z Fold 3 will have it.

    • May be the so called flexible glass is not durable enough for pens, though back in palm PDA eras all screens have no glass but pressure sensors…

      • +1

        The folding digitisers are not durable enough for the pen support.

    • More importantly mSD card slot?

      All my smartphones since 2001 had SD extension.
      They don't have effective Foldable digitiser for the S-pen.

  • Edit: I can't add to cart via mobile, had to off desktop.

    PS: umm how do I get Samsung care though?

    • purchase separately at a samsung store or you can do it post purchase online: https://rg2.samsungcareplus.com/au#!/

  • +7

    Life as a student has improved since my day. My first car cost less!
    Are there really students dropping >$2k on a (folding) phone?

    • +3

      Prince George of Cambridge who is attending grade 3

    • +1

      More likely meant for faculty

    • Some pay the same for iPhone !??

  • Anyone know if you can get the trade in bonus on the EPP store? I don't have an edu account =(

    • +1

      You can't

  • anyone having issues trying to create a samsung account using edu email?

    • I am having issues as well

      • It's very confusing..

        • The activation email always ends up in junk mail.
          3 emails all up to activate

      • Hey Jamba, I dont know how, but it eventually worked. It takes abit of time for the edu account to link to your samsung account

    • +1

      it's confusing as fk but managed to find a link to click on to activate the process

  • Samsung Government has it listed at $2549.15 - thought it would be the same as the Education store.

    • -2

      Better off getting the free buds for a little more

      • How can we get Samsung gov?

        • With a .gov.au email address through the Samsung government portal:


          • @monstermash: Thanks, does it comes with the free buds and the option to add Samsung Protect insurance?

            • @Andstar: There is no buds that is why all Edu or EPP is cheaper, you can add Samsung Care Plus

              • @lufee: Cheers, the Samsung Care Plus isn't available on the Edu store with the Fold z 2 unfortunately.

              • @lufee: How do I add the care plus? I can't see it on checkout in the gov EPP

  • -3

    2.2K???? jesus christ.

  • Is it out of stock for anyone else?

  • Omg omg omg, I was telling my friends that this phone doesn't go on sale, but here it is, I'm very tempted!!!

    Save $600.00 (Was $2,999.00)

    I would buy this in a heartbeat at $2000 Hnnngggg!

    • It's 1.9k for Samsung employees :p

      • Holy smokes 1.9K?! employeeBargain.

      • Jeebuss you serious?!! Hit us up cuzz!!

  • Anyone that has ordered, which case did you choose?
    The two available only protects the bottom half.

  • -3

    Can anybody buy this for me? I dont have a student id. or $2k

  • +5

    Wish I could return my iphone 11 pro and get this. Paid $2000 for it.

  • +1

    Just picked up one from the Gov portal. Shame you can't get the hinge customisation on their but it would have been another 4-5 week wait so I guess there is an upside to that too.

  • Link for Fold1 $1500-1700?

    • +1

      Second hand - a couple of months old. Ebay, FB Marketplace, Gumtree.
      Got mine for $1500. 3 months old, mint :)
      Lots however between the $1500-$1700 range.

  • +13

    Step 1. Found a free Tafe course, signed up and received edu email a few hours later
    Step 2. Signed up to Samsung Education Store
    Step 3. Signed up to Unidays
    Step 4. take that jack!

    • +8

      Give this man his Ozbargain licence! :)

    • link to the free tafe course or i dun believe u

      • +3

        Don't want to have course ozbargained, use their search tool :)

    • thanks , waiting for email now

  • +1

    Nearly pulled the trigger at A$2340.20 until I saw Singapore Samsung is selling at S$2888 (AUD & SGD ~ parity), with additional freebies:

    1. FREE Galaxy Watch3 Bluetooth (45mm) worth $698 when you buy Galaxy Z Fold2 5G.
    2. Get free 4 months of YouTube Premium
    3. Galazy Z Premier Service ($399 add on in Au as Samsung Care+)

    Decision, decision…

    • Galaxy Z Premier Service is included with all Z devices and it covers screen damage in the first year only.
      Samsung Care+ is a complete device swap twice in two years and costs extra.


    • Dont forget 4% foreign conversion fee and no warranty in Oz

      • Samsung charges foreign conversion fee? I thought one would use Ozbargain's favourite credit cards that don't charge transaction fee.

    • Also should it ever require repair Samsung australia won't even touch it even for out of warranty repairs because it's overseas model.

  • What is the price on NAB EPP…..Any NAB guy can help here?
    NAB EPP has been cheapest for me so far

    • Same price.
      i.e. $2,399.20

      • Thnx

  • -1

    Is it sold out already?

    • +4

      Positive points: you’ll get 6 cameras, a tablet, a phone which comes with sd865.

      • +6

        Don't forget cool factor.

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