[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 $2399.20 Delivered ($2349.20 with Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education & EP Portal


Proof: RRP is $2999

Whether its worth it or not is up to you. I'm just posting the deal which represents a 22% saving off RRP ($649.80) on day 1.

You needs to subscribe to the newsletter to get the $50 off voucher.

No pre-order bonus but I'll take the instant saving over "free" buds.

Access to the education portal via an edu.au email address.

With the massive depreciation in Samsung devices, I'm finding a lot of value in a second hand Fold 1 at ~$1500-1700 mark. This puts it in the ballpark of other normal phone flagships and represents a 40-50% saving from launch. I have found it to be an amazing device which has replaced my smartphone and iPad Mini.

The new fold is undoubtedly better in almost every aspect but in my opinion doesn't fundamentally change how you use the device nor take away from its predecessors strengths (massive screen, foldable pocket device, great battery life). The software updates will also filter down to the OG fold.

I'd personally wait for the fold 3 which may include SPen functionality and would potentially make it a legitimate all in one device warranting a $3K dump on. However at $2349, its a smidge more tempting…

This will be the cheapest price for a while I suspect. Last year the Fold 1 never made it to the EPP. Good luck for those buying :)

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