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We're a new Melbourne based business supplying Home Barista and other coffee accessories.

We only stock higher quality products, and are doing an initial marketing drive using OzBargain. We have a fairly limited range for now but hoping to expand this in the near future.

Great if you've bought an espresso machine during lockdown and are looking for some accessories to go with it!

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  • Bought the starter pack.

  • where are your products made?
    what makes them uniquely TNB?

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      We're glad you asked!

      They are made in China - this shouldn't come as a surprise, anywhere else and they would be significantly more expensive.

      Where we are unique to an e-commerce site just looking to pump out as many sales as possible is the significant research and sampling we did when we set out to buy our products. We're coffee lovers and barista's ourselves and use our products too, therefore we only wanted to sell quality products which we could trust and we were sure you all would love. We also can provide advice if you're looking to make a "better than instant" coffee without an espresso machine. If you do have an espresso machine already (increasingly common due to lockdown), we think our accessories are of a much higher standard than the generic stuff you'll find on eBay.

      Our milk jugs are coated in matte black twice, giving them almost a soft-touch feel. Our tamp mats are made of a food-grade silicone and are thicker than generic products giving them more durability. Our knock boxes have a thin silicone lining on the bottom which makes them anti slip, and the bar across the top is weighted. The cafeteras have an immaculate matte black coating and high end brass detailing.

      Hope this gives you a bit of additional insight, any other questions please reach out!!