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Dell 27" QHD 165hz IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $710.66 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Edit: LiMaa has managed to negotiate a deal with dell for this monitor that will bring it down to $510 that will go live on 5pm AEST but its only 500 units so be fast

First time posting so be gentle.

Far from the best price but the monitor has finally returned to the Dell store after you all bought so many that it's been unavailable in Australia for near on 2 months. RTINGS.com preferred it over the famous LG 27GL850 which is going for around $750-$800 so it could still be considered a bargain. Do bear in mind that some individuals have reported that Dell may have another deal for this particular monitor planned for mid-October which would be similar to the previous deal that brought it down to nearly $500 after coupons.

Device Type
LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"

Adaptive-Sync Technology
AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

USB 3.0 hub

Panel Type
Fast IPS

Aspect Ratio

Native Resolution
QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 165 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)

Pixel Pitch
0.2331 mm x 0.2331 mm

400 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio

Response Time
1 ms (grey-to-grey)

Colour Support
1.07 billion colours

Input Connectors
2xHDMI, DisplayPort

Display Position Adjustments
Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt

Screen Coating
Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating

Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand
61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm

Compliant Standards
RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free

Bundled Services
3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

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  • Does nvidia gsync work with this?

  • Finally get mine next month, sounds like it will be worth the wait.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived this week, great monitor

  • Would this be good with a 3080? Currently on a 24' 1080p 180hz monitor

    • You'll hit the 165 fps (on dp) on most games @ ultra settings and 1440p with the 3080.

      I've not looked into it's capabilities with 4k.

    • Yep. Need all the grunt you can get for 144hz 1440p

    • +1

      3080 thrives on 4k. Bottlenecks are introduced at 1440p and the delta between the 2080 Ti is smaller.

      • Your comment is probably very helpful but I think I need a translation.

        Are you saying the 3080 isn't as good at 1440p as the 2080ti

        • +10

          He means the performance gains between 2080 Ti VS 3080 isn't as large at 1440p because the CPU bottle necks the 3080 more at 1440p vs 4K

          • @daniesaurs: Does that mean when the next gen CPU's drop, we may see more stark performance gains between the 2080ti vs the 3080 at 1440p?

            • @DisabledUser359566: Well games are more GPU intense nowadays so I'd say it won't change much in terms of the difference in performance between the cards. But there might be an increase in FPS from 2K vs 4K for both cards.

          • @daniesaurs: I am curious at what point the cpu becomes a bottleneck for the GPU. I haven't really found any reliable way of figuring that out. The relevance to me is determining what the best video card is for my rig without wasting money. I have a pretty old pc haha, but I've been thinking all GPUs are cheaper atm

            • @rhino015: I know a couple of my friends have the older i7-4770k can still play on 2K fine but have problems with certain games requiring more cores which causes stuttering or not launching at all - that's a good indicator to upgrade.

              I've got the 7700K (still a couple years old) and if you watch this video it shows that there's no difference between it and an i9-10900K at 4K on a 3080 because you're dependant on the GPU more than the CPU at that res. Whereas at 1080p you'd not rely much on the GPU but more so the CPU and also whether the game is more CPU intense

  • Will this monitor be good for the 3070 when it releases?

    • +3

      Yes, probably perfect for it. You;d be able to get 165hz/1440p at Ultra settings with a 3070.

      • The 3070 is already faster (on paper) than the 2080 ti, and that was the card for smooth 60hz 4K gaming. Would be interesting to see how the 3080 performs with Ray Tracing and 165Hz.

        • I think 165hz will be a bit of a stretch for RT - I'd be targeting 100-120 fps at best. Its just not mature/optimised enough just yet.

        • +1

          The 3070 is actually most likely a tad slower than the 2080ti, it was only equivelant to the 2080ti in 3 select RTX games which were mostly CPU-bound and we already know the 3080 isn't twice as strong as the 2080 despite Nvidia claiming such.

          As per TechPowerUp's review, even if you have the best current CPU you should only expect 120fps on average at 1440p across most games, with many more demanding titles being closer to 80-90fps. Plus Ampere doesn't perform as well at 1440p as 4k due to shaders not being fed.

          RT isn't even implemented properly in most games and you'll have to settle for lower framerates to get it unfortunately.

  • I recall reading people having issues with this monitor randomly going black for a few seconds. Is it happening to anyone here ?

    Looking at picking one up for PS5

    • +1

      No issues fo rme using DP and HDMI between desktop and laptop.

    • +4

      Ps5 support 1440p? I think they only do 1080 or 4k

      • +1

        Didn’t know that. I guess I have to find a 4K monitor now..lol

    • +4

      I am having that issue, am working thru some diagnostics.

      As someone who is affected, I'm still stoked with the monitor quality wise - I think the issue is software/firmware/driver related, not hardware :)

      If anyone is reading and wondering, I only had dropouts when gaming and the framerate dropped low (< 50fps).
      As some games drop framerate when pausing/opening menu's (e.g Crusader Kings 3), I could almost pinpoint and replicate the issue.

      In CK3, I could then turn off vSync (on by default) and the issue went away FOR THAT PARTICULAR USE CASE.
      Super wierd one… tried all sorts of cables, GPU's, even power points!

      I expect it's a monitor firmware framerate detection issue when a orgram dramatically changes framerate, likely a quick fix in a firmware patch, and hopefully workaroundable in affected games.

      EDIT: didn't drop out in CSGO, Valorant and Rocket League for me. Can't confirm why, but perhaps those games maintain more consistant framerates that don't trip the firmware issue?

      Thanks for reading my TED talk.

      • Interesting, I've had it happen a few times playing LoL but not other games.

        • LoL player here, no issues so far.

        • I also get it with LOL in the loading screen

      • +1

        If you're using any of the Nvidia cards listed on the site, best download and update your GPU DP firmware using the Nvidia tool:


        • I was having the intermittent blackout issue too and this seems to have fixed it, haven't had one in a few hours now.

    • Mines working perfectly. So far used it with a 5700 XT, PS4 Pro and XB1X. Only bad thing is it can't support a 4k image so PS4 Pro looks really bad with 1080p output.

    • ps5 cant handle 1440p 144hz, either get 1080p 144hz or 4k60

      • How do you know it doesn't support 1440p?

        • The PS4 Pro doesn't, and it would have been easy to patch in after 3 years and they haven't

  • HDR?

    • Checkout the rtings review

  • +1

    What's with the low 2.3 review score on dell?

    • Last time many ozbarginers ordered, haven’t got it even after 2 months.

    • People were mad that their orders were delayed by months due to the enormous amount of order which meant that new monitors literally had to be created to satiate the orders. I believe around 15 percent of orders from the previous deal at the start of August still haven't been fulfilled

  • Great for gaming, very vibrant - just got mine for about 1 week now and no regrets. Worth the wait from August considering the price: 507$

  • If I were to hook up an Xbox Series X to this, would it output 1440p? Or 4K and the monitor down scales to 1440p? Or 1080p and the monitor up scales?

    • Should be following the same rule as XBox One X.

      For games supporting 1440p, it will run 1440p (not that many, BUT with Series S being introduced, Series X could possibly offer the same mode). For games not supporting 1440p mode, it will supersample 4K version down to 1440p.

      • Hey Netsurfer, nice to see you on this post again.
        What are your thoughts on this with the ps5? Based on your above comments, this should pair with the PS5 well will the downscale to 1440p? I hope we can get 120FPS if games downscale to 1440p fingers crossed

    • Yes, I tested mine last night. 1440p 120Hz and Freesync all work at once. It downscales to 1440p (or upscales if the game is 1080p).

      • PS4 looks not bad upscaled to 1440p on this as well

      • I only just realised I had to use DP cable to get 160Hz and g-sync. Was using HDMI out of habit.

  • +1

    I recieved mine 2 days ago, it looks amazing and i'd highly recommend.

    • +6

      It's pretty standard for an IPS.

  • I had the choice between a gaming computer and uber monitor or new TV. I caved and bought the TV. Devo…

  • Can someone recommend a monitor arm? :)

  • Got mine delivered this week after a wait of almost 2 month. After cashrewards it came down to $480. The monitor is totally worth it.

    • Cashreward was not honored at the $500 deal.
      Only on the $530 one which brings it down to $500 mark too

      • Does that mean cash rewards works with the AU affiliates code?

      • my transaction wasn't tracked at first, I reached out to CR, and then later they added it. I definitely used AU Affiliates code and there was one more ECU something for 5% off.

        • +1

          @tightarse: Hi guys. Some good & not so good news. Dell has confirmed the following:
          All tracked sales utilising code AUAFFILIATES15%OFF on its own from 01/08/20 to 03/08/20 will have cashback honoured (as a one-off).
          All tracked sales utilising code ECU5, on its own or in combination with any other code, will have cashback declined (as per the terms re unlisted codes).
          Use of code AUAFFILIATES15%OFF from 04/08/20 onwards will not be honoured and cashback will be declined.
          All valid purchases that tracked at 3% have now been adjusted to 6% in your Cashrewards accounts.

          You must've gotten a very special deal in that case. It says that the ECU5 one is not trackable

  • I wish some of these coupon codes would work on the U3818DW ultrawide :-( I'm hanging for a deal like the one in July.

  • +13

    So for anyone interested in this, if you can't wait get it at this price (I got mine, amaaaazing monitor). Otherwise deal is confirmed around 20th Oct @ $499*

    *we can never be certain on price but it will likely match previous deal price or very similar.

    • Anything planned for the AW3420DW?

    • Thanks for letting us know! Looking forward to the deal!

  • +1

    Just got two ordered from the last deal delivered today! Can’t believe I got two with the Amex platinum card deal for only a couple of dollars more than this price. Great looking monitor!

  • +1

    I got mine 4 days ago and it's pretty impressive. Colours are vibrant. Refresh rate is razor sharp.

    Seriously makes my new Samsung Q60T TV look very very very ordinary.

  • Haha someone selling $700 on fb

  • I actually got desperate and spoke to dell live chat and ordered the monitor while it was still not available on the website after getting ozbargained.

    RRP is $899 and I used the 15% code to bring it down to $764. Really wanted the monitor and willing to spend and monitor arrives yesterday. Similar to the last batch of people that got it for $500.

    Worth every penny since it is better than the LG and Lenovo that uses the same panel. Monitor had no dead pixel and unnoticeable IPS glow with low brightness.

    • So is it now confirmed to use the same nano IPS panel? The description on the post says fast IPS.

      • It uses the A2 panel over the LGs A1 panel which gives it 50 nits of extra brightness. It's pretty much the same besides that

        • Interesting. For a dimmed room it is still too bright at zero brightness setting.

          • @chyawala: Yeah one thing I noticed was how bright the screen is. I had to tune it down to 50% to actually use it without hurting my eyes.

  • I was one of those last ozbargainers who got the monitor for $507 and I got mine just a couple a days ago and yes it took almost 2 months to arrive. I thought I'd never get mine

  • Got mine on Monday. Great monitor overall, though i have noticed some backlight bleed. But i guess its common for IPS.

  • +1

    I bought two during the last deal and both got delivered last week. I immediately fell in love with their ergonomics, sleek design, narrow bezels, and above all great overall picture quality for office work, media consumption, and some gaming. These beauties were the best excuse to get rid of my hurtful IPS panels that had grayish blacks, appalling brightness, counter-intuitive OSD, and barely supported G-Sync without tearing.

  • Great monitor. Lucky to get it for $507 and that 8 weeks wait was a blessing in disguise. I would say it's worth more than what you would pay for a LG 27GL850. The RRP of $899 is just right so $710 is decent.

    Personally I found 27" slightly too wide for my desk to accommodate. 25" or 26" would have been perfect but it's either 24" or 27". I suppose now I have a "reason" to upgrade my desk as well.

    Regarding the IP glow and shadows on the sides. You can easily adjust the brightness and load up the darker themes to negate them.

  • +1

    Got mine delivered 2 days ago - it's pretty crispy.

  • +4

    This site has really lost its purpose. 75 votes for something that is $200 more than it was last time and suggested that will be back to $500 within a month.

    • +3

      That was a gamble and we won:
      - Brand new monitor without any review online. Every chance that it might not be as good as the LG 27GL850
      - Possible pricing error in which Dell might not honour
      - Possible stock shortage in which Dell might not honour
      - Long waiting time due to low stock and OzBargained

      Right now, it's cheaper and better than the LG 27GL850 and in stock. Sounds like a deal to me. Not a great deal but still a deal. It will be limited stock in a month's time and the actual price had not been confirmed.

      • +2

        If you read the comments you will see the price has been confirmed to be coming back mid October by reputable source. The fact that they honoured everyone's deal means it wasn't a pricing error and is obviously above cost. Sure, keep voting something as a bargain that is $200 more. Did you buy one at this price?

        • +2

          I don't see a price confirmation or stock confirmation. Can you copy and paste to show?

          Above cost does not meant it's not a pricing error. A pricing error is listing the wrong price. The wrong price could be below cost, at cost or above cost.

          Do you know why it's getting the votes? OzBargainers like me have bought 1 and are impressed by it. Like I said, it's still a bargain at $710. I haven't bought 1 at $710 but I would.

          • +2

            @DarkOz: Like I said, this site has lost it purpose. You're up voting a product based on you liking a product rather than its position as a bargain price.

            • +5

              @F-22: I am voting not only because I liked the product but because the price is relatively a bargain as well. I already mentioned that this monitor is available and superior to the LG 27GL850 which is selling for $800 and out of stock at most places.

              The limited stock sale in a month's time for the previous low price will end up as another Ebay Plus competition. It's not for everyone.

              I agree with you if you can tell me now that this monitor will have thousands in stock for $507 - $550 in a month's time. But that's not the case.

              • +1

                @DarkOz: Sure, some people may consider a good price point for the monitor of that quality, still doesn't make it a bargain.

                • -1

                  @F-22: So by your logic, if it were $140 today but $100 yesterday, it would not be a bargain because omg 40% increase?

                  • @Dan_: You've oversimplified it. You also need to take into account there is a chance that price is coming back in the near future, yes it's not 100% guaranteed but there is a good chance. The fact that Dell have sales so regularly that you can almost say for sure this would be a normal price. So if you want to be that simple then believe what you wish. Buy it now, i don't care what you do with your money. Why don't you upvote the deal if it's good?

                    • -1


                      1. Calm down
                      2. I've already bought it at $534.66-CB (and received it, great monitor)
                      3. I didn't say this was a bargain
                      4. I'm only saying it's illogical to look at the price difference to determine if something is a good deal. The "oversimplification" is to demonstrate this flawed logic.
                      • @Dan_: You guys really don't sound like you believe what you're arguing. Everyone here arguing with me that it should be a bargain yet they admit in their responses to me that they don't think this is a bargain. I don't even know why i'm replying anymore…

                        • @F-22: Did you even read my response?

                          • @Dan_: Yes, it was very clear.

                            I didn't say this was a bargain

                            • -1

                              @F-22: So you now understand why you've totally missed the point of my first comment?

                              Your reasoning is incorrect ≠ This is a bargain

                              • @Dan_: My orginal comment was that i don't believe this was a bargain. You're agruing with me that i'm wrong yet you also agree that it's not a baragin.

                                • @F-22: I'm saying your reasoning is wrong.

                                  • @Dan_: and i told you i considered your points before coming to my conclusion and it doesn't apply to Dell deals based on my experience with Dell deals. So you can try and convince me all you like, this particular monitor is not a bargain based on points already stated.

                                  • @Dan_: Well at least i didn't have to wait long https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568508

          • @DarkOz: Looks like it was just $510 a few days ago and will be around the same price late October. $700 isnt really a bargin imo. Just shows how inflated the rrp is for Dell and LG. Might as well get the viewsonic if you want a much cheaper monitor with the same panel specs.

            • -1

              @gamesdead: That $510 confirmation was a few hours after this $700 first posted. Reread one of my posted above.

      • +1

        I would agree. That was a very lucky sale with pricing and coupons stacking. Dell pricing is a bit like the stock market and their RRP always fluctuates. It wasn't a pricing error but just good luck. I would say its less than 50% chance of that pricing and coupons happening again

        • Yes, you better buy one now or you might miss out. Leave the bargains for me please.

          • +2

            @F-22: F-22 I agree with you 100%. People celebrating this as a deal are desperate due to concerns around stock levels and the fear of missing out. The problem is that if a lot of people buy at a price point of $200 more than it was previously sold for that will become the "new discounted price". At $500 this is a bargain, paying $700 isn't a bargain (the best value is the vx2758-2kp-mhd). I prefer the support of Dell and will be waiting for the $500 deal to return (once stock levels return to normal) as mentioned by the rep in the last deal. People jumping on this are only going to push the price back up. Dell certainly wouldn't be selling at a loss, they would have cancelled orders.

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