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200pcs (4x50) MAXIMA by Henry Schein Earloop Procedure Mask $35.79 @ HealthcareXpress (First Order Only)


My PRIMA20 friends and family code will expire in 5 days, and I just found that our company has reduced the price for our level 2 mask to $13.94 for a box of 50 (was $19.95).

If you buy 4 boxes with the $20 off $50 code, it equals to $8.95 per box or 18c a pop, hopefully this is useful for someone. Yes you may find cheaper mask elsewhere, but I doubt it's a genuine level 2 AS 4381:2015. Those non-surgical masks are now sold at the price it should be. Our core business before we launch retail is supplying health practices across Australia so I could vouch for the quality of the brands we sell.

It has been a month since we launch our retail website, and I just want to say thank you ozbargain for the support and feedback! I hope they will consider a proper rep here so I can continue negging JV in the background ;)

Happy Friday!

- Code can only be used once per account
- Valid for purchases above $50

ARTG 321807

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    Where are these made in?

    Trying to support made in Australia goods and services. Very hard.

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      Doubtful. There's one mask factory in Australia and I think they're flat chat with medical orders.
      Med-Con I believe. A quick Google says Softmed are also setting up a production line.

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      • There are a few others now as a few of our providers are large packaging companies that have seen a niche and had the necessary equipment to produce AS certified masks.

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    Are these individually sealed? Are they sterile ?
    Can you show a datasheet please?

    • +3

      Not individually sealed.
      Henry Schein is a reputable dental company worldwide, probably the largest supplier for dental.

      • +1

        Right, thanks. It's their reputation, which looks good vs various unknowns about this actual product.
        I cant Google much about this product at all

        • -2

          Henry Schein has a few masks registered with the ARTG. Don't know if tis is one.
          The company itself appears to be run via a TRUST - which we all (should) know is primarily (with some exceptions) an instrument to avoid tax.

          • @DisabledUser67242: I don’t dig this deep usually but hope they are selling the real deal.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: Probably are. I prefer to deal with companies which pay corporate tax but that's nigh on impossible to know usually. Only found the info trying to find out about the masks.

              Decent discount on the home website price.

              • @DisabledUser67242: I got you. It’s always better be safe than sorry. I really appreciate OzB has posters like you. Giving fellow members the heads ups.

              • @DisabledUser67242:

                Decent discount on the home website price(henryschein.com.au).

                I think they require you to have a customer code before you can register on their website?

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      PPE that meets the definition of a medical device will generally be regulated as either:

      a Class I medical device;
      a Class Is (sterile) medical device; or
      a Class IIa medical device.

      this is class 2

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        Level 2 mask doesn't necessarily mean it's a class 2 medical device.

      • If it's a medical device then it would be registered with the TGA. There's nothing to suggest it is so far.

      • +1

        Now confirmed as TGA C1 medical device. Thanks to OP for his diligence.

    • I recall Costco selling individually sealed ones but it was very expensive compared to this deal here.

    • Individually sealed sterile mask will cost you $8 a pop rather than a box. Use some common sense pls.

      • This is OzBargain. Assume nothing.

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    How much is Shipping?

    • +1

      looks like it's free shipping

    • Says request freight quote - what's the delivery cost?

      • +1

        just ordered, no shipping cost

  • Thanks ordered some seems like a good price

  • +15

    My brain saw eneloop in the title

    • +9

      You are not the only one. I saw 200pcs Eneloop and almost dropped my coffee.

  • These are the cheapest we had (for TGA level 2 masks) since the pandemic!
    Buy them while they are in stock and support this new retail company.

    • These are NOT "TGA" masks, unless they're hiding the registration for some unknown reason.

    • Now confirmed as TGA C1 medical device. Thanks to OP for his diligence.

      See elsewhere for facts about the company

  • thanks op, ordered!

  • ordered thank u!

  • +1

    Man I still find it surreal that we are looking for face mask deals when up till the end of last year there was no such thing as a deal on face masks… 🤐

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    I Bought this mask literally 1 weeks ago 3 box at $39 thttps://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564964 , now its $36 for 4 box .__.

    However can personally vouch for these mask that they are good quality face mask at very recommendable, similar as those use by dental clinic.

    • +1

      are the masks individual sealed?????

      • no its not all in the box, their website do sell sealed in plastic (surgery) type one if im not mistaken.

    • Out of interest vindator did you do any of these tests?

      Probably only a real concern for those in areas of known transmission but worth knowing.

  • Thanks ordered

  • I doubt level 2 would help with covid. It says they are good for events of minimal droplet exposure. Any thoughts..?

    • Stops outward spread. Very few masks would help if someone were to cough onto your face - even N99 masks don't cover your eyes. Dental practitioners wear masks primarily to protect patients, not themselves.

      • Maybe need a deal on goggles.

    • That nurse that comes out to your car to do the swab will generally be wearing a level 3 (unfortunatly not usually an N95/P2). Both level 2 and 3 both have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of ≥98%. I am ordering a metric S%^T ton of masks for our department and seriously if you are not conducting personal care with a CoVid +ve person these will be more than you will be needing. In stating that if your not required to wear single use masks for work or Gov policy go for a reusable one.

      • +3

        However, Particle Filtration Level (PFE) is not required anymore to meet the Australian 4381:2015 mask standards for level 1-3. So not sure how these masks will fare against PFE.

        I would rather buy masks that meet the ASTM standard than AS 4381:2015 because of the PFE @ 0.1 micron requirement.

        These masks are cheap nonetheless. They are good to use for wearing for walks, going out for short shopping trips and avoid police seeing you for not wearing a mask (in Vic) etc.

    • +3

      These masks are way more effective than the home made cloth ones. They probably won't be the best for medical staff's PPE but definitely enough for daily use in a long term.

    • Any mask is still better than no mask. It helps to reduce "viral load" (i.e. protects you, the wearer, as well).

  • ordered thanks

  • +1

    Hi Rep, do you post to Parcel Lockers?

    • I've ordered with a Parcel Locker as the delivery address. The order says "completed" (as of yesterday 28/09) so I'm assuming it's okay. There's no tracking number or anything though.

  • Thanks, DJ. Bought.

  • Ordered but Paypal payment option is not available for security.

  • Great deal for those that need them. As stated above if your not required to wear single use go for reusable.

    • +8

      But proper surgical masks are more effective than cloth ones. I frequently see people with cloth ones with gaps around their noses, where air can easily enter and exit. And sometimes they don't seem to fit very well, so people touch them over and over with unclean hands to pull them back into position. Not to mention people seem to wear cloth ones, then put them back in a pocket, then later put them back on, or put a clean one back into the same pocket that previously had a used mask in it, and then use it later. That's a crazy self-infection risk.

      I think the best approach from a health perspective is wash your hands well, and then in bulk put each mask into a zip lock, seal it, and then I put a bunch of them into the car glove box & by the front door so they're ready to go; then when you put it on, sanitize hands, put it on darkest side out, adjust, good seal on nose, put empty zip lock into pocket, and then don't touch mask again; then when you're done, sanitize hands, put used mask back into the empty zip lock, touching only the ear loops and insides, seal the zip lock, sanitize hands again, dispose of zip lock.

      And yes, I am aware that this is an environmentally awful (you're disposing of a single use plastic zip lock and a single use mask every time you need to mask up). And we clearly have to solve both covid and climate change, but the solution is that the reusable options need to get much better, and people to be shown and taught how not to self-infect themselves. People clearly have no idea how to use masks - e.g. just this morning in a Sydney shopping centre I saw a woman remove her surgical mask, cough repeatedly into her hands, and then put the mask back on, and then carry on with her day. And don't even get me started on the people that cover their mouths but not their noses with masks (sometimes I want to say to these people "talk me through your thinking here"). And the people that don't wear masks because it's a conspiracy/think they magically won't get infected/ just wanna party/they're young and healthy and think it won't kill them (Europe's second wave says "thank you, hosts!"). I think with masks people forget, and find the whole mask thing quite hard and confusing and unfamiliar and scary and most people just don't know what to do. Much more education is required.

      • +4

        Totally agree. Unlike Asian countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea etc, most people of Western countries who are not in the medical profession have never used a face mask prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, their knowledge of how to correctly use or dispose of face masks is very limited. The state goverments here either recommend their citizens to wear face masks or make it compulsory (Victoria) but they are not doing enough to educate people how to correctly use them. The Australian government should at least release an advertising campaign or distribute pamphlets to households on correct mask wearing to educate people. I doubt the politicians themselves know how to wear them correctly.

      • +1

        My exact point, if you are not diligent it does not matter if you are using a diving bell or a sock or for that matter reusable or N95. Reusable masks are adequate to mitigate risk to people around you (main function) and fine unless needing to provide close contact services to high risk people or where social distancing is not practical. The use of reusable masks also does not create huge price spikes for us that have to purchase huge quantities for a large healthcare service. I wear disposable AS 4381 level 3 or N95 for work and reusable 3 ply cotton for shopping and walking.

  • Thanks OP just ordered some.

  • thanks, ordered 4

  • Is this code for any combination of items or just these masks?

  • +1

    these are level 2 tga approved dental masks. excellent fit and comfort. better than the absolute rubbish you get from other retailers which say '3 ply' lol. level 3 is best, 3 ply just means nothing if not tga approved medical.

  • thanks op, ordered 4, can never have too many face masks in this day and age.

  • are they three layers?

    • Being an AS 4381:2015 level 2. I think so.

    • +1

      Yes, i cut one open to test and it is indeed 3 layers and they're really good quality.

  • Made in?

  • @djprima - is this product registered with the TGA, ie what's the ARTG number? If they aren't, why not?

    While you're there, what's the business ABN?

    found this: https://henryschein.com.au/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI66z-reOD7AIVRV...

    Question: is the HealthCareXpress website/business part of Henry Schein or someone's spinoff? The contact number 1300 854 529 doesn't appear to be listed on the Henry Schein website.

    • looks like they are related:

      whois healthcarexpress.com.au

      Registrant Contact Name: Pat Virakorn
      Registrant: The Trustee for THE HENRY SCHEIN REGIONAL TRUST
      Registrant ID: ABN 83132312515

      whois henryschein.com.au

      Registrant Contact Name: Pat Virakorn
      Registrant ID: ACN 003770321

      • Yes thanks, found that. Henry Schein has plenty of products registered on the ARTG, including 3 (unlabelled) masks. OP has promised to find out if this product is one of them. If so they should advertise it because it gives some assurance as to quality (now that TGA has started mask checking).

  • -1

    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ bargain…

    Back in January…

    (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞ Not bargain….

  • thanks OP, bought 4 , free shipping

  • thanks OP, bought 4……………like insurance, you hope you never have to use it.

    And thanks to those posters on how to use a mask as well, also you're very right, (no spin & simple) education campaign is required.

  • 9 boxes or 450 masks for $105 is pretty good with free delivery, 10 single masks at the local PO are $20, thanks for the heads up

  • Thanks OP
    Got 3 plus a box of 200 gloves
    With code, came to $38.32 + free shipping - Excellent!

  • +1

    Anyone received the confirmation email? I ordered on Friday and still no email till now.

    • Confirmation email yes, dispatch email not yet.

    • I ordered on Friday and still no confirmation email and on the checkout completion page there is no order number for reference. I've sent them a message using the contact form on their website, hopefully they respond soon.

      • Did you check spam/junk folder ?

        • Yeah multiple times now.

      • Ordered same day as you. Confirmation came last night in junk folder.

    • Check your spam/junk folder.

    • Ordered Sunday, got confirmation email this morning.

    • Nothing in my junk folder, tried to call them and leave a message.

  • I received my confirmation email exactly an hour after I ordered on Friday. Maybe there are too many orders so some of us didn’t receive one yet?

  • Thanks OP.
    Parcel arrived this arvo, it was manufactured in Shanghai China.
    Courier is Startrack.

    • Nice. When did you place the order?

      Did you receive an email with a tracking number?

      • Ordered on Friday morning, confirmation email received on Friday afternoon, no tracking number provided.

        • How’s the quality of the masks?

          • +1

            @FrugalNotStingy: Good, the filter (middle layer) melts without flame. Have not try the water resistant test only fire test.

          • +5

            @FrugalNotStingy: I just got them today and tried the water resistance test, cut it open to see the three layers and also tried the flame test and it passed everything. Even open opening the box i could see the quality of the product was good.

            Previously i had softmed ones from chemist warehouse which cost me more for one box of 50 than for all 200 masks with this deal and they look and feel better so overall really happy with this deal!

            • @pobcee: Thanks for sharing the test result and feedback. I am seriously thinking of getting more after reading your comment!

            • @pobcee: Much appreciated

    • I think it is worthwhile to mention they were made by AR Medicom Shanghai, not some random unknown manufacturer in China.

  • +3

    ARTG updated in OP

  • Ordered now. Thanks OP

  • Ordered on Friday and received order today (Tuesday), thanks for the speedy work!

    • I am the same ordered Friday and arrived today.

      • Did anyone find the masks/ earloops smaller than usual? The quality is good though and the size is perfect for my face since normal masks are too big. These actually give a really snug fit but thought I would let other people know the masks might be on the smaller side.

        • I have to agree they are a snug fit and someone like 'Prince Charles' might find them a bit of a challenge…

        • Same here, I also feel that they provide a snugger fit, especially on the sides.
          Out of the pack, they measure (WxH) 17.5 x 9 cm, compared to 17.5 x 9.5 cm for a different pack I got from Chemist Warehouse.

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