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Unlimited Plan S with 40GB Data for $1/28 Days @ Lycamobile (First Month & New Customers Only)


40GB Data, Unlimited national and International calls to 29 countries, $1*/28 days!

The discounted prices are applicable for the New Sim orders/1st Month only and the Plan will be renewed at the standard rate from the 2nd month. Offer valid until 30/09/2020.

(*Applicable for New Customers/1st Month Only).

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  • Can't find the T&C's. Also is there a time limit on when it needs to be activated by?

    • Seems to be till the 30th of this month

      • That is the offer period, not activation date by. Think about it, if you order today, there is very little chance that you will get the sim by 30th.

    • As per live chat, offer will be available to purchase till 30/09 and 15 days to activate from date of purchase

      • Yep, I was given the same info too. OP should add this so people are aware.

        • Got an email post purchase which says - "NOTE: Bundle PIN is only valid for 30 days from the purchase date."

          Hopped on back with live chat and got this - "If email says you have 30 days of time validity then you can use the same.Once you receive the Lycamobile SIM card Please register and activate the PIN number before 30 days of your purchase date"

      • Email order confirmation from Lycamobile: Bundle PIN is only valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

      • Activated today (>15 days from purchase) with no issue.

        N.B. got 30GB of data and only 30 international minutes (which differs from the offer shown above).
        Also really 28 days from activation to expiry, whereas a lot of other telcos don't count the day when activation took place.

        Can't complain (and won't be complaining) for $1 delivered…

  • Lycamobile doesn't support MMS.

  • latency on lyca mobile is quite high compared to other mobile providers

    • Do you what the approximate latency with other providers are? I am with Kogan and the latency sits at around 40-60ms. Cheers!

      • I can only provide latency data for lyca and optus. I have tested other providers before, but I didn't save the results.

        Lyca mobile latency (direct line of sight with tower): 52ms
        Optus latency (direct line of sight with tower): 18ms

        I should note that latency has dramatically improved on lyca mobile. Last year it was something like 150ms.

        • Awesome thanks. I’m liking that Optus latency number. Kogan uses Vodafone, and sits at the same as Lyca. I might switch lol

  • Is this prepaid and can cancel anytime?

  • bought one for porting purpose for $1 seems to be a good deal..

  • can I transfer from Boost which is also Telstra network?

  • Is it easy to cancel after 1st month?

  • Don't see many users on Lycamobile. Could anyone confirm there is an option to turn off Auto-Renew or delete Saved Card Details once activated?

  • Probably worth noting that you can turn off auto-renew at time of purchase?

  • Able to get it today

    edit: can get upto 3 free sims per order

  • Do you need to order this online or can you get a sim from Coles and activate this deal via their website?

  • Is there a coupon code? It keep trying to charge me full amount after I activated and then selected the plan

    • I think you only registered the sim, to activate your plan please dial 116PIN number#

      • I couldn’t find pin # in the order confirmation email. I can only see reference number or order number 🤔.
        May I know how long is the PIN # or did you receive it straight after placing the order?

  • To activate your plan please dial 116PIN number#. <—- which can be found from your confirmation email.

  • Still waiting for mine to arrive

  • Just activated my plan and mobile network showing only LTE not 4G. Does not work on pocket wifi modem for internet access. Anyone know if Lycamobile SIM can be used on pocket wifi modem internet access?

    • Yes I just got mine to work in a pocket wifi modem:
      - APN: data.lycamobile.com.au
      - Username: lmau
      - Password: plus
      **Make sure you turn on roaming on the device

      Mine was also showing LTE when I used the sim in my phone, but shows "Telstra (Roaming)" in my wifi device. Speeds are ~40mbps

  • For me, it seems only work with wifi modem support CHAP as authentication mode for APN settings, with roaming enabled.