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Muscle Pharm Combat 100% Isolate Chocolate Milk 2270g $58 (Was $145) @ Woolworths Online (Selected Stores)


Whey Protein Isolate that is heavily discounted on Woolworths Online. Protein Isolate with 24g of protein per 27g serving and non carbs or sugar. In chocolate milk or vanilla.

You can do a 1 month free trail with Woolworths Online to get free shipping >$100

Chocolate Milk - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/72907/musc...

Vanilla -

Also on sale is MusclePharm creatine for $10 (was $25)

Creatine - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/72657/musc...

And you can try your luck with this $20 off coupon -

Worked for me, but I have read mixed responses

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  • Showing unavailable (both online or at any stores) for me

  • Does this stuff taste OK with milk? usually have a big lunch and shake with a serve of veggies for dinner.

    • I am using this exact product over two years, I like the tastes and I only use the cold water nothing else.
      Usually when I take this is fills up my stomach I don't feel much hungry after taking it. on the other note don't be fooled by the usual price, I usually get them at COSTCO for $65.
      $58 is a good price

    • Just my opinion but it tastes gross; it is sickeningly sweet. One of the worst I have tasted. This was a while back though so I don't know if they have changed the flavour since then.

      This is for the regular Combat protein powder, not sure how taste compares for the 100% isolate product.

  • Just for those who care about purity/nutrition info like I do (D- rating): https://www.puremarket.com/muscle-pharm-combat-protein-powde...

    • Interesting site….Not sure on it's claims though as the "About this product" is the same for flavoured Combat blends as well as the Chocolate Isolate so the rating is likely for Combat, not the Isolate that we're talking about here.

      Blend created for slow and fast protein digestion

      This isn't true when it's protein portion is 100% WPI. This isn't a blend or slow digesting.

      They are saying 35.8g of protein per 50g where the label states 88% or 44.4g per 50g. They keep the same stat for the blended Combat flavours as well as the Isolate which is incorrect. They also say 5g carbs, 1g fiber and 2g Sugars which is what the blended Combat label specifies. The Isolate has 0g Carbs, Fiber and Sugar.

      How do they come to a D grade when there's no real information on their lab results provided? If you're concerned about purity, send a sample thru to Bulk Nutrients and get them to test it.

  • Keep in mind that elsewhere this tends to go for around $80, nobody should ever be buying it at $145.

    • For the 100% WPI?

      • I take it back, you're right. The 100 % isolate tends to go for ~$125, the 100% whey goes for ~$80.

        Having said this, you need to be pretty serious if you're spending the extra on the isolate.

  • Musashi 100% Whey Chocolate or Vanilla 2KG. Catch it during the 50% off times for $40 @ Chemist Wharehouse. No after taste and nice and creamy.

  • Musashi 100% Whey Chocolate or Vanilla 2KG. Catch it during the 50% off times for $40 @ Chemist Wharehouse. No after taste and nice and creamy.

  • Never seen MP in Woolies…doesn't seem to be available near me either.
    Good price for 100% WPI. Even 2kg of WPI from BN will run you $76 delivered. Can't comment on the Chocolate flavour (I never buy it as it's always too sweet) but Vanilla is fine.

    Can't really compare it to half price Musashi as their "100% Whey" is a blend.

  • Well, this worked, so thank you to the OP!
    After initially getting the "unavailable", I tried again later.

    Again, got same response, but I then tried logging in. (forgot to try that first time). I also then added a small random item to my cart and went through to the first stage of checkout where you choose pickup or delivery.

    I chose delivery - importantly, it needed to be "tomorrow" or later. Once I did this and saved that, I was able to click the OPs original link and add them!

    Just had a knock at the door and 2 choc versions were delivered! Delivery was free (due to being over $50 I think).

    Hopefully this helps someone else, I was sceptical it would actually work, but here they are!