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60% off Sitewide @ Slickwraps


Came across this deal looking for skins for my Audio Technica M40x headphones. Check out the limited series, bunch of cool designs there.

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    • Slickwraps: In February 2020, the online store for consumer electronics wraps Slickwraps suffered a data breach. The incident resulted in the exposure of 858k unique email addresses across customer records and newsletter subscribers. Additional impacted data included names, physical addresses, phone numbers and purchase histories.

      Compromised data: Email addresses, Names, Phone numbers, Physical addresses, Purchases

      Source: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

  • I ordered a wrap from these guys 06/07; still haven’t received it and have had zero response from them. AVOID.

  • Do not order from this scam of a company. Google it and read the reddit user experiences. I’ve been burnt myself.

    The 60% promotion is an ongoing perpetual thing. It’s been that way since god knows when.

  • i've been happy with my purchases in the past, but be warned they took quite a while to ship even before covid.

  • Dbrand all the way

  • I avoid Slickwraps like the plague. They have been hacked this year and ignored the advice of their system vulnerability prior to the real hack. That hack resulted in thousands of customers‘ details exposed. Also numerous customers complain about not receiving their orders. You‘d better off with Dbrand, XtremeSkins etc.

    Search Slickwraps up and you know what I am talking about. Bad company.

    Sorry, but this will my first ever negative vote for a deal.

  • Pretty bad wraps (came off my s7 within the first month), woeful company as well they leaked my data too