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Dell Vostro 15 7590 - i5-9300H, GTX 1050, Full HD IPS 72% NTSC, 256GB SSD - $1025.05 (RRP $2419) Delivered @ Dell


Note: Dell has now told me that they have a part shortage (LCD panel) so I am expiring this deal. I am told that any future orders for this unit will not be fulfilled

My old deal expired but then got better with a different code. $1025 delivered now.

also note that this is "in stock for quick delivery". If you are in Sydney, if you order via chat before 11am and pay with a VISA or MasterCard, you get the laptop on the same business day. if you order after 11am, you get it next business day.

Another hidden gem from Dell

GTX 1050 3GB
FullHD IPS 300nit - DELL says this is 72% NTSC which means close to full sRGB coverage
Thunderbolt 3
magnesium alloy body

alternatively this configuration with 512GB SSD and huge 96Wh battery, thanks to Tzeeman, but in that config forget about 2.5 SATA drive - space taken up by the battery, and it's not ready to ship, lead time is about 2-3 weeks price is $1101.05 delivered

detailed model specs
service manual

I like this model because you can have 2 NVMe drives and not bother with OS reinstall to extend your storage. You can even add a 2.5 SATA drive on top if you feel like doing so.

screen is non-touch

suits people who want a gaming machine that doesn't make you look like a doofus in a meeting room if you also want to do your work on it. Vostro 7000 means and looks business, but you can also fire up a game and spend the time productively if you wish. This is also almost like a poor man's Dell XPS which looks much more business-like as well.

yah yah not that many games released in 2020 you will be able to play comfortably in FullHD, older titles mostly. But hey, it will be enough for some. For half the price of a business laptop you get a magnesium body that still can do much more gaming than built in graphics or MX150/250? I think it's an option.

premium build. also sRGB coverage means you can edit photos on this, and also media consumption will be a joy. photographers rejoice (although photographers should pack a USB3 SD card reader since this laptop only has a microSD slot - why, Dell? anyway who cares, those built in SD card readers are usually dead slow, and I still have my trusty tiny USB3 reader I got years ago, it's lightning fast)

also battery is 56Wh which is bigger than they usually pack in this price range gaming machines.

not for everyone, but still a viable option I think

PS: Received my laptop today. First impressions: really good.
- screen is fantastic. very clear, 8bit color, bright. will require calibration though to do any photo work
- I normally run my laptops on battery power (Better Battery in windows power slider) and I haven't had any thermal problems. runs quiet. on 72% battery remaining windows reports 4 hours 40 minutes to go
- plugged in, on "better performance" and Optimized setting in Dell power manager, runs quiet when doing browsing and office work
- so all in all I haven't experienced thermal issues so far
- build quality is very good and pleasant to the touch
- remember when you get it, plug it in and let it sit for 10-15 minutes charging before you turn it on for the first time
- also don't bother adding a fingerprint until you're done installing all updates and firmware, it works much better after all that
- keyboard is reliable and relatively quiet, 2 levels of backlight
- slim and small for a 15 inch laptop

so far I haven't done any upgrades (RAM or SSD) will do later

RAM I added https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563584
works perfectly fine, timings match the 8gb that came with it

second SSD I install: good old Kingston A2000

all in all looks very promising.

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  • downside is 8gig RAM and just 256 gig SSD

  • Tempting to buy a computer I know I don't need.

    • I bought one after returning a ~$1000 gaming machine
      gaming laptops have a shabby build around this price point
      I mainly need to edit photos on this, also do work.
      gaming is a nice bonus really, and I mostly play older titles.

      • Considering you've got a vostro now after the acer nitro 5 keyboard issue. How are the thermals on this @shabaka?

        • Unfortunately I don't live in Sydney, still locked in VIC, will have to wait till next week to report on thermals on this.
          Dell has a power manager app where you can choose a cooling profile, I will give it a go. This has received a few BIOS updates including thermal optimization so we'll see.

          Nitro was good, and I would have kept it if it didn't have a wacky keyboard. When blind typing, upper row was hit and miss all the time. I spent lots of time correcting typos. For gaming it was great.

          • @shabaka: Once you get yours, it would be great to get your thoughts on it as I'm really keen on this model compared with the smaller mx250 models due to the thermal issues

            • @WarChief: sure! it sounds (I read your other thread in the Lenovo post) that you are looking for exactly the same things in a laptop lol
              I hope I can get it before the deal expires.

              but then with Dell you never know, like the old deal expired last night, but only got better, so.. fingers crossed

            • @WarChief: called up Dell this morning and they told me they handed it over to the courier, so should be here tomorrow

              • @shabaka: Yeah mate, was pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Lenovo Ideapad gaming here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/567264 at full RRP of $1399. I stopped short of pressing the button to hear your feedback first. Very keen to hear your nuanced feedback

                • @WarChief: I think that Ideapad Gaming is a good option, the only drawback is 250nit screen. yes 120Hz is cool, but color space coverage is poor
                  also battery is on the smallish end of the scale
                  otherwise it's up to you, you will be able to do much much more modern gaming on the Lenovo
                  I was considering it when it was on special for $1179 (and it might be again) but those two factors above stopped me.

                • @WarChief: received my laptop
                  it is a thing of a beauty
                  installing all the updates right now
                  screen is crisp clear
                  feels very solid and small for a 15 incher
                  doesn't feel light for sure

                  • @shabaka: Thanks @shabaka.

                    What's the weight. is it heavier than 2.2?
                    Thermals good?
                    Fan Noise?

                    and further, what ram did you get and the 2.5 hdd so I can do the same? links please

                    • @WarChief: while connected to the charger (and you have to set up and update BIOS on the charger) it runs aggressive, fans audible but not to annoying levels
                      now that I finished the setup and switched it to the mode that I use for all my laptops, fans are off and system runs silent.
                      my settings are "Optimized" in Dell Power Manager and "Better Battery" in windows power slider
                      also disabled that annoying variable brightness in intel graphics control

                      I normally use my laptops on battery power

                      my second drive is Kingston A2000

                      and RAM is in the mail still, I can't confirm if it works yet.

                    • @WarChief: updated my first impressions into main post above

                    • @WarChief: interesting that I am unable to find the panel model, that's a first

                      I am curious to find out what's this 8bit panel with wide gamut and 300nit by BOE

                      rather unusual to see an 8bit panel in this price range

                      • @shabaka: Are you saying that is a premium panel for the price range?

                        • @WarChief: for a conventional laptop yes.
                          in addition I didn't know this, but 1050 3GB is like 1050 Ti with less memory bandwidth
                          it has same number of CUDA cores as 1050 Ti, but less memory than Ti and 25% narrower memory interface
                          in some workloads (read: games) it will work better than 1050

                        • @WarChief: as for the RAM I just bought that one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563584
                          it arrived today finally, seller forgot to pay postage

                          this one works fine at 2666, and timings match the one that came in the laptop precisely. so now it's running 24Gb dual channel

  • I've also got the Inspiron 15 7000 (vostro 7590) with the i7. Fans ramp up loud at 25% CPU load and is often at 60-70 degrees during normal use. This is after the bios fan update.

    This laptop is a lower spec so if you wear headphones, it should be fine.

  • 72%….. no excuses now

  • Being a complete tech dud, would this run the new Microsoft Flight Simulator comfortably? Thanks for answering the dumb question.

    • A little underpowered for FS2020. That's like the modern-day 'can it run Crysis' benchmark now.

      the GT1050 is a pretty low end GPU (by today's standards) and the cooling / heatsink is not designed for full-throttle workloads for extended periods of time. It's fine for bursty workloads but not for hours of games.

      The Lenovo IdeaPad gaming might be a better budget choice for $1099 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568126 or https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/lenovo-ideapad-gaming-3

      • Thanks, really appreciate the input! Will have a look at the IdeaPad.

      • just to make it clear, anyone planning to do intensive gaming on this would be insane

        this is a business laptop first and most, and fits my use case of "work all day; photo editing; 30 minutes of gaming to clear the mind" and all my favourite titles go fine on mx150 so I expect better gaming experience on this

      • Can it run Crysis-Remastered?

    • Real time benchmarks on youtube with the same specs as this laptop

      You will be able to run flight simulator 30-35fps @ 1080p on low.

    • What settings are you expecting? My desktop doesn’t run it smoothly at 4K max. You want to run it at 720p low settings?

    • Technically nothing truly plays the new MS Flight Simulator comfortably at full settings yet, maybe like a 3080? Anyway point is that like people mention, it's kinda the modern day 'Can it run Crysis?' all over again. Basically Microsoft has a line of thinking that when creating the newest sim, they create the program with room to get better as hardware improves, so as GPUs and CPUs get more powerful, they can run it at higher framerates and settings comfortably. Kinda neat I guess, kinda annoying too.

  • I wanna pay this price… but with LTE

    • me, too
      but is it possible?
      for this kind of price I can get my hands on Latitude 7490 with LTE but it won't have this kind of power

      • Yeah stupid triangle of choice

        • why would someone care about LTE these days? I have a laptop with LTE, and it's a joy to use yes, but then I have a separate SIM card and account to maintain

          while I can just flip my phone out and do a hotspot and have the same thing

          what's the benefit of LTE really? I'd rather stick another NVMe drive inside which they already did here

          • @shabaka: Because my phone is a terrible hotspot and it then becomes a good family travel device. I have a pooled data account that is grandfathered at $5 per month. So I have plenty data available

          • @shabaka: Optus has data sharing between SIMs you use for free, so would be a neat feature, but like you say there's much more utility in having more storage flexbility than LTE.

            • @dgahnys: still I think it's more versatile to either use phone as a hotspot or to buy one of them little mobile hotspot devices and do the same. my other LTE laptop is presently rocking my Belong SIM from the numerous Belong start packet deals, which costs me next to nothing to run, but still it's kind of a hassle to keep an eye on it

    • Can't U install a LTE modem later? LTE would be good though .

  • Now that's a price point I can appreciate. Time for a new work laptop thanks!

  • Does cashback works on these from CR and SB?

    • The 5% cashback is the same amount as the coupon code so unless the code is on CR or SB it's a no.

  • 1050 = puke

  • Also looks like for $80 more you get 512gb and a 98kWh battery.

    • yes, however that one isn't "ready to ship"
      if you're OK to wait 2-3 weeks, yes it's a very good option, too

    • added to the main post thank you. for someone willing to wait it's a good option

    • when you look at Dell site, look for the "order code" for each product you see. if it starts with "c" it's "build to order" so there will be a shipping delay and possibly lead time due to part availability. anything starting with "s" is in stock pre-built and ready to ship

  • FYI the Vostro have heating issues, please beware

    • All the models?

    • I am confused, is Vostro and Inspiron the same?

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJjpUnJRlAI <—— is this the same computer as the deal???

    • In my experience with Dell it's more been a case of their fans are always on overdrive when they shouldn't. Setting minimum processor state to 99 fixes it. Thats not say maybe some models specifically have genuine overheating issues.

      • On my vostro, it doesn't seem the fans are even running at all cos its dead silent! I tried to turn the fan on max settings but cant find the option. It's not in BIOS setting either.

        • Might be model specific. I've seen fan settings in UEFI on some.

          • @Clear: I just opened up my laptop to install the 8gb ram and noticed my Fan does not spin at all. I think this laptop is dud.

            • @Homr: You should really turn off the laptop before opening the RAM compartment.

              • @itstuan: The back cover takes a bit of time to take off. When I first inserted the ram and put cover back on, my other 8gb ram was not detected so I had to take the cover off and recheck if the ram was inserted properly. This time around I turned my laptop to make sure my ram was detected before screwing the cover back on and this is when I noticed the fan was not spinning.

                Took me like an hour from start to finish to install that 8gb of ram :(

                • @Homr: I reckon that is a dud. Hope you are talking to customer support

                  • @WarChief: I fix up the 8gb ram slot, it wasn't inserted properly but now I'm running 16gb :D

                    But the fan doesn't seem to be spinning……

                • @Homr: Try to run system diagnostics, press F12 when Dell splash screen appear when you turn on the laptop.
                  Also try update bios, see how you go

                  • @itstuan: tried them both. Diagnostic completed fine and bios is the latest.

                    I have a feeling that after the bios update the fans only turn on if they reach a certain high temperature because earlier reports have people complaining about the fan noise.

  • How this dell compared to surface 3

  • Can this be charged via USB-C port using one of the Dell docks? Or is the USB-C port for data only?

    • can be charged via usb-c
      if you expect to power the machine while it's on, you need a 135w usb-c charger
      when laptop is off, 65w should do the trick

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one plus another 8gb ram and 1tb samsung SSD, should be good :-)