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Dell Vostro 15 7590 - i5-9300H, GTX 1050, Full HD IPS 72% NTSC, 256GB SSD - $1025.05 (RRP $2419) Delivered @ Dell


Note: Dell has now told me that they have a part shortage (LCD panel) so I am expiring this deal. I am told that any future orders for this unit will not be fulfilled

My old deal expired but then got better with a different code. $1025 delivered now.

also note that this is "in stock for quick delivery". If you are in Sydney, if you order via chat before 11am and pay with a VISA or MasterCard, you get the laptop on the same business day. if you order after 11am, you get it next business day.

Another hidden gem from Dell

GTX 1050 3GB
FullHD IPS 300nit - DELL says this is 72% NTSC which means close to full sRGB coverage
Thunderbolt 3
magnesium alloy body

alternatively this configuration with 512GB SSD and huge 96Wh battery, thanks to Tzeeman, but in that config forget about 2.5 SATA drive - space taken up by the battery, and it's not ready to ship, lead time is about 2-3 weeks price is $1101.05 delivered

detailed model specs
service manual

I like this model because you can have 2 NVMe drives and not bother with OS reinstall to extend your storage. You can even add a 2.5 SATA drive on top if you feel like doing so.

screen is non-touch

suits people who want a gaming machine that doesn't make you look like a doofus in a meeting room if you also want to do your work on it. Vostro 7000 means and looks business, but you can also fire up a game and spend the time productively if you wish. This is also almost like a poor man's Dell XPS which looks much more business-like as well.

yah yah not that many games released in 2020 you will be able to play comfortably in FullHD, older titles mostly. But hey, it will be enough for some. For half the price of a business laptop you get a magnesium body that still can do much more gaming than built in graphics or MX150/250? I think it's an option.

premium build. also sRGB coverage means you can edit photos on this, and also media consumption will be a joy. photographers rejoice (although photographers should pack a USB3 SD card reader since this laptop only has a microSD slot - why, Dell? anyway who cares, those built in SD card readers are usually dead slow, and I still have my trusty tiny USB3 reader I got years ago, it's lightning fast)

also battery is 56Wh which is bigger than they usually pack in this price range gaming machines.

not for everyone, but still a viable option I think

PS: Received my laptop today. First impressions: really good.
- screen is fantastic. very clear, 8bit color, bright. will require calibration though to do any photo work
- I normally run my laptops on battery power (Better Battery in windows power slider) and I haven't had any thermal problems. runs quiet. on 72% battery remaining windows reports 4 hours 40 minutes to go
- plugged in, on "better performance" and Optimized setting in Dell power manager, runs quiet when doing browsing and office work
- so all in all I haven't experienced thermal issues so far
- build quality is very good and pleasant to the touch
- remember when you get it, plug it in and let it sit for 10-15 minutes charging before you turn it on for the first time
- also don't bother adding a fingerprint until you're done installing all updates and firmware, it works much better after all that
- keyboard is reliable and relatively quiet, 2 levels of backlight
- slim and small for a 15 inch laptop

so far I haven't done any upgrades (RAM or SSD) will do later

RAM I added https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563584
works perfectly fine, timings match the 8gb that came with it

second SSD I install: good old Kingston A2000

all in all looks very promising.

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  • Can additional RAM be installed in this - or rather any of the Dell laptops (maybe except the XPS line).

    I'm after the above specs just need 16GB RAM.

  • Cheers OP. Purchased.

  • Anyone know the max ram and disk space this machine can have?

    Im keen on ordering additonal RAM and a SSD for it.

    • max ram is 32 GB
      in the post I linked RAM I bought
      as for SSD it will take any NVMe 2280 M.2 or a 2.5" SATA (actually both, this laptop has 2 NVMe slots plus a 2.5" SATA)

      • Cheers mate.
        Awesome help
        My machine came today. Love it already.
        I switched from a mac and its great to get back onto windows. The your phone app is really awesome.

        Do you have any app recommendations for windows machines?

        Btw, did you remove any dell bloatware?

  • Thanks OP. My first laptop purchase in over 15 years, been using a desktop for the last 10 years.

  • The link is taking to 7000 series. Is it the same one?

    • Hi! well, they can't really be compared
      the one I posted turns into a kind of mobile workstation or a gaming machine when you plug it in
      the one you linked is a normal laptop
      with normal 15W CPU, basic graphics, 13 inch screen
      but if you need something small and light on intel platform, why not? but then again, newer generation based laptops should be coming out soon, and prices will drop towards singles day / black friday, so why buy that now?

      • Thanks for your reply. Is vostro 7590 and 7000 same? The link is taking to 7000 series but the price and all features you mentioned are similar

        • yes. "Vostro 7000" is just [model family] - [model class]

          Vostro 7000 is not model name, really, just a subclass

          Vostro 7590 is a model name which tells a few things about the laptop, broken down into a few parts:
          Vostro - 7 - 5 - 90:

          Vostro = small business line of hardware (supposed to be better quality control than consumer lines Inspiron and XPS, but at the same time more basic than Latitude which is purely business oriented)

          7 = class 7000 meaning top of the line model (class 3000 is basic, usually plastic build, 7000 is top of the line with metal builds mostly, better components, and 5000 is somewhere in between)

          5 = 15 inch model (2 would mean 12.5", 3 would mean 13.3", 4 would mean 14", 7 would mean 17.3")

          90 = model generation. previous generation would be 80, next generation would be 00, then 10, etc.

  • ok, ok got 1 before the discount expires…. thanks for the great write up of this notebook OP! If it wasn't for your recommendation I would not have got it.

  • The link now shows they have slashed the prices without entering in the code

    • How's that? Link has price of $1079 then apply code and get 5% off to bring down to 1025ish

  • Seems still in stock though.