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[Refurb] Inspiron 7591 i7-9750H GTX 1650 $1209 Delivered @ Dell Outlet AU


GTX 1650 4GB
FullHD IPS - DELL says this is 72% NTSC which means close to full sRGB coverage
Thunderbolt 3

Same model as my other deal

- Refurbished
- Dell Inspiron branded (same model really, same motherboard, same battery, same ports, same BIOS etc)
- Silver body instead of Black
- i7-9750H 6 core
- 512 GB SSD
- GTX 1650 (instead of 1050 in other deal)
- aluminum alloy for body, as a result this Inspiron is heavier than the Vostro from my other deal

detailed specs
service manual

For some this will be a better choice if you're OK to buy refurbished.
Comes with 1 year on site warranty, warranty can be extended to 3 years for another $116 from memory when you purchase

This may be a better deal for some, but I am not entirely sure if this model has adequate cooling to cope with 6 core 45W CPU and 1650, which is why I chose the other deal which is 4 core i5 and 1050. should be a more balanced solution

but if you must have 1650 this is the model to get.

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  • Dell has overheating issues.

    My vostro i7 10510u idles at 60-67 degrees and goes up to 100 degrees when running general applications.

    You might need to invest in a cooling pad if you want to use a dell laptop.

    • this one is a good candidate to run hot, I have to admit

      but to date I haven't experienced thermal issues with Dell's well except for that crazy machine XPS 9575 based on Kaby Lake G
      That one was too hot to handle

      • What will happen if I keep using my Vostro at a constant 100 degrees? Will it burn my apartment down?

        I'm very disappointed with my Vostro purchase but I don't to return it back to Dell either with all the hassle.

        • +1

          2 things to try:
          1. click on the battery icon and choose Better Battery for power mode
          2. install and run Dell Power Manager, first choose Optimized profile, if still too hot, choose Cool profile and see how it works for you

          • @shabaka: Thanks but those solutions above is pretty much throttling the CPU and weakening it.

            The whole point of me buying a i7 is for performance so throttling the CPU to keep it cool defeats the purpose.

            • +2

              @Homr: any CPU will run hot if you keep it at max frequency
              and your performance will actually suffer if you do this

              and this is not throttling, this is the opposite. it allows CPU to dip into lower power states more often when the load is light.
              honestly, you won't notice the difference.

              the way it works is:
              when you don't need a lot of computing power, your CPU will run cool at 25% of its frequency, so when you do need a lot of processing power (and on a 15W TDP it's expected that this will be infrequent and not for prolonged periods of time) your CPU will go full out and into the power boost mode

              if your CPU was already hot, it won't be able to do that power boost

              so yes, you need to enable those settings and you will actually see improvements where it does matter :) try it

              • +2

                @shabaka: On another note, if the temperature you are seeing is still there after selecting the better battery power mode, you need to remember that the 9750H is quite the processor.

                So don't be surprised that it really pushes the limits of the package's performance/thermal envelope if you are running software that can load up the CPU cores.

                100'C is actually fine for most of the laptop chips, which are designed to work within that thermal envelope. If you are really concerned, you could try to improve the cooling but the chip would probably just take advantage of the extra headroom and push itself harder instead.

                • @systema: yes, I would be fine with that.
                  if I were to buy this particular model I would make sure I repaste though
                  personally I went for my other deal with 9300H and 1050. less shit to cool

                  • @shabaka: Is it hard to repaste a laptop CPU?

              • @shabaka: Interesting, does this apply for desktop aswell?

                I have my desktop set to Ultimate performance mode, should I change it to balance mode?

                • @Homr: same, although your desktop might be better cooled and could run full speed all the time

                  • @shabaka: Yeh it is better cooled. I apply artic freezer thermal paste on it recently.

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    Is the RAM on this upgradable? If so, what is the max RAM it can handle?

    • +1

      yep all in the documents I linked above

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