Mother Caught on Mobile Speed Camera, No Warning Signs

Hey guys,

So my mother got in the mail a fine for going 10km/h or under on a road from a mobile speed camera at night, this was approx at 8pm. Fine state she was going 56km/h in a 50 zone.

Upon checking her dash cam on the road, there were no warning signs at all and I advised she should contest it with her dash cam evidence.

Has anyone contested this kind of fine with video evidence?

Should she contest it?


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    be a good son and pay for her fine. then we can all continue finding bargain here

    • is this so that OP wont be able to buy OzBargain deals, leaving us with more chances?

    • I had no fines for 10 years.. i called the number on the fine i received in the phone and they gave me a caution and i paid no fine or lost any points.

      You can do this every 10 years :) . my driving record still shows this caution on it.. but ZERO fines or points lost.

      THIS will not work if its even 1 month under 10 years lol.. friend had 9 years 11 months and they said NO! to him

      • Do you know if this would this include things like council parking fines, or just no demerit incurring fines for 10 years?

    • I think she'll be fine …

  • If she hasn’t had a fine in the past few years, write a letter in and ask them to waive it

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      It is 10 years in NSW.

      I am guessing your mother is not in NSW though, as they do not issue a fine if only 6kms only.

      Victoria do, and actually state this (where NSW do not formally state the cut off for speeding).

      56km is pretty rough. I think you should contest it if your time permits.

      Maybe this is how the government plan to get us out of recession.

      Hey, may the government could sell the speed cameras to a foreign interest, to get a short term bump of cash?

      • NSW do issue fines for doing 56 in 50 zone. One of my friends got a fine for doing 55 in 50 zones, although it was about 10 years ago so not sure if rules have changed since then

      • Not only is it 10 years but it is 10 years of having a full licence. P plates don't count.

        I got done for 17km/h over coming down the M1 and the cop said you got nothing on your record so just pop online and you can submit a claim to have it just a warning. I did just that but got declined because unfortunately I only had my full licence for 9 years and 10 months…. So fustrating.

        Now I just use cruise control set at the speed limit.

  • I robbed my local 7-11 recently and got arrested????
    there were no signs saying I can't hold the owner at gunpoint!
    Can I contest my 3 years jail time at the court????

  • Upon checking her dash cam on the road, there were no warning signs at all and I advised she should contest it with her dash cam evidence.

    Warning signs huh, i think NSW was the only state to still have them… they may have changed this as everywhere else no such rule. At the end of the day, she was over the speed limit for that area, contest it if she has a clean record and you'll get off with a warning.

    Should she contest it?

    No harm in trying to contest it even though she was over the limit, if her record is clean they may just issue you with a warning. instead. I've had a fine withdrawn as my record was clean.

  • Default speed limit where there are no signs is 50.

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    ya government should send you message whenever they instal a new camera

    • … plus mobile flashing red and blue lights installed 300 metres before the camera.

  • I'm in WA where we stopped having warning signs years ago.
    Although if they're required in NSW then its bit dodgy that there aren't any warning signs to signal the presence of a speed camera, not sure if it's legally enforceable though.

    Definitely was talk of removing them November 2019 but it doesn't look like anything eventuated from it.

  • so the issue here is she was speeding and no one told her to slow down because a camera was up ahead?


    so… speeding… what else matters?

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      I think the question here is whether putting signs out for mobile speed camera's is a requirement or a courtesy.

      • bingo

      • I think back in the dark ages when roadside cameras came out then the signs were a courtesy to get people used to/aware of the new enforcement tool.

        Now, if you don't know they have cameras then you really should hand your licence back and take the bus.

    • Hilarious that people want to speed 99% of the time and be given a heads up for the other 1%

      • I'm against speeding in traffic but when it's 11pm on the freeway with no cars in sight going 110 does feel a bit slow ;)

        • Honestly so does going 500km/h on a plane. Just put it on cruise and enjoy.

  • Rest of Australia: Speeding camera warning signs

    Us in W.A: Wait, you guys are getting warning signs?


    • Unless things have changed in the last few years, there are none used in Victoria either and they were using non-descript, covert vehicles.

      In NSW, they put out signs and cover the car in a very distinctive set of decals so that you know it’s a camera car.

      • they were using non-descript, covert vehicles

        The dude asleep in the passenger seat with his feet up on the dash usually gives them away.

      • cover the car in a very distinctive set of decals

        Possibly (as mentioned by other commenters) due to it being a RMS vehicle rather than NSW Police.

    • Can't you still use radar detectors in WA?

    • Not in Victoria either (for mobile cameras)

    • No point in having signs. In SA for example they were supposed to have signs (way back when I lived there), but it wasn't stipulated where the signs should be, so they normally place them 50 or so M after the camera.

      In WA we are allowed to use radar detectors id desired.

    • In WA pretty sure it's a sport for the operators to be as camouflaged as possible - I've seen some pretty impressive traps.

      I'll happily take that over having to pay tolls though.

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    Why does she need a warning sign? Why is she speeding?

    • Exactly she'd be fine if she followed the sign posted speed LIMITS. They are there for a reason and should be adhered too, not just for you to speed when there are no cameras around.

      • A warning sign is required in nsw for mobile cameras. No idea where ops mum is situated but they can by all means contest the fine.

        • "A warning sign is required in nsw for mobile cameras"
          No it's not. It is usual practice to have them (unlike most other states), but there's no actual law that requires them so it won't invalidate the fine.

  • How long do you keep your dashcam footage for?

  • Qld gets Wall.E with no warnings. Enjoy your signs.

    • Wall E takes checks speed from behind (and has higher tolerance) so if you don’t spot one of those you’ve got yourself to blame

  • Warning sign…lol

  • So you can speed as much as you want and only stop speeding when you see a warning sign?

    What a great idea.

    Wish we had them in Vic where we can get fined for 3km/h over the limit plus gain demerit points also.