Ubiquiti NanoStation AC Loco $79 Delivered @ Revcom eBay


High performance, low cost and versatile Point-to-Point wireless bridge.

Frequency: 5 GHz
Throughput: 450+ Mbps
Range: 10+ km

eBay plus not required.

NanoStation AC official website

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  • +2 votes

    Perfect solution for granny flats 10m away….

  • Snarky commenters beware: the specs at https://www.ui.com/airmax/nanostation-ac/ for the device really do say 10km and of course that will be line of sight - far less in a crowded suburb. So yes, might be a good alternative for the last mile or three. Odd. Labelled as an antenna. Might just be passive?

    • they are bridges

      you need two and preferably the poe injectors too

      and then an AP on each end to distribute the signal

      • Seems amazingly inexpensive for a 10km hop. That really will probably solve some interesting problems. A lot of Pringle cantennae will likely be decommissioned :)

        • 10km is a line of sign, clear night, no rain type lab situation

          be that as it may, it would be great to use in a grannie flat or to provide internet to a site office on the other side of a large warehouse complex or to link guard towers on a perimeter w/ cameras etc etc.

          there are uses, just mostly not here

  • Can this be plugged into a switch via ethernet to work as an access point?

    • Yes they can be configured in this way. However these are highly directional. They will have very weak strength outside there frontal narrow arc. Better off with other ubiquity access point such as the lite AC if that's what your after.

      • I think AC generation only work with airmax devices as wireless bridges, the previous nanostation M generation can be used as general AP for non airmax devices. (Could be wrong.)

        For wireless bridge, this model can work as either AP or station (client) with another one or other airmax device.

      • surely then you need something like a rifle scope to aim the two bridges over any sort of a distance let alone 10km!