[WA, Clearance] Kinchrome Socket Set 10 Piece 10mm Set $19.95 (50% off) @ Bunnings, Bayswater


Various sets of 10mm 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
13mm sets available also
Always good to have a cache of extra 10mm for work on the car
Found in tool shop at Bunnings Bayswater, WA
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  • Its like they found all my lost 10mm sockets and are selling them as a pack lol.

  • World Issue!!

    Build a shrine [chep pallet style] to 10mm sockets

  • Any suggestions for a beginner set?

  • Are these just the sockets or are there drivers, too? I’ve got plenty of 10mm sizes already but my driver died.

    • Wait, what? Are you … not from Earth?

      • Sorry? Not quite sure what your asking. I have a full kit with sockets and driver handle, but my driver isn’t working any more. Often ‘socket set’ refers to the full set with driver, too. Since the photo in the OP shows sleeves of sockets only, my question was to ascertain if driver handles are on special as well.

        • I think people call them ratchets

        • LOL: Ahh, well you're the only person I've ever known who hasn't had an issue with losing 10mm sockets. Bascially you've got the exact reverse problem of pretty much every one else!

          Regarding replacing ratchets I haven't been instore to check - but if you're able to wait, I'd jump onto the next Repco 30% off everything sale and get some of their ones. You can buy individual ones, you don't need to get a set. Total tools will also sell them individually, as will Supercheap Auto.

          Resist the temptation to buy the cheapest; they don't last - and as you've already had at least one die on you, you need to go to the mid range I'd say. Price is generally a pretty good indicator of quality in that regard.

          The other thing you can do is check FB Marketplace/ebay/etc for second hand good ones. That's often a cheaper way to go and you end up with high quality tools. Note though that sometimes prices are insane. It's a bit of a juggling act, TBH.

          Edit: Just checked online - no, no ratchets in this set. It's just 10mm sockets.

          • @kale chips suck: Thanks for the reply. And, yes, I’m well acquainted with the practice of losing sockets, too, hence why I’ve got plenty already from buying replacement sets. Sockets never break and I think I’ve only ever rounded off one before so they basically last forever.

            I agree that spending a bit more on the ratchet (I always knew them as a ‘driver’, so probably the confusion in terminology earlier) is a good idea so I’ll have a look. I didn’t even think of secondhand so I’ll give that a go, too. Appreciate the suggestion.

          • @kale chips suck: I have several socket sets (1/2, 1/4 and a little almost pocket kit), the 1/2 drive set is over 30 years old, and Ive never lost a socket.

            Its how you use them, where you lazily put them down, and who else uses them. A little care, a tiny bit less lazy, and you wont lose a socket again.

            • @Tuba: Yeah, nice. I work on rail, surrounded by dozens of machines and sometimes with hundreds of bloke, at night in the dark with just a head torch, all over Melbourne all winter.

              Some of those blokes steal tools.

              You try that for a few years and see how you fare. Then come back here and tell me again I'm lazy.

  • lol it's literally a rail of ONLY 10mm sockets

  • Damn, no deep wall ones. Anyone find any in Sydney?