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Nintendo Switch Console (Neon or Grey) $429 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Grey - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/nintendo-switch-console-g...

Amazon has also price matched for those that have Prime and prefer delivery. I think it might only be the neon version though. Couldn't see grey.

Neon - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VNJDW4C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...

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  • Amazon does not require prime for free delivery, the spend on a switch is enough to qualify for free delivery regardless

    • google something called supply and demand and have a read

      • But the shortage in supply is over and with the next generation starting, I’m guessing demand will be easing.

        1) Prime Day, Black Friday, Christmas sales and Boxing Day sales are all coming up.
        2) New Switch version heavily rumoured for next year.
        3) The new model will hopefully fix the drift.

        It’s really the worst time to biting one of these. Especially so close to RRP.

        Off topic; imagine if they called the next Switch the Switch U🤣

  • Guys what was the cheapest this has ever been?

  • hmmm i need to claim my 28 degree mastercard price drop thing so they refund the difference, I wonder if i get this or wait till black friday where they might even be cheaper.

    • If you have 28D card you can buy whenever you want and claim the difference if there is a drop on Black Friday. You got nothing to lose except the time you could be spent playing now.

      • I have, maybe I didn't explain it right.
        I have a 28 degree Master card and
        And a switch i bought with the card.
        I also have the price guarantee turned on.

        You can only claim the price reduction once as far as I'm aware, so wondering if I should claim it (the reduction) on this or wait for a better deal.

        • You are incorrect. You can claim multiple times in the 12 month period, up to a maximum of $1000 per item, or $5000 for multiple items.

          • @sickburn: sorry, i meant, on the same item?

            • @wisc: Yes, you can claim on the same item. I and many people here have done this plenty of times.

              E.g. I bought some RAM for $150, then see it advertised for $140 a few weeks later, so I claimed it, and get $10 credited to my account.

              Later, the price drops to $110, and I claim that. Since my last claim dropped my price to $140, I get the difference btween $140 and $110, which is $30 credited to my account.

              Later the price drops even further to $100. Since my last claim was from $110, I only get $10 credited to my account.

              My total claims for this one item is therefore $50.

  • surely price goes down when new gen competitors come out

    • This is Nintendo you're talking about, and stop calling me Shirley.

    • Thing is Switch isn't a competitor. Switch has already been out for years alongside PS4 and Xbox and hasn't had a price drop, yet it still sells like crazy. They just dont need to because they've carved themselves a niche as a mobile console. Pretty smart of Nintendo to differentiate themselves from MS and Sony. I still feel ripped off paying for old tech though.

  • Looking at a Switch for the kids for Christmas, not sure if I should jump at this or hold out for a price reduction later in the year.

    • You could hold off until Amazon Prime Day and those Black Friday deals. They have had cheaper Nintendo Switch Console deals

      • +3 votes

        Agreed. Black Friday occurs on November 27th. Would hold off until around then if needing a Christmas gift.

    • Or you can get a used one for around $300 with warranty / receipts with possibly even with some games bundled in.

      • Yeah looking at that too. What's the standard Nintendo warranty these days?

        • 1 year, but most people are selling as most have bought one during the pandemic lock down and have gotten bored of it quickly.

          A lot of great bargains out there.

          I picked up a Switch with all original boxes purchased in April with Pokemon Sword and Breath of the Wild for $300.

          Came with some cases, screen protector, thumb grips as well.

    • Agreed with the 1st 2 reply.
      Got mine for $350 with free mario kart last xmas or boxing day (can't remember) at JB

  • The PS4 in the US dropped $50 in it's first 2 years, then they brought out the Slim a year later, and that was it. It's the 4th highest selling console ever.

    Nintendo have given you a cheaper model. It's the best system out there by a mile with the best quality games. There's no price drop, it would make zero sense.

    • Not so sure on that. Both Xbox and PS new consoles will be out for Christmas, and more importantly good chance we may hear more about the Switch 2. Either could have an impact on sales.

    • GameCube, wii and WiiU all price dropped near the end of there life as other systems arrived.
      GC was as low as $50, Wii + Mario Kart was $200, WiiU well u saw dick smiths and others had fire sales. My local target still had a launch edition zombiU switch only months before the switch came out.

  • Purchased, Thanks OP

    What accessories would people recommend? Bought SD Card, Screen Protectors and Carry Case so far, This is for my 7 year old and will also be used by us and his younger siblings

    • A cartridge holder, since they are tiny and can be easily lost - if your case doesn't have it built in.

      • Get a second controller. I picked up the Pro Controller as I got over using the joy cons. The joy cons are ok for kids but feel adults might struggle.

  • Do I need a dock to connect this to the TV so both kids can play it on big screen?

  • Isn't a Pro version coming soonish?

  • This should be $320 max due to the drifting joycon issues that never gets fixed