[PS4, XB1] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - $49 When Trading 2 Selected Games @ EB Games


Similar to the popular Cyberpunk 2077 trade in deal you can trade in 2 selected games with a minimum value of $10 to pre-order a copy for $49 (RRP $109.95). You will need to call or go in store to confirm which games are eligible.

This preorder is for the current generation of gaming consoles. Next-gen console compatibility explained here.

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EB Games Australia


  • That $20 discrepancy. Pretty sure Cyberpunk is going to be way better than anything Call of Duty can do.

    • I've never played either of the franchises - but I'm very keen on Cyberpunk (love the whole dystopic genre of games/movies/books)

  • no pc ;-( guess it would have been an empty box anyway.

    Have already pre-ordered Cyberpunk on amazon - thought about cancelling to do trade.

    • PC doesn't sell through retailers anymore for COD unfortunately. You can only get it through Blizzard online and its $100 which is insane.

    • PC physical is GOG from what I’ve seen FYI. same with Witcher I believe

  • Cyberpunk will probably require significant amount of hours to be invested. I will pass.

    • CDPR have said they're making the campaign shorter for Cyberpunk because of the fact hardly anyone completed The Witcher 3 lol.

  • $79 on Amazon fwiw.

  • I'd be more likely to take this offer if I didn't have to carry all my surplus games to EBGames and hope they accept at least two of them…

    publish the damn list of games!

    • I think you’d be able to call ahead and ask surely?

      • Call ahead works. I did this to check my two games for the Cyberpunk deal. The reason they say they don't publish the list is because trade prices can change on a daily basis. Not sure if that is true it's just what my local store has told me in the past.

        • It kinda makes sense though, I guess a game on the list could all of a sudden be super cheap elsewhere so they’d mark it off the list.

    • Basically somebody said in the Cyberpunk post that EB add mark up 4 times on most things as a general rule. So anything that sells as pre-owned for $40-$45 on EB website should be acceptable. Not a foolproof concept but helps as a starting point…i traded in Batman Arkham Knight and Unravel.

      Edit: just checked these two on website and they were $28 and $34…therefore I have no idea, and just another reason EB suck and can't wait till they go out of business. No idea how they survive charging $100 for every game