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Pringles: Sour Cream & Onion (OOS), BBQ (OOS) or Original 12x53g $11 ($9.90 S&S) + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Well-salted to savor that rich potato taste

Once you pop you can't stop!

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  • Have to mention - had both the originals and sour creams in the last couple weeks, seems like they've changed the recipe on the originals they aren't as good anymore or maybe I had a bad batch. Sour cream & onion is still on point.

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      BBQ is the best…

      They're 95 cents at Coles.

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      Are they still made in Malaysia? I stopped buying them since they started importing the Malaysian-made ones. We used to get the American-made ones which tasted better to me compared to the Malaysian, Belgian, and Chinese-made ones.

      • You sound like pringles connoisseur. Do you know what we get if we buy from Coles or Woolies?

        • The ones from Coles and Woolworths are made in Malaysia
          Source: had some last night

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          Do you know what we get if we buy from Coles or Woolies?

          They're made in Malaysia. We switched in 2016, there was a small uproar. Pringles changed the recipe since then. It tastes slightly better, but still faaaaar from the US-made ones. I did a double-blind taste test with a few of my friends and all of them preferred the US-made ones.

          The Pringles FAQ says they just set up a factory in Malaysia to keep up with demand. That is not true - in Malaysia, both Malaysian and US-made Pringles had been available for years before the switch.

          2.1k comments on the Pringles FB page about the switch

          News article on it.

        • They rarely used to be on special before they switched. Now they're discounted practically every week because nobody likes them.

  • Malaysian made pass I will wait til they come back out with the USA made ones. I am prepared to wait

    • I think the Malaysian ones have improved recently. The Korean BBQ flavour is pretty good.

    • I haven’t tried ever since it was moved to Malaysia

      Firstly the size of the chip is smaller, and then it is no longer crunchy and it’s thinner. And it taste like crap.

      I guess they haven’t bothered to revert back because it seems like there’s a lot of aussies who have average standards and keep buying them but I’ve boycotted them completely, they’re a joke. All to save a bit of money.

  • These look like half-size tubes.

  • once you pop, you gotta stop

  • Good value. For 12x53=636 grams, assume if you buy 134g tubes when it’s half priced, it still takes 636x2/134=$9.49.

  • Yes price matching Coles, Coles have all 3 flavours @ .95c ea plus 2.5% egift card discount at RACQ or others..

  • Miss the days (seems like a decade ago now) when they used to make big, chunky ones from the land of the Big Mac. It got all ruined when they moved production to Malaysia (where the cheapest snack foods are made) and changed the recipe and size. Haven’t had one since my disappointing first bite of the “new” chips years ago.

  • The RRPs of these cans are actually very expensive, considering that they are only 42% potato. The majority consists of rice and wheat flour, which are much, much cheaper ingredients (rice crackers for example, made primarily of rice flour, are usually around a dollar per pack). Yet they still charge $4 per can at Woolies/Coles.

  • Damn, missed out on Sour Cream & Onion. Good value though

  • Well-salted

    Disagree for the BBQ ones. They're only lightly flavoured.