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SoundPEATS Truengine3 SE Wireless Earbuds 15% off, $54.39 (Normally $63.99) Shipped @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


Doesn't seem to be on special very often, and I am not sure if the deal is targeted but appeared on two Amazon accounts I have. Give it a crack!

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  • I bought this for my dads iPhone and it was hell to connect. Its also very difficult to re connect and use on iphone

    • I am just tossing up whether to grab a set for myself and all the reviews rave about them, would you advise not to based on that experience?

      • Most reviewers of these cheapo buds get them for free, they rarely say anything negative IMHO. As a whole they just mention they sound great for their price, which I believe a clever get away phrase to review something they get for free from the reseller or manufacturer. Just don't expect convenience of seamless connectivity apple airpods (or galaxy buds in case of samsung phones) offer.

        • Well I’ve bit the bullet, I’ll update here on thoughts once I get them. Luckily it’s shipped via Amazon so the 30 day return applies if they do turn out to be rubbish!

          • @neb120: Great, I hope you get a good one. Sure let us know how they compare, may be with some photos :) upvoted because of the ability to return for free if they send duds instead buds :p

        • yepp, i can vouch for that, and if you put anything less than 4 stars, they start harassing you and asking you to delete the review.

      • +2 votes

        I've had some for a couple of weeks. Android here but haven't had any major issues. I've noticed a couple of dropouts when walking through the city, but then my much more expensive Sony wireless headphones drop out in the same spots.

        Apart from that, sound is good, fit is good, really can't complain about what you get for the price.

        Also, lol about them never being on special, deals come out for these every 2nd week it seems.

    • Qualcomm SOC QCC3020 is the best in this class of earbuds. No connection issues at all with my BT5.0 compatible Samsung and laptop.

  • Just got this recently about 2 weeks ago. Brilliant earphones.

    Passive noise isolation is okay
    Bass is okay

    But quality of sound is great, and fits pretty well in my ear.

    Only major gripe would be poor microphone quality. It's just very quiet.

  • I have this

    Sound quality is surprisingly good, although I am not a sound specialist. I had some issues pairing at the beginning as my phone finds the R and L, and I must pair with L or they won't connect. To be clear, if I connect to L they will both connect, it's just how this pairing work. No interference unless I turn the microwave on (it seems ridiculous, but sound is terrible a few meters away from the microwave when I am heating something).

    My problem is that they don't stay in my ears so I can't use for exercising, which was my idea when I bought them. I wouldn't buy any earphones that don't have wings to keep them fit. I am still considering alternatives but haven't made a decision yet.

    • +1 vote

      (it seems ridiculous, but sound is terrible a few meters away from the microwave when I am heating something).

      not ridficulous. microwaves can interfere with wifi and bluetooth.

      • I didn't know that, and it's interesting to note that my other two wireless headphones don't have the same interference.

    • I got these from a deal last year and they sound like $10 mudbuds. Awful SQ.

    • Also I use these Koss KSC75 to train. They're open so you can hear the outside world. Also their SQ is exceptional for the price.

    • Both microwave ovens and bluetooth operate at 2.4ghz. In hindsight, this was stupid, but it's cheap to implement thus why they did it.

      The standard reference for power use during a bluetooth communication is 1W, a microwave oven is 600-1500W. While microwaves are pretty well shielded they're definitely not perfect, so your earbuds are trying to get a signal from your phone while someone in a nearby box is going "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH" as loud as they can.

      Agree on the pairing, I picked these up a few weeks ago and it's really annoying as I'm deaf in my left ear so I only ever use the right one. However I just pick it up, let it pair, then drop it back in the case and it's fine. I also cannot for the life of me get it to connect as a headset on my work laptop (windows 8.1) which means I can't use it for skype calls, which was the purpose of buying it (I wanted something wireless with a mute function so I could make coffee while I'm in my morning meeting)

  • These are amazing.
    Microphone is quiet, but still quite usable if you have a baritone voice; everyone can still hear me fine.

    Sound quality is better than my old beats, or my AirPods.

  • i watched a lot of reviews. and this comes out on top a few times. and it sound even better than some well known brand like apple airpod.

  • Mic is a huge let down for these, great sound
    Ended up getting freebuds 3 and they are by far the most underrated them I have come across in a long time. Amazing mic and an even better sound.

    • Very pleased with the freebuds 3 also. Wish there was good eq. in the app. You can also use elastic band to reverse charge it to your phone if you're on the move.

    • you are comparing a Sub $200 with a $50 unit

      • Ah yes very much so am. Also had airpods before these and these are far better then air pods.

  • These were going for the same price a couple of days ago. So this price might not be so rare going forward. Note, when I ordered mine ETA was October 9, but I've also noticed Amazon is being very conservative with delivery times on some items lately.

    I actually bought the original/first-gen Truengine buds a few weeks ago, but I was getting distortion/noise on certain sounds (it would sound like someone blowing sharp and hard on a microphone). It wasn't connectivity because it occurred at the same point on every song (and would even happen on some notification sounds or podcasts). Was really annoyed as they were otherwise quite good quality for the price (microphone was rubbish, but I don't ever expect a good mic on wireless earbuds, as the mic is just too far away from the mouth). I ended up sending them back for a refund (would have gladly taken a replacement, but Amazon only offered a refund).

    • I received mine today and am stoked with the quality for the price. Much wider range that my previous few sets of earbuds.

      I was right on Amazon being conservative on the delivery times, was less than 3 business days to regional Victoria.

  • I own these earbuds, Elite 65T, 75T and have also tried Bose Soundsport Free, Jaybird Vista. I must say that the Soundpeats SE3 are not only just at a good price but the sound quality is unbelievable! Tight bass, not cheap treble.

    Haven't had connectivity issues with my Oppo Reno Z or my work iPhone.

    The fit is perfect especially with the Comply foam tips which come with the buds.

  • These were shipped ultra fast, unfortunately audio and call quality below what I was hoping for (which from all the hype around this model was probably expecting too much).

    Light weight, felt strange in my ears but could possibly get used to them
    Sound was quite loud when needed
    They connected via aptx eventually

    Had to force connection to aptx in the phone settings.
    Sound was kind of featureless, I did not listen for long though but that was my first impression.
    Felt slightly uncomfortable in my ears
    Inconsistent touch controls
    Phone call performance was unacceptable, the other party could not hear me clearly