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Intel Core i9-10850K $649 | i7-10700K & KA $549 + Delivery @ Shopping Express, 10% off Accompanying Z490 Motherboard


Not the best time to buy a CPU with Zen3 right around the corner but this is relatively cheap if you need one now. 10850K is $100-150 cheaper than the 10900K at the cost of overclocking headroom.

10700K for $550

10700KA if you care about the Avengers game

edit: automatic 10% off accompanying z490 motherboard when you add both to cart.

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  • Price of CPU is actually OK but the cost of Z490 MB and a proper cooler is a pain in the ass.

    • can get 360 aio for $120
      im using one now on a delided 10700k, great temps

      • where can get 360 for $120, some 240mm around that but havent seen a 360 lol

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          Deepcool GAMMAXX L360 V2 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler


          i got it because of the hose length

          • @OdZ: Have a gamerstorm/maelstrom something something watever 240mm from what feels like 100 years ago still cools a delided 6700k at around 15-65 degrees while gaming, nothing really wrong with some deepcool products lol.
            nice price cheapest staticice/google would bring up was that for $136+15 delivery to melb from skycomp, do $129 pickup is nice.
            Need long hoses for large cases these days or you're just making aio work harder lol

            465mmmmmm thats some long tube it got.

    • proper cooler

      You need one on AMD as well, the Wraith Prism nowhere near enough for a 3900X - it won't max PBO and sounds like a rocket engine. I actually took the Wraith Prism that came with my 3900X and put it on my 3600 and to be honest, it's more appropriate there. Disappointed that AMD includes a dinky Wraith Spire with the 3600 (which is nowhere near enough).

      • Well, the Wraith Prism is no way a good cooler, but hey it looks nice and mine holded my 3900x well before U12A arrives.

        However, due to it's 7nm process size and relatively small die, heat can hardly be dispensed to cooler and the proformance gain from a decent cooler for ZEN 2 isn't as obvious. A 360 AIO won't beat U12A much (still better) on a ZEN2 CPU.

        On the other hand, Intel is still using 14nm+++++ on their 10th gen. While heat transfer would be easier, reaching 5Ghz all cores would heat around 200w and a 280 AIO would be the minimum requirement if you want fully explore its potential…

  • I wish AMD would drop their price

    • Should be soon (early October) when the next Gen AMD CPU are announced (assuming stock still available).

  • When i put this cpu in the cart with z490 tomahawk i get a $33.90 promo code 'MOBO_10 MOBO_10'.. tempting

    Edit: works with z490 vision g too. Makes it really appealing

  • 10850K is basically a 10900K, watch the GamersNexus video. FWIW, the 10900K is already running balls to the wall, there's practically no OC headroom at all. The 10850K at $650 is a good alternative to the 3900X, which is a similar price. 2 less cores, but undeniably better gaming performance. Pick your poison.

    Completely agree that the expensive Z490 boards spoil this deal. The 3900X can be paired with a ~$200 B550 board, whereas Z490 boards are at least $100 more. Don't necessarily agree with the cooler comments since the Wraith Prism that comes with the 3900X isn't really enough to keep it cool (doesn't reach max PBO and it runs too loud), so you'll really want to buy a nice cooler either way.

  • It's literally just the box that is Avengers themed. Wow, that's so weird!

  • damn.. Just bought one from Sky Comp last week for $710 with Asus ROG Strix Z490-E for $477. Combined with NZXT X73 AIO, system purrs like a happy kitten. Now debating whether to wait couple of weeks 3080 or pull trigger on 2080 S..
    here is the system, all dressed up and nowhere to go.. - https://ibb.co/BGTHh3m

    10th Gen prices keep falling. Good on AMD for bringing competition to the market. Intel has been screwing us on pricing for too long.

    • Grats .. my itx is sitting waiting for a cpu and a gpu … its running a 3200G and a R9 270 on a x570 so you win LOLLL … if you can wait for the 3070 and AMD to announce, then it's easier to make that decision.. :) even if u go 2080S it should be cheaper … from some of the leaks the 3060 will rival the 2080/2080S, id still go next gen if you can afford it.. with your build it's kinda a shame not to go all out ;)

      • Thanks. I had been collecting parts one at a time for few months to finish the build with a 3080. it’s just a shame how 3000 series launch has turned out. 3070 will be even more popular so I don’t know if I can get one this year at all that’s why I’m leaning towards 2080 S. it’ll probably lose 50% value right away.

        • i dunno about 50% .. but if you can't wait a month then fair enough, still try for the 2080ti.. 🙂 or get yourself a good 1080p gpu and wait till the new year for it all to settle…

          i've been collecting parts even longer but yeh the main ones have come through last 2-3 months after covid stuff settled down…

          Just saw that a 3060ti will launch this year as well… Likely end of oct… Seems like nvidia wants to poop on amd's parade… Lol.. Im going to change my recommendation to def wait or get a cheap gpu to tie u over… 🙂

    • Did you have to update the bios or did the 10850k work out of the box?