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Victa 40V 16" Mower & Garden Pack $699 + Postage @ Melbournes Mower Centre


Decent deal for cordless gardening pack. Includes Lawn Mower, Line Trimmer, Hedger, Blow Vac, 40V 4AH Battery and Charger.

Mower is quiet and all items have worked great!

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  • 16" Mower

    So it's a toy mower?

  • i've been waiting for a lawnmower deal for a while!

  • Curious how much freight to Sydney would be…

  • Hi OP, What is the warranty period for each of these items please?

  • Is this really that much chop

    • Not huge but considering I needed all of the items included in this pack it was a good deal for me. It be difficult to find a li-ion gardening combo for this price!

  • Gonna need some extra batteries…

    • Yeah 1 battery for 4 devices is not enough.

      • I've only used it twice so far on approximately 100m2 or lawn (mower, line trimmer and blower). Tbh have been worried about battery life but it has held up so far for my lawn area. We will see!

  • Is 40V any good for a mower? I was considering Victa 82V…but this combo deals sounds good.

    • I have the 82v Victa and it's amazingly powerful. Chews through anything I throw at it.

      I had the misfortune of hitting a rock I didn't see hidden in grass, and it split the rock in two and kept going.

      The only annoying thing is that Bunnings sell the mower but the blades are special order only.

    • So far has been fine for me and I've got approximately 100m2 of lawn

      Also 82v mower comes with 82v 2ah battery. Power is roughly the same as it comes with a 40v 4ah battery - someone correct me if I'm wrong!

      i.e. 82v x 2ah = 164 watts and 40v X 4ah = 160 watts


      There is an option to buy a 82v 4ah battery if required though

      • Close. That would be 164/160 watt hours. It's a measure of capacity, not power. It basically means that the batteries could discharge at 164/160 watts for 1 hour before depleting.

        In terms of power, the unknown here is the C rating. The C rating can tell you the max power draw from the batteries. C * ah = max amps (which * volts = max watts).

      • someone correct me if I'm wrong!

        Yeah, that's not how it works. You need to know the level of amperage provided, not the amp hours of the battery. 82V with 2ah battery should be more powerful, but run for less time, 40V with 4ah batter will last longer, but not be as powerful. See here for a good discussion.

    • I can't speak to the Victa and I'm not particularly garden-y, I just needed to be able to mow my lawns.
      I have had a 36v Ozito for a good 6 months now and it hasn't missed a beat - once my dumb ass realised that there's a sensor in the telescopic handle that checks if the locks are properly engaged before it'll turn on ;)

      Anyway 36v has been ample for almost anything I have thrown at it at this point. It starts to struggle a bit when it gets into thicker higher grass - say 7-8cm+ - but I don't think that's unreasonable for a mower and it's a rare encounter anyway.
      Other than that, off the back of a napkin, I probably have a good 50m2 of grass and get a couple of maintenance runs out of a single charge.

      It is genuinely one of the best investments I've made in a while - it's light enough and powerful enough that mowing is a quick, no-fuss enterprise, so I can get on with something I actually want to do :)

      A+ Highly recommended investment.

    • Depends on your usage. If you mow often and aren't cutting a lot off at a time, it's probably fine. If you aren't and are cutting longer thing grass it will likely struggle. I have a 36V Ozito and it's generally fine unless I'm trying to cut a bit too much off thick areas.

  • I have the Ryobi with the 36v 5ah battery, goes well, we have a large yard and one charge does the whole thing

    • Ditto. Does get clogged up a bit with damp grass but as far as getting the job done, it does brilliantly.

      I get at least 2-3 full mows for my small-mid size lawn, front and nature strip.

      The thing I find about cordless mowers is that I'm mowing more often because of the convenience which means I get more out of the batt.

      • Ive just done my 2nd mow and have noticed the same.
        The small chute that the grass has to go through into the catcher always retains grass, particulary when damp, it can act as a plug, so it mulches rather than catching..
        It blows grass out one side more than a petrol.
        Dont like that its one solid cutting bar for two blades, pity no swing arm or 4 blade system.
        Due to the poor weather and not being home, the grass has been longer than usual and it still powers through it..
        It doesnt seem to roll over grass as easy as a petrol steel deck does.

        But am very happy with it

        • Just something I've heard as well is that if you take the blade down to a mower shop or DIY and get a proper edge you can get some more efficiency/effectiveness out it.