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Amazon Music: 4 Months $0.99 (New Customers) | Audible AU: 3 Months Trial $0 (Targeted Prime Members) @ Amazon AU


Prime day date has been announced - 13/14 October. Get ready for Ozbargain to be SpAmazoned!

Deals announced -

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    Looks like the Audible promotion is regardless of whether you have had a free trial before. I have done several but it looks like I am eligible.

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      How do you tell if you are eligible? I'm a Prime member who has done trials before and I can only see a link to subscribe (and pay). In Incognito mode I can see the 3 month trial offer.

      • I just followed the link and clicked on the Audible tile. Showing the "Start your trial" button on that page. I just checked though and the Audible website says "Can we tempt you back?" so perhaps it was long enough ago that I am eligible again?

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          Yeah time is probably a factor, checked and had cancelled my last membership in July which is quite recent.

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          Trying to charge me $16.45 when I click the link above, or the tile

        • yeah same as others doesnt work for me. i think my most recent trial was jan/feb something. normally see some sort of offer every 6 months or so to tempt me back

    • Yep, non-active Audible member with membership cancelled >6 months and I got 3 months free!

      • I cancelled less than a month ago and just got the three months free trial.

        It seems to be only for Amazon Prime members, which I am, so yay!

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      No audbile trial for me so not sure what is going on.

      • No Audible trial for me either and i cancelled my membership more than a year ago. :(

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        Fish don't have ears, so you're winning

        • +2

          They do actually, Google otoliths!

    • Last signed up to audible early June. I'm a prime member. No 3 months for me :(

    • I redeemed the "3-month" free trial although I've done the 1-month free trial previously, I went to check my membership status and it says I'm on a trial with my next billing date being next month (28/10) instead of 3 months later.

      Might just cancel before then to make sure I'm not charged in case the 3-months deal didn't go through.

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        I got the same thing even though I never done a trial previously.

      • +1

        They give a credit every month so its normal for it show date next month.

        Plus Audible customer service is amazing. They will refund if you get charged.

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    I feel like they could have come up with a better name for the "Ring Stick Up Cam"…

    • +24

      Better than "Stick Up Ring Cam", I guess…

      • +5

        Up Ring Stick Cam? I think my doctor uses one of those.

        • that's probably cam stick up ring

  • I bought a 2nd gen ring doorbell a couple days ago, I swear if they bring that on sale

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      If they do speak to their customer service. Amazon are really good with refunding stuff like that.

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    Do we get to keep the audiobooks after we cancel the audible trial?

    • +3


      • +1

        Wow! So we get 3 FREE audio books. NICE!

        • should be 4 if I am not wrong?

          • @my2cnts: They come with the Audible subscription (3 months) not the Amazon Music one.

            • @skrot: yeah, so if you subs now for 3 months…u should get Sept, Oct, Nov and dec as the new audiobooks are released on 1st every month right?

              • @my2cnts: Oh right, I getcha. Interesting. Is that the one you choose or the one that they give out to everyone?

                • @skrot: for the one they give out, the credits would be limited to 3 I believe but try it out

    • yes

  • +2


    • tell me why.

      • +4

        I don't like Mondays

      • +1

        The deals man the deals 72-96 hours of beautiful deals man. Bargains

        • thing is it is only a deal if it is something you want and or need. Cross fingers that criteria applies. :)

      • +1

        Ain't nothin' but a heartache

  • +2

    The 4 mths Amazon Music Unlimited is already available at 99c now.

    But I am struggling to see the need of this if you're already a Youtube Premium customer.

  • Audible full price for me too.

    • me too and I am prime month to month.

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    Ain't amazon music already free with prime? Or am I completely mistaken.

    • +1

      No that's prime music. This is unlimited which gives you access to even more songs.

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      If you lucky you get a full album on Prime music, but mostly might only get couple songs free from an artist with rest being on Amazon Music, then those songs can eventually disappear too.

  • Does Prime membership ever go on special?

    • Annual sub is best you can get…. unless you do a dodgy with trials and multiple emails and cards

      • That does sound like a bit of a hassle

        • +1

          Yeah could also be a disaster if you have legit items you want to keep from their ecosystem (ebooks, audiobooks, etc) if they cancel your "non dodgy" account too…

    • +2

      Its 60 bucks a year here, or 5 a month, and unlike eBay, its actually useful when you are not shopping.

      • Looking at the benefits, it does seem tempting but apart from free /faster delivery , don't think the other benefits would get much use for me.

        • For me, there is Prime Video, Twitch Prime (a free sub giving $2.5 to the creator of the channel), Prime Gaming (I play World of Tanks and it has monthly drops), and a bunch of free cardboard boxes!

          And as an Ozbargainer, I am stingy as, doubt Amazon would make anything off my Prime membership fees.

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    Silly question but what exactly happens on prime day 13th/ 14th
    Looking forward to buying a few board games
    Do we usually get better prices across the board?

  • +1

    YAH prime day sale is coming soon.

  • Fingers crossed for some good deals!

  • I had a free trial of Amazon Music with a Prime trial. App on iOS would not work. Song would stop playing after less than one second.

  • Any way of using this for the US? Is there an equivalent promo?

  • Audible at full price for me..

  • Thank you OP. Order one :)

  • Anyone got any experience with the Echo Link amp?

  • +1

    I am a prime month to month subscriber. I signed up for the free trial and never cancelled. Since corona I have really loved being able to buy things and get them delivered to home and not having to face the shops. No audible offer for me. It was probably 5 or so months ago I did the trial and cancelled. What can we typically expect from the amazon prime days? People seem excited.

    • +5

      I've been pretty disappointed in prior years. Prime day is pretty dull in Australia in my opinion. Better offers in USA and Europe.

      • +1

        Maybe not this year since there are $$$ to be made from home shopping given no physical brick and mortal sales.

        So they would have to make it interesting lest losing to the competitors.

  • Reminder: your local library probably has access to thousands of new release, free eAudiobooks that you can stream. Don't really understand the appeal of Audible.

    • +1

      Your library does not have the same collection as Audible.

      Audible + Library works very well.

      • Agreed. I keep any audible credits for books that aren’t available via the library.

  • For those considering the Echo Link or the Echo Link Amp, I'd suggest going with the Topping MX-3 instead. More connectivity options, you're not locked into Amazon's services + approved providers, smaller size (especially for desktop use) and better reviewed.

    I've got mine connected to two different computers and my phone via Bluetooth, driving both my headphones and my speakers. Used it for over a year now, very satisfied so far.

    • Would this work as a receiver for my audioengine A5? They just have L&R input /output between my TV and to play music on my phone I have to unplug the TV then connect my phone with a 3.5mm aux cable lol. Total PITA.

      • I'm actually unsure how it would work with active speakers, as these are meant to drive passive speakers.

        It would definitely work if the speakers are connected via the headphone/3.5mm jack - I'm unsure if the L/R outputs can be used to connect to the active speakers though. Also just an FYI, you can also connect your phone via Bluetooth, which is surprisingly good on the unit.

        • Yeh I'll look into. Just have no idea about receivers haha. I might actually even considering the echo link system in the OP as I use their ecosystem.

  • +1

    Hope the do some good bargains this year!

  • Anyone experiencing problem when signing up Amazon Music? Seems it's down.

    • Worked fine for me about an hour ago

      • Still down for me, weird. Can't sign-up, saying technical error.

  • +1

    Anyone know if you can cancel Amazon Music before the end date?

  • Anyone has link to all possible deals offered this year in Prime Day Sale 2020?

  • Signed up for "3 months free Audible trial" however
    "Your next bill date is: 13-11-2020"

    Seems it is only 1 month free trial ?

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