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OnePlus Nord 5G 8GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB, US$419.09 (~A$593.28 ) / US$464.46 (~A$657.50) @ Shenzhen Pophong Store AliExpress


OnePlus Nord
Cheapest it's ever been on ozbargains.
8GB/128GB is US$380.99 (~A$548.59 ) 12GB/256GB isUS$422.24 (~A$607.98 )
Price little but more for the blue 8GB/128GB.

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  • I would be careful with buying from Ali, they have been going against their own policy and extending purchase protection to 3 months and not following their own system's resolution cut off date.
    No items for three months and no money either.

    • That is for $2 items, for phone like this you'll get it in 2 weeks.

      • Are you sure? The default AliExpress Standard Shipping is the one I had the most trouble lately (since Covid-19), so much so that I have avoided any seller using AliExpress Standard Shipping since. Any seller using that as default (without offering any other decent and not too expensive alternatives), I would simply not purchase from that seller.

        You think that 3 months extension is for most sellers, but not so. What I found is AliExpress Standard Shipping needs that extension the most. The item I purchased (mind you, not that cheap) used AliE Standard Shipping, and I thought that would be decent, took 3 months in full. The problem is, due to the delay (as the seller cannot possibly ship that item within a second after you purchased), I lost the CashRewards rebate. Worse, I did initially raise a case with AliE and AliE was the accused and the judge. Care to guess how many times AliE extended the time to rule? 3 times. That's 5 extra days, which was enough delay so that the item finally arrived. It took AliE more than 1 month to get the item from China to Singapore. Then, close to 2 months from Singapore to Australia. Just as a comparison, seller using China Post Registered Air (proper one) - 2 weeks + 1 day. Obviously, the most expensive DHL / Fedex is even faster. Even the rubbish cheapo class Cainiao wasn't as horrible as AliExpress Standard Shipping.

        DO NOT assume expensive items would use DHL or Fedex by default. Also, one thing I found is sellers actually quite like AliExpress Standard Shipping as it is you vs AliExpress in item not delivered / received dispute. They easily wipe their hands clean. The item you received using AliE Standard Shipping actually says the sender is AliE (NOT the seller's address).

        • Thanks for the info on the shipping, really useful, wish was a site which tracked all of this!

      • Great that you know my order amount. However you are very wrong, since my orders are worth hundreds of dollars.

        • Let me guess, AliExpress Standard Shipping? If yes, it happened to me recently, and on not so cheap items (couldn't buy them here as most sellers didn't stock them here). I thought they would arrive quickly (~$50AUD), but even the <$5 items which el cheap postage arrived much earlier than those.

          And, me vs AliExpress Standard Shipping in a dispute. AliExpress extended the ruling window so that the item eventually arrived. 3 months + 5 days for an item that's technically fulfilled by AliExpress.

      • Untrue. I bought a redmi note 9 pro 3 months and 2 days ago, no phone and the purchase protection finally ends tomorrow so I can claim a refund. Horrible service from Ali.

    • I had the same problem with eBay twice. Not sure if it's due to them significantly increasing the expected delivery date, but I have learned that if your latest expected delivery date is say 29 September 2020, then you need to escalate soon after, say the day after and at most 1 week, even though the T&C states within 30 days of the latest expected delivery date.

      In both cases I waited a few weeks and I could no longer open a case. In the second case I had a chat with several eBay representatives, but they couldn't resolve it, as the transcript below shows

      "… our record can no ,longer show the specific date because this the transaction date."
      "… I will need to raise this as it will not provide me an option to escalate the case our system will not let me …"

      Fortunately in both cases I was able to get my money back via PayPal - they allow up to 6 months to make a claim.
      In the old days with eBay you only have 45 days, so it seems their system has not been fully updated.

  • Link is dead?

    Need to add GST as well but hard to tell without the right link.

  • I'll say this has to be the Indian version (with lacks Band 28) even before the right link is posted.

    • AliExpress review says model ac2003 which is global not india

      • I remembered seeing AC2001 in the review section, but could somehow be both. Although I'd highly doubt that because the lowest price for the EU model is the HK version which is being listed way more expensive on the official site. The description from the reseller also confirms that there's no band 28 after all. ;-(

  • It's available on Toby's for similar money. Waiting to see what the new Pixels look like before buying anything. Would really like a good camera and 120Hz AMOLED screen with all necessary Aus bands and not too bloated an OS. Any tips?

  • The final price for delivery to Australia is AU $668.78 for model 12gb/256gb.
    So this is not really a deal.