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Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise 300g $3.00 @ Woolworths


Stack with TA’s Cashrewards offer works out to be $2.78 (-7.5%) or $2.85 (-5%) 😁

If you’ve never tried Kewpie mayonnaise before, your fridge definitely needs a bottle. Kewpie wins in all categories — texture, flavor, history, and an easy-to-disperse bottle. It’ll improve your potato salad, your sushi night, your burgers, and your dipping sauces. It is versatile and satisfying — and nothing short of delicious.

Source: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/what-is-kewpie-mayo-jap...

18 recipes that use this mayo https://www.taste.com.au/galleries/kewpie-mad-18-recipes-pro...

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    This is the customary message to remind you that this particular kewpie is manufactured in Thailand. It’s not as good as the Japanese stuff but still good enough for me.

  • Dumb question but does this stuff keep for ages in the fridge?

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      I put mine in the fridge and not sure how long it keeps because I go through it pretty quick. I put it on most things I eat.

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      I think it does. It helps that these are very soft squeezy bottles, so you can squeeze the air out easily before recapping it.

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      I've eaten kewpie 12 months past it's expiry date in my fridge. It's fine.

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      It's got a lot of salt in it…should last for ages..but will get eaten.

      The Aldi whole egg mayo is pretty good aswell (with a bit less salt). I actually prefer it over Kewpie and its under $3 for the big bottle.

    • i think so. i just checked and its 7 months past due…oops! been eating it still, no issues and taste/smells like new.

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    went on a diet recently and am putting myself in a pretty good caloric deficit. cutting out kewpie mayo has made me borderline depressed. i miss it so much.

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      Join the keto masterrace and eat all the mayo you want.

      • +4

        I did Keto and became fat adapted just so I could eat more Kewpie.

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          Main ingredient is soybean oil, unfortunately.

    • +2

      The amount of calories in mayo is absolutely insane

      • Not surprising - Mayo is primarily fat (with vinegar stirred in). It's easily made fresh.

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    This stuff is so epic when you mix it with rice and fried chicken.

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      Add me a kirin cider and I'm there.

    • +2

      Oh man it is great in sandwiches.

      Great on anything really.

      • Not Kewpie related but another awesome thing to mix in with boiled rice is the KFC Coleslaw.

        I assure you it is epic as well.

        • Oh that actually doesn't sound half bad.

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    i bought it when it was 1/2 off like a month ago. i will wait for it to be 1/2 off again. really that is the only things i buy from woolies, lol.

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    can sometimes get the 1kg one for $8 or so at asian grocers

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      Watch out it isn't the (pink pack) Mild, which is often sold at cheaper price. Recent Deals here were for the inferior tasting Mild.

  • I always have a wasabi one in my fridge.

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      Used to do that, but…
      The wasabi flavour has much lower egg yolk content (5.4% vs 9.5%) - which is what gives this variety it's smooth, rich yumminess.
      The Wasabi added is Wasabi Oil (1%), Horseradish (0.6%).

      (Japan made is higher egg yolk content, over 10%, which unfortunately means it can't be imported).

      Better to mix good "wasabi" into ordinary variety. That way you get the best of both varieties.

      • I always buy the Made in Japan ones, but I've never noticed the yolk content.

        Is it different? as in, is this the Made in Japan ones found in Australia "Export Only" versions?

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          All Kewpie mayonnaise is called "Japanese" (style) - as in this Deal.

          But, you can't legally import the Japanese made Kewpie of this variety in Australia. It's a restricted import being over 10% egg yolk content.

          Discussed in many Kewpie Deals. Kewpie is made in factories in different countries.
          Check the country of origin, variety (not the lower egg yolk content varieties like Mild in the pink pack), & egg content on outer plastic wrapper.

          If you know where Japanese made Kewpie in this high egg yolk variety is locally available - please tell us! It's even better than this.

        • +2

          Photo of the Japanese made Kewpie Mild, common in Asian grocers
          Note the "Japanese Market Only" on carton & label is only in Japanese.

  • +3

    secret sauce!!

  • Love this Mayo.. the bomb digitty!

  • What's the regular price and how much discount is this?

    • Click the Deal link - currently shows normal price.
      $4.70. (36% off normal price)

  • Will give it a try.

    I usually eat Heinz Garlic Aoli. It tastes really good. Is this one better than that?

    • Very different taste. Personally I'm yet to taste a better sauce. Goes on almost anything!

    • This mayo is the ducks nuts

      • +1

        Nothing a year in the tropics wouldn’t fix

        • thanks guys, will give it a go tomorrow.

  • What do you guys use kewpie on as recommendation?

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        Beef stir fry
        Fish and chips (this mixed with wasabi)

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          Tuna Sandwiches
          Pretty much anything you might have mayo too.

    • in mashed potato, and
      in omlettes (beat in with the eggs before cooking)

    • With spam and eggs.

      Shredded chicken with lettuce and tomato.

      Any meat really.. If you put this on sausages oh man oh man.

  • +2

    It is tasty because of the MSG :)

    What other mayos have MSG?

  • Wasabi Kewpie mayo is the way to go.

  • Probably a bit strange but I do Kewpie Mayo with pan fried dumplings and chili oil. Yum!

  • Thanks for the heads up Op, have tried a number of mayos available here but Kewpie mayo is the best !!

  • great stuff in mashed potato, and in omlettes (beat in with the eggs before cooking).

  • My Kewpie woolies chicken burger recipe:

    shred/pull apart woolies chicken
    oil pan and throw in some diced onions
    throw in shredded woolies chicken
    splash on some vinegar & worcestershire sauce & your favourite BBQ sauce (taste & adjust)
    spread Kewpie mayo on burger buns
    layer on ice berg lettuce and your saucy woolies chicken filling layer with cheese (optional)

  • I usually just end up eating Kewpie Mayo by itself…

  • This is Brodie's "secret sauce" that he puts on everything.

  • +1

    Tried it recently. Taste is alright, but the smell is so strong it turned me off. Threw most of it away.

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