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[UNiDAYS] Lenovo IdeaPad S540 13", AMD Ryzen 4600U, QHD IPS, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD $1082 @ Lenovo Education Store


The Lenovo Education Store has discounted the S540 13" with a 2560*1600 display and AMD Ryzen 4600U (6C/12T) CPU to $1129. If you login via UNiDAYS and use the suggested coupon code, you will obtain a further 5% discount. This reduces the price down to $1082, with shipping in two business days.

The 4800U (8C/16) version of the S540 13" with 16GB RAM is also discounted to $1269, and $1205.55 with 5% UNiDAYS discount. Shipping time is over 8 weeks for the higher specification version.

Few of the benefits of the S540 13" beyond the screen and CPU are an all Aluminum chassis, better cooling capability and the ability to adjust the TDP in BIOS between three different modes.

Update: As of 7:45pm, 29/09/2020, it looks like the UNiDays Lenovo link is directing to the regular online store and not the education store. Hence the change in pricing and the inability to use the code.

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  • What's this, 8 weeks for postage?

    • The 4800u version is popular worldwide so unfortunately delivery time is now over 8 weeks. I got one on the previous deal when wait time was 9 to 14 days. Using it now and it's very good.

      • How's the portability compared to xps13 or yoga c940 … any idea ? Wondering why these 2 are so expensive as compared to this one. This seems killer specs.

        • Portability is great. If you need a portable computer for CPU intensive workloads, the Ryzen CPU(s) in the S540 13 are a lot faster than the Intel based ones in the XPS 13 and the Yoga C940. You would only chose those laptops if you need slightly better build quality, Thunderbolt and really want a laptop with an optional UHD screen. It doesn't mean that they don't have their own issues.

          • @shellshocked: Hi …

            1) the color you got is Iron Grey ?

            2) there option to have a seperate HDD … saw one review on yout e saying he has 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD … but thats some other country.

            3) Can you conpare it with zephyrus G14 portability wise ?

  • is the ram upgradable to 16gb?

  • screen is dim, saw one in store

    • It's not available in store, only on the Lenovo website. Screen is 300+ nits, 72% NTSC.

      • Screen is dim I've got one (the 4600u version).

        Also tried everything under the sun to fix it, but mine keeps going to sleep after two minutes regardless of whatever settings I've had.

        Perhaps I've got a dud unit, but hey something to be aware of.

        Also get about five hours of usage time with light to heavy usage. Probably due to the smallish battery and QHD screen.

        • I have a HP ProBook 435 G7 with a 400 nits screen and the 4800U version of this unit with 300 nits screen, side by side, and the screen is not dim at all. Have you tried disabling Vari-Bright in Radeon settings? Additionally I'm getting 8 to 10hrs of office work out of this unit at 15w TDP default setting in BIOS, with no sleep issues. What are you BIOS settings?


          • @shellshocked: Bios setting is the only thing I haven't checked or touched since getting the laptop, so will check that one out.

            Don't know but my old Xiaomi mi air 12.5 if I toggle through the keyboard shortcut for brightness it doesn't go fully screen off. But on the Lenovo it goes fully to screen off. So I have the Lenovo at 70/80% to match the 50/60% I had on the Xiaomi.

            Yeah not sure what's wrong, I've updated to the latest BIOS and Lenovo updates and disabled the VariBright in Radeon but still no dice.

            On BatteryBar, it says full runtime of 4:50 or 5:00 hrs. What does your say?

            I don't want to do a full reset, but might have to I guess if bios doesn't work. Other than that, might be a dud unit :(

          • @shellshocked: had a look at the BIOS and there's nothing about unlocked 15W TDP in there at all, or to set it.

            checked BatteryCare and it's estimating similar values as BatteryBar.

            looks like a full reset for me then :(

        • Just a thought, it may not work or apply in your case, but the Radeon settings for this APU has a power saving feature. Turning the toggle off certainly helped in the perceived brightness on my device.

  • Great deal if you need a portable but powerful notebook now. However Tigerlake is about to be released, followed a few months later by AMD 5000 APU.

    • Not really now, since it's an 8 weeks wait time anyway

    • Takes a considerable amount of time for the laptop based cpus to come to market vs desktop. I wouldnt expect any ryzen 5000 laptops until at least next year. Unless you have a link that talks about desktop and mobile being released at the same time?

    • Tigerlake has only been a soft launch so far. Unfortunately you don't know what TDP it is running at considering it can go all the way up to over 60w, and Intel won't allow battery life to be tested on the sample unit. Unfortunately you can't rely on Intel to provide non biased benchmarks, considering all the fishy business they have been caught out over the years by reviewers such as Gamer Nexus. Based on the review of the sample by Anandtech, which I view as best case scenario, they concluded that Ryzen 4000 was still faster in raw performance when both units were within the realistic 15w TDP limit of a portable laptop.


      "Despite this we can easily see that the 15 W Renoir options with eight cores can blow past Tiger Lake in a like-for-like scenario"

    • Tiger lake so far is only 4 cores

  • Good for the price (even though the discount is quite slim), keep in mind that the screen is TN, not IPS (albeit with 'wide viewing angle' technology). Also, if you work mainly outside then 300 nits is quite hard to see (as well as the display being glossy).

  • The x13amd 4650 is getting cheaper, down to $1158 using UNIDAYS. $95 extra for 16GB ram

  • Too many windows laptop options make very confused.

    • We'll your choice of laptop depends on your use case and personal preferences.

      • Would you suggest something for >=$2000 good performance, touch screen if possible, something like that.

        • Not sure why you want to spend over 2k You could look at the HP ProBook 435 G7 if you want a touch screen. It's $1887 if you login to the HP store via UNIDAYS with a discount.

          8 core AMD Ryzen 4700U (8c/8t)
          1000 nits, FHD, 72% NTSC Touch screen
          16 Gb RAM
          512 SSD
          WIFI 6
          Aluminium build
          720p IR webcam + Worldview camera
          Fingerprint sensor
          Spill proof Keyboard


          • @shellshocked: I've been looking at laptop deals here recently. Some laptops have good ssd size, but ram is low, some has 16 gb ram but 256 gb ssd, some have good size ram and ssd but screen is not that good. It's really hard for someone who doesn't know much about this stuff to get a good laptop which has everything good specs, performance , good screen panel etc.

    • and budget

  • Can someone advise on ryzen processors, which one is latest and greatest and good price in laptops? I only used intels before.

    • The Ryzen 4000 mobile series is the latest. It is also known as Renoir. It starts at Ryzen 3 with four cores, Ryzen 5 with six cores and Ryzen 7 with 8 cores. There are the U series which are targeted for ultra portable laptops, and the H series which a targeted for gaming laptops.

  • Back to full price for the 4800U model last I checked.

    • Actually it looks like the UNiDays link is now pointing to the regular Lenovo online store and not the edu store.

  • Hi Op, the code does not work. I have both Unidays and Education store account but the code does not work. The guy from online chat said $1,129 on the education store is the best price. How did you manage to get $1,082? Unidays page says 5 per cent off education store price but it just didn't work.

    • Thanks for the update. Something strange is going on now! Logging in via UNIDAYS is no longer taking me to the Lenovo Education site. Instead it's going to the regular online storefront. Hence the post from Sullie indicating that the 4800U is at full price. If you login via the Edu store separately the discounted price for 4800U version is displayed but the UNiDays code no longer works.

  • Is it the best in 13" and AMD 4800 … Can some one shed some light on below models, neglect the pricing for the moment (as i can wait for a good deal, once decided what to buy)

    1) Original HUAWEI MateBook 13 2020 Laptop 13 inch 7nm Process AMD Ryzen R5-4600H/R7-4800H 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Windows 10 Pro

    2) Xiaomi RedmiBook 13 Laptop Ryzen Edition Notebook AMD Ryzen 4700U/4500U 13.3 Inch Display 512GB/1T SSD Windows 10 Computer

    3) Chinese version (of this deal above) called XIAOXIN, as far as i understood

    2020 Classic Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 Laptop With 13.3 Inch 2560x1600 i7-10710U 16GB 512GB SSD MX350 Graphics AMD R7 4800U Metal

    • Hi, The S540 13 is the best at the moment vs the below you mentioned.

      1. The Huawei Matebook 13 has the 4600H or 4800H, 45w CPUs; but only has at 42wh battery, AC WiFi and RAM is running at 2666Mhz.

      2. The Xiaomi RedmiBook 13 has 4700U or 4500U, 8 or 6 core non multi-threaded CPUs; but only a 250nits FHD screen, 40wh battery, AC Wifi and RAM running at 2666Mhz.

      3. The Xiaoxin is the same at the S540 13. There is a slower Intel version which needs a dedicated Nvidia GPU to compete with the onboard Vega graphics of the AMD 4800U verson.