This was posted 1 year 2 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Fill up Box $4.95 (Order up until 4pm) @ KFC


This just showed up under the Colonel's Offers in my KFC app again, popular deal previously in April and July.
Offer ends on Monday 5th October… so get in on the excellent little snack… :D

1 x piece original recipe chicken,
1 x original tender,
1 x portion of chips,
1 x regular potato & gravy,
1 x dinner roll


EDIT 06/10/2020: Removed the expiry as it is still available on the app. Also publicly advertised on KFC website so it is no longer an app-only deal.

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  • +15

    Bring back hot n spicy and you got yourself a deal.

    The image in the related stores above says hot n spicy. lol

    • +4

      Hot n spicy has been around for as long as i can remember here in W.A.

      I don't think it's ever been discontinued here.

      • +31

        Problem is Sydney is filled with latte sippers and soy gurglers who don't appreciate spicy food. We get this watered down hot n spicy that tastes like capsicum level of heat.

        • +4

          Same with all food in Australia, incredibly bland and watered down to suit bland and boring tastes.

          • +6

            @nubzy: There are exceptions. Give Belle's Hot Chicken a try

            • +3

              @parano1a: I had dinner at Belle's Hot chicken, my tummy immediately doubled in size

            • +1

              @parano1a: Yeah, my fart turns into rocket propellant.

            • @parano1a: Belle's Hot Chicken is incredible.

          • +2

            @nubzy: Australian don't need spice to cover up hot weather/spoiled food (as they historically done in Asia), so their pallet is not used to it.

            • +1

              @MementoMori: I saw that on a video I watched recently from Japan. Also, one of the main reasons MSG is used in Asian foods, to help mask it being off.

              • +1

                @BewareOfThe Dog: MSG can mask taste but something is off you’ll still smell it as msg is odourless .

          • @nubzy: And Beer.
            Carlton Draught

        • +2

          That’s a weird statement given there are more immigrants who would assumedly like spicy foods in Syd than WA

          • -2

            @Cobalt Owl:

            assumedly like spicy foods in Syd than WA

            Guess the demand is not there. I know Asians from all parts like it except the middle-east who generally don't use HOT chilli in their cooking.

        • People who want hot and spicy like this are a minority in Sydney hence there is no point in catering to this small market. Not really any point in having a dish this hot if you can’t taste the underlying ingredients. Pointless really.

          • +1


            Not really any point in having a dish this hot if you can’t taste the underlying ingredients. Pointless really.

            That's the thing. I can taste it. Your tolerance is just low.

            • +1

              @Orico: This is the thing. KFC is in the business of appealing to the majority of consumers. People with your tastes are not worth catering to.

        • Can recommend Ayam Goreng 99 at Kingsford, NSW. Try the sambal,they got genuine spiciness and also super delicious marinated chicken.yum.

        • +2

          Lindfield and Artarmon both do H&S

        • +1

          I'm a soy latte gurgler and love spicy food.

          I would say KFC spicy range is not spicy enough.

      • +4

        hot and spicy is only available at KFC stores under Colins Foods Group, not the Yum Group stores.

        • -1

          Hot n spicy has been around for as long as i can remember here in W.A.

          • +4

            @Frayin: That’s because Collins Foods operates the WA and Qld stores

            As of November 2016 Collins Foods operates 190 KFC stores in Australia: 132 in Queensland, four in the Northern Territory, 41 in Western Australia and two in New South Wales.[5] An additional 5 to 6 stores are planned for financial year 2017.

            • -1

              @Porthos: Bloody hell, every single time a KFC deal gets posted someone has to mention that WA and QLD are owned by different group to the rest of Australia.

              • +1

                @first in line: Because every time there's a deal posted, someone starts whinging "But mah hot'n'spicy, KFC sucks!!1!" without realising stores are run by different companies and have different menus.

                There's Collins stores in VIC and NSW too, just not the majority of them.

                • +1

                  @ssquid: Victoria Gardens then?

                  • @Calvin27: Currently closed… :(
                    And apparently it’s the only store in Vic with H&S

        • But the Hot n Spicy is yum.. :(

      • +1

        Dirty bird hasn't been the same since I left WA. Hot N Spicy is the best cure for a hangover.

      • +3

        H&S now just taste like Wicked Wings.

        I remember 90s H&S being more crispy and spicy.

    • Why you like this, why you scared spicey?

  • +16

    Dont forget feedback chips and one can of drink. $4.95 is the minimum you need to spend to get feedback rewards and this one is spot on.

    • -1

      dipping sauces are 50c

      or extra dinnner roll for 95c

    • @io Written like a true Ozbargainer. Someone give this person a medal.

      • +1

        yeah but survey redemption is PITA when ordering via app as manager required to do it and they say 'i'll just do it this one time'

        • +2

          I've found they are more lenient now with 'drive through only' situations

          haven't had any issues, and most of the time I just have to mention that I've done the survey, not even show the screenshot of the form.

  • +1

    If this is App-only, you wont be able to combine with the Survey Receipt to claim an additional Medium Fries and Medium Drink.

    Can anyone confirm if this is available directly in-store ordering as well?

    • +1

      I just mention the survey feedback when I pick up and they add it in manually.

    • +1

      I still get the survey chips and drink every time after ordering on the app. You don't need the physical receipt, just the validation code after doing the survey.

      • Does that work? There were reports of the staff not agreeing to it.

    • How do I get the survey code for app purchases? Or do they not care and just give if

      • you need to ask for receipt when picking up app order food…. sometimes you see old order receipts on the counter which i wont bother asking then

        One time i got a 1.25lt and large chips with survey when ordering over $20…. is this true? next time i just got can and reg chips

        • Not every store will give a receipt atm even if you ask for it.

          And I think they upgrade to large chips and drink with over $15 spend.

          • @CompulsiveOzB: They don't have to automatically give you a receipt if the value of the transaction is under (IIRC) $75 but they must provide you with one on request within 7 days.

        • survey is small chips & can over $5 and large + 1.25l for >$20

        • Correct. Over $20, large upgrade. Sometimes the young kids doesn’t know this and give you he smaller free chips and drink. So I have to remind them and they have to get the manager while You wait.

    • I can confirm that they are called chips

  • Even better, it works with $4 off offer that came up on my KFC app (minimum spend $5) after I added a drink to meet the $5 minimum.

    • That's a single-use offer.

  • +1

    Perfect for pairing with that $5.95 for two Zingers deal if it's still running.

  • +10

    Tell me more about this "potion" of chips

    • +5

      It's made by Kentucky Fried Concoctions

    • That's the way cool people pronounce "portion". Just like tomatoes is pronounced ta-maters.

      • What's ta-maters, precious?

    • My dear Watson, its elementary. OP made a typo. 🕵️‍♂️

      • +1

        Haha didn't even notice that! I copied and pasted from the previous deal and didn't even check spelling. 🧙‍♂️

  • Do I order through the App or just tell the drive thru person I have this offer on the App? Never done it before.

    • +4

      Order on the app, then tell the drive thru person you ordered online and give them your name.

    • +2

      Above is correct but you'll also get an order number on the app which you can tell them instead.

      • +3

        It's more fun to register with a fake name and use that for pick-up though. Ronald McDonald here eats a lot of KFC.

  • +1

    I got the notification on my app too. I think it's such good value. Unsure if app only or how you may prompt your app to provide the offer. Check your 'messages' in the app

    • +1

      It's under "Colonel's Offers" in the menu.

  • Can u get multiples of this or only one?

  • I got the $4 off on my app too. Says valid for 7 days, but don't know when it started. (Didn't get an email about it)

  • I just had to cancel. Local store is now drive they only, and i only have a 30 minute break. Usually at this time of the day there are 10 to 12 vehicles queued up.

  • +1


    so then typical ozbargainers would need 7 boxes to meet their daily calorie requirements?

    • My Cholesterol shot up massively back in April when I was eating this deal daily, not to mention eating $5 Pepperoni Pizzas every day (before the deal started). I went on for nearly 3 months without KFC, Pizza, Maccas etc to get my levels down.

      • Nice. what were/are the levels of Cholesterol?

  • Special showed up but my closest kfc has stopped taking app orders. The rest are over 5km :(

    • Actually stopped taking orders or just showing as closed? My local is closed according to the app, but I can still order and pick up food with the app.

      • Its open, but no app orders. the other week I was looking and I could place app order…

  • It's so hard to beat Domino's any pizza with can of cake and garlic bread $10 before 4pm

    Ahhh the only downside is the store cooking it, the pizza may come out crap.

    But it's all fast food so it's all crap.

    • +4

      can of cake

      Didn't realise that was a thing nowadays…

    • I once got a double pepperoni at Box hill domino. Each slice has three pepperoni. I didn’t know that I have to check the pizza before leaving the premises.

      I got home and Cbf to go back for an exchange.

      So always check your orders!

      • You didn't know you have to check your order before leaving the store?

        You must be extremely new to ozbargain then

        That's rule number one.

  • Is scheduled pickup a thing in the app?

    • You have to check in at the store before it bills you and preps the order, so technically, yes.

      • It charges you before check-in, when the order is placed. Checking-in only tells them you're in the store and half of them just ignore it until you go to the counter and tell them you're here.

  • +1

    this was my epic lunch today - throw in a slider for $2 and life is complete !!!

  • Is anybody having problems ordering through the app? I am running iOS 14 all the updates installed by can’t order at all.

    • Maybe store isn't open yet?

      • The stores are definitely open. I think the app is just bugged. I have been trying to order through it for awhile

  • Nice… but still prefer the wicked wings deal :)

  • Ordered this yesterday, through app and drive-thru pick up, to get home to open box and find no tender inside. A call to the store and I'm told…
    "We haven't made this before, so didn't know what went in it"

    Apparently I can have a free tender next time I go through drive thru…

  • Can you get this delivery or is it in-store pick up only?

    • Think it is in-store pickup only as the offer is only through the KFC app

      • Cheers

  • +1

    I mean it says before 4pm, but here i am adding it to my app order at 10pm

    • Me 2

  • Why does this deal say it's expired now that you don't need the app to get it? Just amend the deal? It's very much still on, and more accessible.

    • Thanks, the email I received said the 5th October but great that it is still available in the app! I've removed the expiry.

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