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LG V30+ 128GB (Black) $399 + Delivery (Free C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Starting to get on in age, but still seems to be a decent price at $399. Original MRRP was $1199 in 2018. Still fairly decent specs for the price and great with local warranty 1 year only (Possible 2 years with registration on LG website, credit to IO)

Balanced Dsign
Sturdy and Seamless
The LG V30+ is LG's ultimate expression of visual quality, with seamless curves, minimal bezels, and a 6" OLED FullVision Display - all fitting in the palm of your hand.
The phone has an IP68 rating.

Key Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision Display
See More, Hold Less
The LG OLED display has breathtaking colour accuracy, and incorporates plastic for higher flexibility. Combined with FullVision technology, the LG V30+ 6” display makes your viewing experience a real treat.¹

F1.6 Crystal Clear Lens
Superb Sharpness and Colour
The main camera on the LG V30+ features an F1.6 aperture and a glass lens, resulting in impressive low-light performance and improved colour clarity.

Cine Video Mode
Be Your Own Director
Capture the professional film look. Cine Video Mode gives you vivid colours and a great range of effects to suit your film making needs.

Point Zoom
Total Zoom Control
Lights, Camera, Zoom! Preset zoom speed, location, and motion for a shot straight out of the movies. Smooth and controlled Point Zoom lets you shoot high quality videos using the main camera.

Wide Angle Cameras
Capture the Bigger Picture
Capture brilliant shots with the wide-angle front and rear cameras. Great for group shots or landscapes. Take amazing selfies with the front wide-angle camera.

Hi-Fi Video Recording
Awesome Videos, Epic Sound
Record pristine Hi-Fi sound wherever you go! Use the three microphones on the LG V30+ to capture superb sound with less distortion, even in loud and noisy environments.

Stream Sweet Sounds
Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio
Get awesome sound with the LG V30+ Hi-Fi Quad DAC. Stream sound in our highest quality yet.

Premium Listening
Tuned to Your Taste
Have your audio tuned the way you want it. Tweaked and adjusted to your tastes and environment, the LG V30+ Preset Sounds and Digital Filters add professional reference sounds so you can enjoy rich, full music at home or on the go.

Voice / Face Recognition
Always Knows It's You
The LG V30+ facial recognition technology helps you unlock your phone quick and easy, without swiping or inputting numbers.² It's enhanced voice recognition technology can recognise and be set to respond only to your voice.³

Floating Bar
Easy Reach
Enjoy enhanced control and accessibility. The Floating Bar adds easy-to-reach customisation without distracting you from the task at hand. Dock your favorite apps, move anywhere across the screen, and easily access music, notifications, contacts, and more.

Google Assistant
Your Own Google Assistant
The Google Assistant makes everyday life easier - get answers, manage tasks, find photos, and book reservations. To get started, just say OK Google.

Google Daydream Compatible
Now with VR
The LG V30+ is LG's first Google Daydream compatible phone. Combined with the LG V30+ 6" OLED FullVision Display¹, prepare to experience an expanded variety of VR-immersive applications in your favourite games, movies, and videos.*

4.6/5.0 user rating on JB, which is decent compared to some other big named brands

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  • Using it from almost 2 years. No problem at all. I paid around 450

    • No green tint along the edge of the P-Oled?

      • None on mine but I'd have to see what it looks like. Screen looks perfect to me. About 2 years old.

        • Looks like color shift or green haze you get on defective LCDs

          Whats the battery like? Small 3300mAh?

          • @ollie2012: Yeah, but it lasts around 8 hours of general usage. Just looked at mine and can't see any colour shift or green hue anywhere.

          • @ollie2012: Mr loaded questions here…

          • @ollie2012: Used to own one. Since you knew the OLED screen isn't the best, why kept on asking?
            In today's standard, it is below average OLED. The GPU doesn't support HDR in 1080p mode - quite laggy (720p HDR is okay). Without HDR, 1080p/1440p is fine. My main issue with the OLED screen is at times it felt like it had image burn-in (wasn't the case, but took longer than usual for that to go away - as such I turned off always on display feature).

            • @netsurfer: I've had the same picture on mine for over a year, no burn in/shadowing issue at all and no tint issues.

              Don' forget you're talking about a 3 year old phone costing $400, don't expect it to handle 1080p HDR content like a current $2000 flagship….

              • @whitelie: I know, but I bought it 2 years ago at $399 from memory. Wasn't that impress with it at the time (was a good deal). At 2020, I seriously cannot recommend this phone at this price.

                don't expect it to handle 1080p HDR content like a current $2000 flagship….

                Incorrect, you only need Snapdragon 845 or better. Basically, V40 can do that easily - from memory it can do 1440p HDR fine as well. That's my issue: 835 isn't really suited for HDR. The dual SIM switching for data on V30 was slow. Again, not an issue for SD845 or later.

                Shadowing was an issue for me. The issue wasn't same background. It was black background with white text (i.e. Clock) at prolonged time (actually not that long). Sure, it did disappear after a few seconds, but other OLED phones don't seem to have the same problem.

      • Screen looks perfect to me too. If you tilt the phone at a great angle there is some blue tint, but only if you tilt greatly.

    • Same, no issues at all in nearly 2 years. Bought it for $432.

    • No bargain.

  • One year and 2 months ago was where it all started on sale for $399.

    • And? It's reduced again. Has been on sale many times and last time was a few months back. Still cheaper than full price

      • It should've dropped in price by now.

        • I get a feeling it sells for this price. Goes up to $449 now and back to $399. Still a lot of phone for the cash, but is the oldest phone JB sells. I can't see it selling for much longer

          • @Pharmacy: Yeh. For the record I've been using it for over a year now and love it. As a headphone nerd it's the best phone I ever had by a country mile.

            It's Vseries for me!

    • Thanks, I was about to impulse buy until I saw this.

  • $399 been ages. No deal.
    Just wish JB promo V50 $599 again

  • +2 votes

    Why this phone price never go down below this price.

    • People must keep buying it at $399.

    • Because it sells well at this price

      • Actually it doesnt sell at all !!!
        They might have one or two around the places

        This must be cost price from LG

    • +4 votes

      It has a Quad DAC, which must still be sought after for people wanting better quality audio.

      • Yes, it's basically has an Audioquest Dragonfly Red built-in, wihtout the additional cost of $300+ and the inconvenience of a dongle. There's nothing else like it on the market, especially at this price.

        • I need a new phone (but it will be my second phone, once the Pixel 5 comes out) I was looking at getting the TCL Plex for $299……do you think I should get the LG instead? I'm not an "audiophile" but do enjoy better quality sound……not sure my current headphones and earbuds will be any good though.

          • @GISM: I can see that the Plex was available for $249 in February? Either way, it's newer and arguably better value than the LG. If you see yourself using your good wired headphones with your phone often, than LG makes a lot more sense.

            I have a work iPhone but got a used LG V35 (a US-only model) off eBay that I use without a SIM for lossless and hi-res audio with a cheap Tidal Hi-Fi subscription (via VPN) with my Focal Elear and Sennheiser HD6xx, and wirelessly with my LDAC compatible Sony headphones.

  • This or TCL Plex?

  • Is it dual sim? For DAC do you need to use some special headphones?

    • Yes it's dual sim
      No, DAC will work with any corded headphones but the better the headphones, the better the experience.

  • My phone has OLED burn in issues/banding at low brightnesses. 11 months old.

  • +5 votes

    Good phone, with all the right bits - and better than a mid range, cut down, current model.

    However by this point it should be closer to $250 - I guess it shows how the demand keeps up when you don't screw up the capabilities. Hopefully by the time mine needs replacement, someone will have realised that no notch, headphone jack with DAC, wireless charging and 16:9 at a price that can be justified is where it's at.

  • Paid just over 400 bucks nearly 2 years ago. Mine is dual sim and with DAC when using corded headphones.
    Good phone but getting old now.
    I wonder how it compares to Galaxy A51 for a bit more when on special.

  • the reason to get this phone is the quad dac…. best phone out there for driving mid-higher impedance headphones without an external dac or amp

  • Had one of these for half a year and had some burn-in. I quite like the Quad DAC, dual SIM and the fingerprint sensor/power button on the back. Since moved to V40 but can't say I like the power button on the right side too much.

  • Bought this phone for $399 nearly two years ago and haven’t regretted it! The DAC on this phone is incredible, recently purchased a set of Soundmagic E80C earphones to use with the V30+ and it’s honestly the best mobile sound setup I’ve ever heard!

  • Wow..this phone just refuses to die not that it has become old or obsolete!

  • needs to be $299 to be a banger deal these days. Great phone though.

  • This has been the most long serving phone I have ever owned, and sets a standard that I find extremely hard to meet at a sane price.

    Most loved features to me

    Bluetooth works perfectly with the car (v50 does not), has bluetooth 5 so works great with the latest tws earphones etc
    thin and light, 158g - I can't think of any good phones that weigh less than the v30+ with a screen as wide and body as thin, with a competent CPU.
    The screen is pleasing to look at, rocking a more old school aspect that is more about area than tall narrow strip diagonal bragging.
    It has a wider screen than many others out there (which makes web pages/apps easier to read and security pattern larger), narrow bezels on the side, so most of the width is screen (for example, the v30 screen is wider than the v50 screen, but the v50 body is wider than the v30.
    wireless charging is extremely useful once you start using it regularly
    dual SIM is handy.
    835 chip is still capable.
    power/fingerprint on the back works really well, side button for power and on screen fingerprint feel awkward and inaccurate in comparison.
    local LG warranty and service worked well, replaced the motherboard on month 23 for me, and paid $88 for a battery replacement a few months beforehand.
    Unlockable bootloader.
    and of course the headphone jack and dac means blissful audio is always on tap.

    What it lacks
    Software updates, my one only has 2019 security and is running Android 9
    Selfie camera is horrible

    • yeah good phone, the main cam is a bit wanting even with GCam installed.
      still a fair price @$400

      • Honestly the camera is not that bad, regularly had people ask me what phone I had after looking at photos.

    • I can confirm everything here. I've had mine for 2 years and 10 months and it's still killing it. Battery has deteriorated a little but that's to be expected. Agree regarding the screen size, I prefer the wider phones and am not a fan of the tall narrow ones and yes, dual SIMs are SO handy when travelling. Camera isn't as great as it used to be though and I really wish software updates were still going!

    • Oh $88 for battery? Was this through LG service centre? Did you send it in and they replaced it and then sent it back to you? How long did it take?

      I love this phone. Best phone I have ever owned but now the battery is starting to die. And it does not charge to 100 % anymore. Was looking to buy a battery from eBay and install myself but looks to difficult with this phone.

      • I took it in to the LG service centre at Auburn, they confirmed IP68 would be unaffected by their repair.
        Removed my SIM, they said they would take an hour or so.
        Walked down to Costco, had a hotdog and walked back. I think around 45min-1hr and it was all done.
        Now it has had the motherboard replaced under warranty it is perfect (well, to me it is).

        • Oh great. Thanks for the info. Might go for a drive over to the service centre one day.

  • Been using this since February 2019. Bought for $432. No regrets or complaints. So good that I haven't even started to think about my next handset.

  • need V40 at this price

  • How does this compare with Nexus 4A?

  • I bought this last year on the same deal. I found the screens adhesive weak, after a drop you can see the screen separating from the loca

  • im glad this has not dropped since i got it 2 years ago lol, now its working as my spare phone.

  • +2 votes

    If you register the phone on LG Australia website you get 2 years of warranty. The following will appear under your phone if you register "Warranty Info: Labor 24 Months / Parts 24 Months".

  • I had an issue with this phone though. After using the phone for 11 months (1 month JB hifi warranty left and 1 year 1 month LG warranty left), I washed the phone under running water and since then the phone went on to an unusable condition. The phone would not restart, and if I gave the restart command the phone would just turn off and then it would not turn on after pressing and holding the power button. The only way to turn on the device was to hold the volume down button and power button together for 10 sec.

    Also since the problem began there was an icon on the top portion of the screen (icon notification area) which implied that the phone is in a "Power Supply" mode which is used to charge other device and there was no way to turn off the "Power Supply" mode. Note that there was no other device connected to the phone so it should not go to the "Power Supply" mode at the fisrt place.

    A “Factory Data Reset” was performed on this device and after the reset the phone was NOT signed in with a Google Account. This still did not resolve the issue. After some investigation on several web forums, it appeared that the issue is on the phone Type-C charging port. I suspact that there must have been a leak on the charging area of my phone which let the water in.

    I immidiately took the phone to JB hifi. They sent it for service and after the service the phone is now OK. They had replaced the motherboard of the phone during service as written on the delivery docket. Now I do not let the phone come near water anymore (although this phone is waterproof). Other than this experience this phone a happiness of mine. So much good to hold and look at the OLED screen. Excellent performance and very fast to charge the phone. Wide Angle Cameras are also great and I dont complain with the front camera, they are good too. I actually paid $380 as I paid using discounted JB Hi-Fi gift cards from Suncorp Benefits which i got as I have AAMI CTP insurance (AAMI have some relation to Suncorp).

    • No phone is "waterproof". Unless, it has no holes or seams. IP rated devices are water and dust resistant not proof.

  • The only reason I would still get an LG phone is the headphone jack and HIFI quad dac, which offer superior sound quality

  • Only challenge with these are the lack of any updates. I had a V30 and V40. Both great. Just couldn't do the lack of support.

  • Can anyone suggest any alternatives to v30+ within the same price category ($400-$500) and better camera (for my ms.)? I have v30+ and she has S8. I dont want to pay for Samsung flagship phones around $1000 mark when their batteries and performane die out after 2 years of usages- that is so obvious with her S8 now.

  • Good as a portable music player, but it's aging now.

    • Not really. The V30+, or even the "ancient" G6, has a dedicated audio DAC while the POCO F2 Pro doesn't. It may outperform the V30+ in other departments but certainly not in audio. And for people like me who value quality audio and are willing to compromise on other features the V or G series is the go.

  • 399 is too much considering price 2 years ago