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LG V30+ 128GB Mobile Phone Handset (Black) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


LG V30+ $399 @ JB Hi-Fi

The cheapest I have seen for this handset so far.

Bought for $432 from Mobileciti, have used for nearly 5 months, can't complain.

Edit 24/7 8pm: Available online now

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  • +1

    Don't know much about phones, is it a good deal to buy?

    • +5

      LG V30+ are good. This is a good price. A few years old but has some great specs soon. The curved screen is a little annoying for screen protectors. They seem to come off easily

      • +3

        I have this for mine: https://www.spigen.com/pages/tough-armor-xp

        It came with a screen protector as well. Has lasted so far.

        • -8

          I never use "screen protectors"

          I use a spray-bottle to atomize H2O, &
          wipe screen clean w/ a sheet of simple toilet-paper. :~)

          Moving onto phone models…

          For about the Same Price, some will prefer a 6.9-inch screen

          For them, AliExpress & eBay have several vendors offering:

          • XiaoMi's "Mi Max 3" with 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage + 5500 mAh battery

          Be sure to:
          1. get one w/ Global ROM &
          2. check Frequency Band(s) you need vs the ones included

          (I'm using a "Mi Max"

          Some Mi Max 2's still available

          each has a 6.44" screens

          but I -need- the 3's 6.9" screen, ie,
          IF it's compatible here &
          will be problem free.

          • @IVI: I've been using my Mi Max 2 for the past close to 2 years now and was thinking of upgrading to this phone tomorrow. But the battery on the LG is like 2/3 of the size of the Maxs. Also I have had LGs in the past and all have ended up stuffing up with boot loop issues. But the Mi Max 2 still works well.

            • +4

              @habib23q: Boot loop is finished. Easily the last 3 devices have not had bootloop issues. Been using this for 1.5 years and its been rock solid.

              • @Jackson: Yeah I hope they are. I picked up mine first thing in the morning. Screen resolution and speed wise it's superior to the Mi Max 2. I've got a 200gb card inside while I wait for my 400gb card to come from the recent Amazon prime day sales.

          • +7

            @IVI: Do you understand that screen protecters are to prevent scratches and absorb impact on a drop? It's hard to see how "atomized" water will do anything to prevent a cracked scratched screen.

            • @moist: I actually dropped mine a number of times with a very thin cover on and it was fine, until I dropped it om the road and the glass cracked. I reckon if i had a glass screen protector it would have saved it. Its a touch phone but if a sharp object hits the glass at speed there no chance if survival

      • In what way is it curved? I've been looking for images of it, but can't see a curve in them…

        • +3

          The edges of the screen curve downwards with the profile of the phone, which is common on newer phones (Google Pixel 2 XL, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10)

          • @dishlex: Thanks! Like on some samsungs, where the edge of the phone is display? Anyway, the main area of the screen is perfectly flat.

    • +16

      Hell yes. It's the ozbargain cult phone, local stock, and the cheapest price ever for it so far by a decent bit.
      This deal will blow up

      • +6

        ..well, it's 6 months older, so $33 cheaper isn't that great.

        However, for $399, still a great phone.

    • +12

      Great buy as long as you don't care about timely Android updates and security patches

      • +1

        I used to think that, but then my 3 years old LG V20 has received more updates in the last six months than my ten month old Samsung galaxy tab s4.

        • +1

          Got a galaxy tab s4. Just got the pie update 2 days ago.

          Meanwhile my v20 is still stuck on oreo.

          • @xoom: There was an update 3 or 4 months ago. Plug your phone into a PC and use the LG software to check.

            • @DannersAU: Just did a check still 8.0.0 oreo. April 1 2019 security update.

              Model number


              • @xoom: My apologies, the update I received was to get TO Oreo.

                LG are terrible with software updates!

          • @xoom: My galaxy tab s4 is stuck on November 2018 security update, my LG v20 had the April 2019 security update.

            • @DangerNoodle: Where did you get your tab s4? I got one from jbhifi. Also i have the lte version not that it should matter.

              Its showing android 9.

              Android security patch level

              May 1 2019

              • @xoom: Got it through Optus. The android 9.0 update notification only just popped up on mine, been checking since the international updates were leaked earlier. The new update seems to have problems with Netflix, the android UI seems to overlap the Netflix UI.

                • @DangerNoodle: I though the problem was you cant use the app over wifi like twitter and other apps but ok for lte.


                • @DangerNoodle: Try to check again, my Tab S4 is from Optus, I checked just now it is now downloading the Pie update (1.4G), finally an update after 6months for such a new Hardware, pretty hopeless support. Our version seems lagging other parts of the world release by 3 months.

        • Did you get the s4 on optus deal

        • Fair call but you can't really include Android Tablets as Samsung have a terrible record for updating tablets.

          • @Seadog3172: Except that my tab s4 is on android 9 pie and my lg v20 is still on android 8.0.0 oreo. So theres that.

      • +1

        Nope, I don't care. :)

        I got this unit from Mobicity back in March and so far it's a great phone.

    • +11

      At this price, its unbeatable value.

      Qualcomm SD835
      128GB storage
      6" OLED screen
      32 bit Quad DAC
      Micro SD slot
      3.5mm jack
      wireless charging

      Been using it for about 6 months. Battery life's great and mostly last 2 days considering its only 3400mAh.

      Have received 2 OTA updates since I had it.

      Only negative is the front selfie cam but I rarely use it so can't be bothered. Overall pretty satisfied.

      • -2

        PS: the screen is garbage despite oled. I'm using one right now too. It's so yellow I had to customize the tint by turning red to zero (which in practice didn't actually mean red is off) before whites looked white.

        I've never seen a screen this bad in my life. Except maybe my galaxy s1 or s2 (and at least they were decent tech at the time)

        The curve is also stupid from a screen protector standpoint

        Even with gcam I'm not sure about the camera but it's good enough

        However, overall I'm still satisfied with price, storage space, audio and radio meeting my core needs

    • +9

      Yes. But don't fall for the 50% off claim. It's a 2 year old phone. No one would buy the phone for $800. You can get S10s for that mark and even less for S10e.

      Its biggest selling point is the quad dac, though that's not for everyone.

      • Does the dac matter for Bluetooth audio?

        • No it does not. Thats why i dont get the lets remove the headphone jack. Bluetooth is all you need.

          • +6

            @xoom: If all you're using is BT, this phone's main distinct feature is of no use to you. Any phone will suffice.

            • @lostn: Why remove an option for people?

              For those that don't use the headphone jack. Dont use it you got BT.

              For those that do. Have a quad dac for you listening pleasure.

              Win-win for everyone really.

              • @xoom: Having said that it does have APTX HD and LDAC codecs for BT audio…or do they all do that these days?

                • @EightImmortals: I think LDAC is a Sony proprietary codec.

                  Why remove an option for people?

                  For those that don't use the headphone jack. Dont use it you got BT.

                  The head phone jack is not its distinct feature, it's the quad dac. Which happens to require a headphone jack.

                  For those that do. Have a quad dac for you listening pleasure.

                  I agree. I'm just saying you could save money buying a cheaper phone without the quad dac. What makes this phone special is the dac, and it's rare you get one that good. Seems like a waste if all you use is BT.

                  • @lostn:

                    I think LDAC is a Sony proprietary codec.

                    Yes this is correct, however Android has acquired it awhile ago (and probably paid dearly for it as a significant feature to have over iOS etc), and all recent phones running a certain version & later versions of Android should have the LDAC codec.

                    Sony is willing to sell its LDAC codec to others as long as it meets their requirements, clever thing here is they limit the products on the receiving end of the codec (headphones / speakers / receivers etc) and they still control the market that way. The products I know of that transmit LDAC are some Android and FiiO products, the thing is the number Bluetooth products that can receive it are limited so it only works with a certain match of products.

                    I am guessing it is in Sony’s best interest to keep this limitation of options on the receiving end to keep it a ‘premium’ feature.

    • Yes, but don't buy based on the savings alone - they regularly go on sale at the $430 mark (there's been at least a couple of these sales on OzBargain this year).

  • +5

    tempting, have to resist.

    • +3

      This is ozb… Resistance is futile.

  • +19

    Great phone. Best audio quality, decent rear cameras (front is a potato) and very snappy.

    • +1

      "front is a potato" hahahhaha. Nice.

        • +33

          Spell ‘particularly’ right if you’re gonna make a comment like that, also the fact that this annoyed you to the point of commenting worries me

    • How's the android ROM? I had a lg a few years back and couldnt stand the android skin and bloat.

      I am torn between pixel 3a, pocofone, Motorola g7 plus or this. I really value pure android, so I would be going lineage on the poco. I wish the pixel was similarly priced.

      • +2

        Should put the standard Onplus 7 in that mix if you’re looking in the $600 -$700 range.

        • +2

          I picked up a Moto G7 Plus for $370 delivered recently via eBay sale.
          Have had the G4 Plus and G5 Plus, great all-round phone for dual sim.

          Very happy with the G7 Plus so far, definitely recommend if after a decent dual sim phone on a budget, prob plenty of other options to look at if not needing dual Sim.

          I was tossing up between this, the P30 Lite or the Xiaomi A series phones. Moto won out again. Really liked the Huawei options, but locked boot loader was a turn off

      • See my comment here. Assuming nothing has changed then you should be able to put Lineage on it and have everything working.

      • Poco is best

    • I have to disagree.

      Front camera is fine for selfies.

      Speaker on the phone is a letdown coming from an LG G4. DAC is going to be good only if you regularly hook up to a high end set of speakers or high end wired headphones.

    • Does this come with b and I h3

  • so it has Quad Dac (does it comes with good earphones or have to buy once that support quad dac? sorry i'm a noob)

    • -3


    • -2

      Comes with good quad DAC buy one

    • +1

      I would imagine the earphones to be standard pack-in quality.

      They're not going to throw in some high impedance cans in the box.

      • Cans don't have to be high impedance to be good quality

        • +1

          They don't. There's also sensitivity. Something lower impedance might be harder to drive than something higher impedance.

          But if you're an audiophile with HD800s, you're going to need an amp with any other phone.

    • +1

      Quad dac will just mean that if you use wired headphones, it would sound better if you have a good set of headphones or in ear buds.

      • so no use if i use boss QC 35 II via bluetooth?

        • +4

          Makes zero difference.

          • @onlinepred: thx for reply, might stay away then, as was thinking of spending extra and get a s10e dual sim instead which is latest and has more resale value

            • @hopper: Much better phone, will last longer with updates, and your sister will sound the same via Bluetooth. S10e is my current phone and it's my favorite Android ever.

  • +4

    Not much of an upgrade from the s8.

    • +1

      Thats what i was wondering. Currently have an s8 also

      • +4

        If it was the v40 then I'll think about it.

      • It was an upgrade for me from the S8. Much snapier. But then I fell for a V40 deal. :-)

    • +2

      I think camera wise S8 is still better

      • Could you explain a bit more how the camera is better?
        I'm thinking of getting this for the missus so she'll stop wanting to use my S8 for the camera.

  • Should get a 845 since there's 855 on the market already?

  • +8

    Only issue is software update. LG is very slow in that.

  • +2

    Is this a late 2017/early 2018 gen phone?

    • +1

      Yes, around December 2017 locally.

  • It’s a Great Phone using for more than 4 months. But front selfi Camera is poor quality. Even after google camera app it’s not great.

      • +8

        He started using this phone 4 months ago.

    • Does your phone come with b and o h3 earphones or standard ones

  • I have one, getting another for the wife as her s8+ is cracked.

    • Good and cheap replacement.

    • +13

      which wife?

      • He said The wife

        • +1

          He said "the wife" and not "my wife" :)

          • +1

            @Agret: It could be that there is "the wife" and the many husbands

    • Does your one come with b and o h3

  • +13

    Insane bargain

    Here is a manufacturer happy to dump old stock. I'm happy to lap up old stock.

    My bairn asked me why she is stuck with iPhone 6. Simples I explained; apple won't let their old stock be sold at a discount. They must send their elderly stock to landfill.

    So we agreed her iPhone 6 will go to Mobile Muster and she can have a new V30. Free changeover.

    Naughty Apple, you've just lost your remaining apple devotee in this household.

    • -8

      Turn your pm on

    • +7

      I very much doubt Apple sends its iPhones to landfill. It's not Atari ET.

      And an iPhone 6 is too good to go to Mobile Muster. It won't get the latest iOS but will be completely usable for another couple of years at least.

      • When I worked for a major electronics retailer, discontinued models were sent back to Apple.

        No idea what happened from there…

        • +3

          They became replacement stock for Apple Stores.

          • @jlogic: Don’t think so apple gives refurb stocks for warranty

    • +1

      You might want to learn 'supply and demand' mate

      • +1

        Untill the supply and demand is artifficial by not producing enough of them to make it look like its selling out fast.

        • +2

          Just like Dimonds

  • How's the camera on this? My sister currently has a Moto e4 plus and wants a phone with a camera comparable to say an iPhone 6.

    • +3

      Rear cameras are great. Far better than an iPhone 6. Selfie camera is meh… I wouldn't say awful but definitely poor but I'm not a selfie person (from a G6 user which I believe has similar selfie cam)

  • +3

    Easy. Far Better.

    Suggest you install gcam.apk, even better.

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