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LG V30+ (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $479 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi (In Store Only)


On the look out for a new mobile and this deal is on front page of next weeks JB Hi-Fi catalogue for the LG V30+ at 40% off their current price.
From a quick search it appears to be the cheapest price for local Australian stock, maybe even cheaper than grey import…

Some Features

  • 6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
  • F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM (GB) - 4.0
  • Cine Video Mode
  • Point Zoom
  • Wide Angle Cameras
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 128GB Storage
  • IP68 Certified
  • Dual Sim
  • NFC and Band 28 !
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
  • Headphone Jack

Price History

Catalogue Front Page

Edit 31/1 1am: No longer available online, in store only.

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          • @OzSikh: That’s a pretty dodgy exclusion. If it’s a price offered to regular consumers at a retail establishment, how would it not be market value? And who determines what “significantly lower” means?

            As an example, the Note 9 is down to $1299 from its RRP of $1799, and it was launched less than 6 months ago!

        • HN exclusions has: "Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value."

        • Do you mean a price match with HN? Because if so, and HN does actually match the price (big if IMO), you are only paying them the matched price.

          So you couldn't claim with 28D as you haven't actually paid that higher amount.

          In which case you may as well just buy it from JB in the first place.

    • I thought everyone bailed from 28 Degrees and went to Bankwest when they started charging for BPay payments.

      • Its not that hard to make payments via their website,

      • I just have both. The mobile website for 28deg is fine and I just log in and tell it to take money from my account when I want to pay. I think you can even over-pay the card now so nothing lost really.

  • Any reason it's suddenly 40% off? Looks like an amazing piece of kit for the price.
    LGs website shows RRP $1199. Wow.

    Even those dodgy 3rd party grey import websites are charging much more.

    • Probably an LG rebate to retailers to help them thin stocks.

    • LG V40 is being released locally next month. I have been using a V30 for the past 10 months and can't complain. Especially if you want a headphone jack and have quality headphones.

        • Who buys a phone for resale value?

          • @WhyPayRetail: pretty sure PP98 means resell value for when you upgrade….ie iPhones hold their price so you get a great return to invest back into your next device. So a pair of Oakley Sunglasses with Polarised lens for $250ish. I easily sold 3 of mine between 2-6yo for ~$90-140 each. If i bought some random Marc Jacobs (or somehting) from Specsavers for the same price, i'd probably get $50 if i'm lucky.

          • @WhyPayRetail: If you like to upgrade often it’s a genuine consideration. Can’t think of any Android phones that rate well on resale value, I’d expect largely due to the endless discounting.

            If you paid $1799 for a Note 9 512GB in the last few months I doubt you’d be happy with what you’ll get for it now.

            • @Mitch889: At the same rate, a Note 9 512GB will be around $700 by now.

            • @Mitch889: I get two years out of a device, and push them pretty hard. Two years in the size of apps has grown and new hardware moved on. I keep my old phone (with dying battery) as a spare. Don't even consider flogging it to someone given it's on the outer.

        • +11 votes

          My quality headphones are Bluetooth so neither matter.

          Quality. Bluetooth.

          Pick one.

  • Currently using a pixel 2XL, is this a good upgrade?

    • Did think it was LG equivalent of the 2XL, so I doubt it is much of an upgrade.

    • Almost the same phone mad by the same people, well except for the LG add-ons such as the DAC, cameras and the horrific software. Oh and the same sub-par OLED screen.

      Another reason why this seems like a good deal until you realise how old the phone is, just cause we haven't seen much of it doesn't mean it's new or current.

      • +13 votes

        Another reason why this seems like a good deal until you realise how old the phone is, just cause we haven't seen much of it doesn't mean it's new or current.

        Are you serious? It was only released around late 2017…. It's certainly not an old phone - unless you're a millennial who thinks that the world will end if you have a phone more than 12 months old. Heck, the practical differences between this phone and the latest models are negibile for most individuals - the new flagships are mostly just marketing gimmicks and visual changes as opposed to any substantial technology change.

        • Its simply not the current model, that was my point.
          I bought a 2nd hand Pixel 2 XL for $350, cause its not the current model, they are very similar phones, apart from the software.
          Im talking about its worth, nothing else.

        • Some very interesting responses to this post, im a little concerned at how defensive people are when they misunderstand someone is suggesting they cant use an old phone.
          To help understand the sentence:

          At no point did i say you couldnt use it as a phone? Saying "how old the phone is" refers to knowledge of its age, be it 3 months or 30 years, not the same thing as saying its "so old".

          For example: "Wow, your three year old child is so tall", "Oh, thats because he is actually 4", "oh sorry, i didnt realise how old he was", AKA "I didnt know his age"
          This wouldnt mean the child is considered old for a human being.

          I said its not the current model, thats why its cheap.
          Most people dont know what a V30 is or when it was released, Eg. People are asking if it an upgrade for a Pixel 2 XL which is basically the same hardware…

    • The cameras were well received, and with the GCam Port, I'm gonna go with yes. It'll be replacing my G6

      • I'm currently looking to retire my G6 too. Been eyeing the v30 for a while now. Only concern is im not sure how many more OS updates can that SD835 handle before it becomes lag city like my current G6 =/

        • Hm on second thought. This should do. As an LG it probably wont get any updates. Not gonna complain at this price point.

        • FWIW, I upgraded from G6 to V30 about 8 months ago and the V30 is much smoother/faster. I really liked everything about the G6 except the lag, and the V30 basically fixed it. Very happy with mine.

        • Not that I've got an LG (sold mine to my brother because i couldn't custom Rom it). But are you all factory resetting after a major version update? Should always do for optimum performance.

    • I'm currently using a Pixel 2XL as well, haven't even thought about upgrading it because it still feels and performs like it's brand new.

    • The v30+ is what the pixel 2 xl could have been (except camera, which is great but not up to the pixel).
      Better bezels, headphone jack, sdcard, dual SIM, Quad DAC, waterproof, wireless charging, great battery life, lightweight and great size.
      Wide angle camera and light 158g weight are a bonus prize.
      Runs ARCore apps and Daydream.
      Only drawback is the dodgy selfie cam.
      Can be easily rooted.
      Quality issues on the screen didn't seem as evident after few months of production.
      Best phone I have owned so far, with one of the few OLED screens that I can use without getting headaches.

  • I'm really tempted, but as I long term HTC user I wonder how good the camera is.

    I've read mixed reviews, and nobody saying the camera is great. I like the low light performance of my HTC 10 and M8 before it.

    Anyone that owns one care to comment?

    • Reviews say the camera is great. Video is outstanding and has many manual options. (No 4k/60 tho - but considering generation to be expected)

      • Haven't seen a single review saying 'great' yet, but just behind the flagships out there. Also limited results in low light, which is why I'd like feedback from someone who owns one.

        • 5What word would you use for generally pretty good, but not the best? Phone camera's face physics constraints and I think what you are after is mirrorless or a DSLR type camera. This will get you far superior results than what will be seen in mobile phones, without a new technology.

    • Does your HTC 10 heat up often and quickly like mine?

      • Only now the battery is starting to go.

        It's been great for nearly two years, but starting to age mostly due to battery, but more hardware resources never go astray:-)

  • hows this compare to Huawei mate 10 pro?
    battery,camera,performance wise.

    • Worse.

      I've the V30, it's a fantastic phone with a good camera, but from what I read at the time the mate 10 pro camera is significantly better.

    • My wife has a Mate10Pro. The only problem we have with it is "not compatible with Google Daydream". Bought it half year back for $666. Just got Android Oreo last week.
      Thinking of buying this V30 for myself.

  • For those concerned about software support from LG, this has some pretty good custom ROM support, including a Lineage version with the DAC working.


    • Hey mate, do you have this phone on Lineage OS? Just wondering if LOS roms out there support this specific Au model.

      • I don't actually own the phone. Long story, but I was going to get it about 6 months ago and spent ages researching the custom ROM options. Was about to pull the trigger but ended up getting a note 9. At this price I'm actually tempted to sell my note and get the V30.

    • That's huge…my only issue with custom ROMs is the Google Pay. Is it affected?

      • This is based on my reading of various V30+ xda threads as well as r/LineageOS: I believe it works out of the box on Lineage as long as you aren't rooted. If you want root access alongside Google Pay, you need to install Magisk and configure some things from within there.

  • No SD slot?

    • do you need one with 128GB on board? all SD's do is slow Androids down….but to answer your question…yes there is expandable memory lol

      • Yes I do, and great!

        • haha i stream music & video content and use multiple cloud-based photo backups so storage isnt normally an issue for me…I've had a 64gb card in my slot since i purchased my S8 almost 2 years ago and have had it unmounted since day dot.

      • Doesn't it have a hybrid SD/second SIM slot? The 128GB also makes using the second SIM not such a compromise.

        • Yes, it supports 2 Nano SIM, or 1 Nano SIM and 1 MicroSD

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  • If you're worried about stock (shouldn't be an issue), buy it now then claim the difference back under their price guarantee haha

  • 2 Questions….
    Is this confirmed as dual sim?
    Also is oreo available or is it still stuck on nougat?

    Any hopes of Pie?

  • Would this phone worth upgrade from samsung S7?

    • I got the G7 coming up from an s7e and love it. If I was buying now, would easily buy this phone for the price. There isn't any task or app that the general population use that takes advantage of 6/8gb of ram or the additional processor speed. We reached the point of diminishing returns in phones a long time ago.

      If you like music and have wired headphones, to DAC really does make a hell of a difference too.

    • I have an S7, and 32GB of room is literally done in terms of apps.

      128GB for the price is an upgrade alone I would imagine.

      I'm grabbing this!!!

  • Bought one for $599 during Christmas and it's out of return period and purchase price protection period!!

  • +11 votes

    I remember when i got my LG G4, it received one update to Marshmellow then all updates stopped. Then it bootlooped.
    LG NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!
    My Old S6 Edge+ that I have to the old man (released same year as G4) continues to receive monthly updates!!!!!!)

  • This is an amazing price. I upgraded from the V20 to the V30 and love it.
    Specs are similar to the S8 but the quad dac really makes this a better buy if you use decent headphones.
    Install gcam for an even better camera (night sight is great for photos in the dark)
    Battery last 1.5 days with regular use.
    Android Pie expected in Q2 2019.

  • This is a great phone. Got mine about 6 months ago for $450, grey market. Definitely recommend it.

  • With the $200 JB hi-fi gift card from the Telstra deal, this brings the price down quite competitively…..

  • This is a 1.5 year old phone with SD835. I think $479 is still too expensive for a LG phone due to its quality.

    • They're quality is excellent - they have had issues in the past, but since then, they offer almost everything that people (who complain about removal of the headphone jack) want.

      They just lack in software updates.

      • I swapped 3 of them due to poor backlight bleed out the edges. The phone is flawed in this regard.

        Ended up returning the third and going Samsung