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LG V30+ (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $479 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi (In Store Only)


On the look out for a new mobile and this deal is on front page of next weeks JB Hi-Fi catalogue for the LG V30+ at 40% off their current price.
From a quick search it appears to be the cheapest price for local Australian stock, maybe even cheaper than grey import…

Some Features

  • 6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
  • F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM (GB) - 4.0
  • Cine Video Mode
  • Point Zoom
  • Wide Angle Cameras
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 128GB Storage
  • IP68 Certified
  • Dual Sim
  • NFC and Band 28 !
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
  • Headphone Jack

Price History

Catalogue Front Page

Edit 31/1 1am: No longer available online, in store only.

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  • +18

    that is a good price

    • -15

      Battery is a worry

      • +14

        Battery on my (and my wife's) V30+ is excellent. Best battery life I've had on a phone. YMMV.

        • -19

          First you say it's the best, then you say our milage may vary, what are we to believe?

          • +19

            @magic8ballgag: As a scientist knowing that his sample is 2 its a fair comment to include YMMV.

            Make it a sample of 3 now as I have one

            • +5

              @Jackson: +4 here. Forgot to charge the battery overnight and it's @ 30% in the morning with no time to charge? It'll easily last until I get back home from work. Not many other phones can do that!

              • +1

                @Cyphar: Its worth noting that when not in use its very scant on battery draw, I have slept 8 hrs and woken up with it only a few percent down, and with airplane mode on I ne a single percent

              • @Cyphar: Motorola Moto Z play 1 and Motorola E5 Plus lets you use them for 2 days of heavy use before needing to charge.. or if you want 3 days of heavy use get a Huawei Mate 10


          • +3

            @magic8ballgag: Lorindor You are welcome to believe what you like :)
            I meant exactly as Jackson said, I can only speak from my personal experience in a very small sample, and therefore cannot make any promises / offer high confidence on what the population of V30s will perform like for others based on their different usage patters. However, you can use it as evidence along with the string of comments below mine to consider against Jamesx's concerns on battery life.
            Also a scientist (well similar, engineer) here working in testing / sampling, so I appreciate that I have little evidence!

        • +1

          My dad has one and says the same. I might get one at this price

        • I guess this means you’re rather young and have never lived (and parted) with a Nokia feature phone?

          • +2

            @bozbargain: No, I'm not a youngster and had plenty of Nokia, Siemens, Motorola back in the day with week-long battery :)
            Those days are long forgotten, but you are correct, I should have qualified my statement as "smartphone".

            • @binary01: I didn't have plenty of Siemens back in my day, not that I recall

              • +1

                @marquise: One of my favorites was tiny little Siemens (S45 I think?) So small and battery lasted for ever…

      • +2

        V30 battery life is outstanding, one of the best out there.

      • +1

        Sure. First non-replacable battery in a V series phone was disappointing. But my battery life is great, and better than my V20 ever was.

        • +4

          You can blame Apple on built-in battery, just like headphone jack.

          2007 iPhone 'revolutionary' feature = Built-in battery

    • +1

      Australian stock, I guess it does have 2 year warranty. Doesn't it?

      • -2

        Pixel wins camera and Android system. That's all.

        • +6

          This is almost half the price…

        • +26

          Funny your guys neg me, my comment was the answer to "Pixel 2 vs V30+", but he edited after, surely my answer looks stupid now…lol

          • +2

            @jassssone: I saw pixel 2 but later found that it's a used one. So edited my comment. I didn't realize you replied to my comment.

            • +1

              @Ashish31: No worries, buddy, V30+ is good phone:)

            • @Ashish31: Could you please send me the link to that used Pixel 2? Might consider buying it. Thanks.

              • @Averell: The ebay link is really long. I just googled "buy pixel 2" it shows in the search results. It was 300+ usd

          • +2

            @jassssone: You should have edited your post to make me look dumb.

    • Anyone have a link to the deal at JB. I can only find this with a $799 price on their site.

      • Not yet, it’s on the 31/1.

        • Thanks for that. New here and was just thinking that.

    • How reliable is this?

  • +4

    Daaaaamn, this is tidy… If only I didn't just replace my V20 with a Note 9 :/

    • +1

      Then you’re not missing much dare I say.

      • +75

        At least $500

      • +3

        Everything is much better and faster with the Note, but I do miss my IR blaster, removable battery and second screen…

        • +2

          No IR blaster on the v30, unless I have gone a whole uear not realising it. Come to think of it has none of those features

          • +1

            @Jackson: hes comparing his Note 9 to his V20

            • +2

              @xyron: Yes, and he would still miss all those things had he got a v30+

              • @Jackson: Yep. I'm tempted, but I'm rocking a G4 and V20 atm and really haven't got a good reason to change, save that I doubt they'll last long at this price and it's a great price for a brilliant phone.

        • Do you miss the second screen software? Having the longer AMOLED screen on the note 9 seems technically better than the lcd screen and partial OLED strip on the v20

          • @MrSaveDave: I prefered the older circle-case screen but find the V20 handy for minor things such as music control when walking and turning the torch on. Small things, but pleasing.

    • +19

      replaced my v20 with nokia 7 plus …..LG were 9 mths late from their commitment date for oreo ….will never buy LG again unless it’s android one ….
      also one security patch in 10 mths for my LG , nokia i got one in december and jan 2019 patches arrived today.

      loved the LG hardware but software support let it down.

      at this price the v30 is a great phone , maybe LG will better support the v30, but it is still better value than chinadroids in this price range.

      • +4

        I cannot agree more on the "never again LG unless Android One."

        I had the G5 and it was running well until it ran into hardware issues after warranty ended. Apparently the Oreo update was meant to arrive mid last year. I loaded it up yesterday and checked for updates… Says it's all good. Ok, LG.

        • +6

          LG - Lazy is Good

        • +2

          I agree as well, I have the LG v20 that had bluetooth issues where it would stutter every minute or so and ruin the music listening experience in my car. It wasn't fixed until they released the update earlier this year, and now i don't want to update my phone again in case the next update breaks it again. I am also hesistant to upgrade since it's getting harder and harder to find new phones with replaceable batteries. I've still got a couple more batteries so I'll hold on until something brilliant comes out.

        • +1

          Have you ever faced this error "moisture detected in USB port"?
          I am unable to charge anymore and I swear I never exposed my phone to damp environment…

          • @DisabledUser273024: Seen that happen with a variety of phones, Try using a different USB cable

          • @DisabledUser273024: Yes with my g6.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser273024: Yer. Faulty and low quality usb cable.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser273024: Pocket humidity, sweat… my old Nokia N8 was always great and then after working in the yard the screen was off, thought recharge, but to no avail, the phone was dead, so all i can put it down to is the humidity etc from being in my pocket while doing the yard work

        • -7

          "AndroidOne" (aka Project Silver) has been cancelled.

          It started with the Xiaomi Mi A1, it doesn't get updates directly from Google, and isn't guaranteed 3-year updates (not talking about small security patches). If you don't believe me, look it up.

          The same goes for AndroidWear (aka WearOS) and AndroidTV. Alongside these, AndroidOne devices get updates from the OEM (and maybe carrier?), depending on the generosity/dedication of the OEM for previous consumers. So for those waiting for the LG G7-One, stop waiting. Sure, the OS will probably get a lot leaner, with more and longer software updates… but there is No Assurance. And remember when many/all OEM's said they would do software support/updates but had no Promise/Obligation to do it? Yeah, LG was in the thick of it.

          So if you want frequent and long-term software support:
          - get an iPhone for 3 years
          - get a Google phone (Pixel) for 2 years
          - get an Android flagship (Galaxy S) for 9 months
          - or get a phone that is popular and has a budding community (eg OnePlus) for 2-5 years

          • -1

            @Kangal: Google phone is good for 4 years of updates in very much all of their models to date.
            Samsung and other mainstream manufacturers are good for two major releases of Android after initial release - roughly about 2 years, NOT 9 months
            Budding community 2-5 years, except none of it has been through any complex or rigorous testing meaning you are an alpha tester until the next version comes out that fixes things but breaks other things even more.

          • +3

            @Kangal: Android One has not been cancelled. Android One was never 3 years of OS updates, it was 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates. Xiaomi promises "2 years minimum of OS upgrades" for the Mi A1 and true to that they released Android Pie in December, well ahead of most brands including Samsung. Google promises, "Monthly security updates to be supported for at least 3 years after initial phone release" for Android One. Updates were never direct from Google.

            • -1

              @escalier: Yes it has.

              The name lives on, but the Platform is officially dead. Updates for any AndroidOne device now comes from the OEM, just like all the other SkinnedOS devices. I'll reiterate; Google does NOT push out updates to AndroidOne devices.

              I was patiently waiting for the LG G7-ONE, but not anymore. I am no longer trusting in any of these companies unless they make an official promise and have a proven track record.

              I will instead look for devices with a "budding community", because they seem to do a much better job of providing a Lean/Stock OS and keep it upto date. Which sucks when bootloaders cannot be unlocked.

              • +1


                "budding community"

                I think you mean modding community…

      • +1

        Software update to my v20 turned in into a slug. I couldn't stand it. Such a pity.

        • +1

          Mine too… I tried to delay the inevitable replacement for a long time, but waiting 15 seconds for applications to load was too much to bear

      • How do you compare V20 and Nokia 7+? Performance, camera and battery life.
        We had a Nokia 7+, camera is pretty good but had a faulty charging port, now in repair.

      • -11

        I am sorry, that must have been distressing for you. How often were you hacked without more security updates? Did it happen daily, every other day, or perhaps weekly?

        Not getting the latest Android at the time, must have almost pushed you to insanity. What did you find were the most important apps you were unable to run because your Android operating system was so old?

        • +2

          Mainly xvideos and pornhub.

          Also while google had those "innocent ads" inside apps (like gumtree) that caused popup-chain phone locks, so you have to hard power it to stop the popups.

          Those are the main ones that caused issues if you were stuck pre-november.

          Why do you ask?

        • -11

          Australian society is sad. A person shows empathy for their fellow android user and ends up with unexplained negs.

      • What apps were you unable to run without Oreo? What were the biggest features of Oreo that you found made your existing OS bad?

        Note: I am upgrading my phone from Android 4.4 so am looking at what new things I will be able to do.

    • haha same I just replaced my V20 with S9+ :(…Love the Dac on these

  • +9

    Fantastic price for a phone that is still very capable and relevant (nothing else that I can think of can beat the value and performance at this price range).

    Get further 10% off if you've previously gotten some JB HiFi gift cards via eBay discount deals. (Or get HN to price match it and pay with discounted HN gift cards https://www.harveynorman.com.au/lg-v30-smartphone-128gb-blac... )

  • this or pocophone?

    • +21

      thks has nfc and band 28 ….poco can doesn’t.
      this also has australian warranty poco doesn’t
      this also comes with australian charger poco doesn’t.

      • +26

        So call it a draw then?

      • Edit

      • I'd still go pocophone. 9 months newer phone. Android Pie released on it and has a Snapdragon 845 against the lg's 835

      • -1

        this is made by LG poco isnt
        this will not have updates poco wouldn't?

        • +7

          lol ur argument is invalid

          research how many ppl suffered at the hands of LG bootloop

          and LG did not give a toss

          lost me forever as a customer

          • @DisabledUser158286: I agree, read my comment again :)

            I had a toss up between the V30 or the Note 8.

            With the screen issues and the lack of updates, I'm glad i went with the note 8.

            • @binary101: lol sorry! good choice

              I have the pocophone and loving it

            • +1

              @binary101: Afaic there are no significant screen issues. I cant see them and anyone who cares is nitpicking. The screen is fantastic IMO.

              The lack of updates might mean you are not always on the cutting edge, but its running Oreo so its hardly outdated.

              The fact that it has an ultrwide camera, cinezoom, headphone Jack (with quad dac), a POLED screen that supports daydream, no notch, makes this one of the best featured phones on the market today. Beats an incremental CPU update hands down (and noe its half the price)

              Edit: forgot to mention it can shoot video in log

          • +1

            @DisabledUser158286: Bootloop's no longer a problem. And Xiaomi phones have bloatware

    • Or for A$530 (including GST) Mi Mix 2S
      NFC - yes
      Band 28 - yes
      Australian warranty - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sort of

      Android Pie - coming to the Mix 2S…

    • Thanks guys. Ended up getting the poco from ebay for $340 with the ebay promo and gift cards. I don't need nfc or band 28. Just wanted long battery and a fast phone.

  • +2

    Anyone considering buying from Harvey $1195 and their 28 degrees card, then doing a price claim with both Harvey and 28 degrees?

    • +2

      I could be mistaken, but I don’t think competitor pricing is covered by Shopper Protection, only the retailer you purchase from.

      • +3

        Since November last year, 28C's policy has been updated to accept any Australian retailer pricing. So that's another way if you can't get it from JBHiFi.

      • +3

        They changed to cover every retailer in Australia.

        If you buy an item in Australia with your 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard and within 12 months the item is available at a lower price in the same retailer or any other Australian retailer, we’ll pay the difference between the purchase price and the lower price to your account, up to $1,000 per item.

        • +5

          How can they possibly offer that, considering how fast Android devices drop in price over the course of a year? Truly amazing.

          Take the Note 9, $1799 at launch five months ago, already at $1299.

          • @Mitch889: well you have to add it to your account and it costs 1% of your closing balance each month. I assume you could add remove it as needed but not sure?
            Also as it includes an account payout on death its not available if youre over 64!

        • +1

          What the hell, this is amazing. I'm off to file some claims.

          • @OmNomNomagon: You need to opt-in to Purchase Protection on the 28 degrees card first.

            • @b-radicool: Cheers, I'm already opted in. I noticed a few months back that the merchandise protections t&c's changed, but didnt realise they were broadened from 6-> 12 months and from original retailer only -> all australian retailers.

        • +1

          Omg I never knew, this is amazing.

          Have always thought it was same store same retailer.
          So we have eb, jb, target, big w, Costco, Harvey, and all this to choose from?

          Isn't this kinda broken?
          Like I can buy a game from eb for $100 then be like big w and target are selling it for $30 half a year later…

    • but why you want to use a price claim? are they giving you more money than the difference?

      • +3

        Buy 1200, claim with Harvey for 700odd, claim with 28D for 700 odd, profit 200+ new phone

        • +5

          They might refuse it on the basis of one of the exclusions mentioned on their website

          • Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.
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