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LG V30+ (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $479 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi (In Store Only)


On the look out for a new mobile and this deal is on front page of next weeks JB Hi-Fi catalogue for the LG V30+ at 40% off their current price.
From a quick search it appears to be the cheapest price for local Australian stock, maybe even cheaper than grey import…

Some Features

  • 6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
  • F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM (GB) - 4.0
  • Cine Video Mode
  • Point Zoom
  • Wide Angle Cameras
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 128GB Storage
  • IP68 Certified
  • Dual Sim
  • NFC and Band 28 !
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
  • Headphone Jack

Price History

Catalogue Front Page

Edit 31/1 1am: No longer available online, in store only.

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    • I've already received the catalogue in the mail. Brisbane. Might not be in all Cities…. Plot twist

      • hopefully they match their own stores nationwide…

      • maxwellish, are you able to confirm any further details? Does it state specific locations? Pics?

    • +4

      why did you have to do that lol. You could have waited til Thursday?

    • The OP has a picture at the top of the Ad showing the special price.

      I checked the website, they only have 2x current catalogues on their website atm. There might be a scan somewhere on the internet of the upcoming catalogue, but I haven't looked.

    • +3

      Can anyone confirm if another state/store can have their own version of the catalogues? I thought there is just ONE catalogue for all JB stores country wide…

    • Prob you just ruined something loads of ppl here have been waiting for.

  • maybe this deal is just for certain stores, not nation wide

    • -1

      If anyone has a copy of the actual catalogue, are you able to confirm whether it says it's available only at ______ store/state ?

  • Is it possible they might price match a deal in another state?

  • -1

    I'll be heading in on Thursday to ask for the difference refunded, as I bought it early so as not to miss out. Lady on the phone said it'd be fine and she put it aside for me at the time.

    Gon' cry if I end up spending $800 on this thing, no joke :(

  • +15

    It looks like to many people are going in-store and bringing up this deal instead of waiting.

    I put up this deal to be helpful and not for people to abuse the system, whether that be hoping to get a refund, price drop protection or whatever.

    There is only one version of this JB catalogue and I've had a copy sitting at work since couple days before posting.

    If they decide to pull it or change the catalogue after its now been printed for whatever reason the changes may show up here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/General/Catalogue-Corrections/

    I'm not associated with JB but my company gets lots of catalogues early.
    I've resisted posting early deals from the catalogues in the past….

    • +2

      no not that many, only a couple ppl that are probably "junior" Ozb'ers TBH.

      A note to all - DO NOT bring this up until the deal officially starts!! Otherwise you're just ruining it for yourself and everyone else! Please DO NOT DO IT!!

      OP - maybe you would wanna add this warning to your post…

      • +1

        I think it would be a lot more than a couple since there is now no stock available in Melbourne CBD.
        When this deal was posted all 3 Melbourne city stores had stock.

  • +2

    There is no legal requirement for JBHIFI to honor their price guarantee and/or change of mind returns. ACL only states that the store must follow their policy if they have one, and there are clauses in the JBHIFI policy which enables them to reject returns for such reasons. There is going to be a lot of salty individuals in this thread when they realise that their "pre-order" scheme won't work. People have attempted this in the past and it's never worked out well for them.

  • I bought $500 worth of vouchers for this deal. Hope it's available online. If not, I might just get a Pixel 3 for the missus.

    • Phone is not available online.

      • Not sure how you know this… got proof?

        • That would be the JB Hifi product page. Only available in store. Store I rang said it was an old phone and is a clearance.

  • I have given up hope for this.

  • +2

    Store person did confirm earlier this week that this was happening, they are getting in more stock.
    Ps if it does happen, can someone pls screenshot the check out page and upload it here,

    • +1

      Hopefully they didn't just see the same OzB deal that we have :p that said, the store i went to said they were getting more stock presumably in the lead up to this deal so fingers crossed or im eating $320 (yes I know this is my own fault lol).

      I honestly hadnt considered that buying beforehand and asking for the price difference refunded after to be wrong.

      • Guy checked and said city stores getting something like 10 units.

        • +1

          Given the number of people on this thread.. that will dissapear in half a second

  • Seems a good deal. Do you think it's worthwhile picking up one of these or spending the extra money and getting a G7 ThinQ?

    • +2

      + If you like LCD more than OLED
      + If you like the fastest CPU on the market currently
      + If you like a narrower form factor
      + If you like to play music through your phone's speaker
      + Take lots of selfies

      + If you like OLED
      + Dont mind a little older CPU
      + Better battery life
      + Slightly wider form factor
      + Save a bit of $$

      • Plus 4k 60fps
        20% less battery life than the V30 tho.

  • Called and put one on hold last night (store had 4). The store just called to tell me of the price drop and to make sure I pick it up Thursday, not today. The salesperson was more than happy to hold it despite the sale. Pretty good service that I wasn’t expecting.

    • Which store did you visit? The one I asked the staff said they know nothing about the discount

      • A store in Brisbane. Just got the full catalogue delivered at my place too.

  • -1

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how OP got a copy of the catalogue so earrly? I've been in store to ask for a copy as recently as yesterday and they said they had none. Do they maybe have a source?

    • +2

      From his work as he mentioned in this post.

    • +6

      There are some questions that should not be asked.

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend a good case and screen protector?

    • -1

      case maybe but screen protector not require.

      • +2

        Why would you say it isn't required mate?

    • Grab a Spigen case, i got the Rugged Armor one.

    • Ringke fusion case with spigen style ring or iring.

      Phone is big so it's easier handle the phone by holding the ring, free kickstand, and the bumper is thick so it won't scratch the screen when it drops on a flat surface.

      I've had the phone for a yr with no screen protector on my note 8 and v30 and have had no problems.
      If you're an outdoor person then maybe it's best that you get a screen protector in case you drop it onto a rock or something.

      Using a screen protector just doesn't feel as good and it makes the bumper from a case negligible and pointless.

  • I've located an overview of the catalogue on JB's website - I won't post details as that'll just make more people go in to hound staff. It doesn't show the price for the phone, just the discount of 40% (price is hidden by a banner). The chances of JB producing the catalogue and not going ahead are (I'm guessing) quite small - though stock is obviously going to be the major hurdle. The overview image shows 4 pages but I can't make out any other products specifically.

    I tried getting the actual catalogue from their site but JBs naming conventions for this catalogue are a bit random so I couldn't find it (or it's not accessible to public yet).

    • Saw the same thumbnail and it looks identical to the cover posted by OP. All is good I guess.

  • Called some stores to check the stocks level, the staff honestly told me to hold my eager till tomorrow as it will be on sale. So I think the deal definitely there.

  • -1

    Perhaps a store updated their internal signage late Wednesday before closing. Perhaps my partner was looking out for me and found one (the only one this store had).

    Good luck all, glad I won't be at the doors at 9am (or seeing if they refresh the site at midnight or 4 am to secure stock (cough-cough).

    • +1

      They sold to your partner the sale price?

      • hard not to when the tag had been updated with the new price…
        they would have sold it tomorrow, can't imagine anyone would get in trouble (more than having no stock, this could get a little angsty)

        • Did they just offer it? Or how did you ask them to do so?

    • Do you know what time the do update their pricing?

      • i do not, but an early bird may secure stock before a store opens…

  • +3

    There is a big poster on JB Forest Hill for this deal, they confirmed they have stock ready.

    • Can someone upload a pic for credit card price protection please

  • +2

    For those hoping for a price beat/match… the LG V30+ has mysteriously disappeared from the hardly normal website.

    • +1

      Even if they had it on there website. They would find an excuse to not sell it.

    • +2

      Just talked to someone on their online chat who said it had "been removed" and "try the website next week".

      No thanks.

      • +3

        HN are a bunch of idiots.

        • +2

          correction: HN are a bunch of smartass

  • When something like this is Dual SIM can you also use a MicroSD card?

    • +3

      You have the option of either 2 x SIM or 1 x SIM, 1 x MicroSD

      • You can use 2 sims and a microsd all at once but it requires steps most would not be willing to take.

  • Does anyone have any experience with this specific phone (H930DS) and custom ROMS? Looking for something AOSP-based like Lineage.

    • +1

      LineageOS 16 is available on XDA

      other ROMs here

      to be able to flash ROMS, you will need to unlock the bootloader and use TWRP etc, most have done this following the WTF guide, however to do this you need to flash an earlier Oreo firmware than they are shipping with.

      • Cool thanks. I've a little experience in flashing custom roms/bootloaders and will give it a crack tomorrow.

        Are you running a custom ROM on H930DS?

        • Not at the moment, I am happy with stock firmware for now, with a few enhancements.
          I will try out Lineage at some point though I imagine.

          By the way don't attempt the unlocking if the phone is on the later Oreo firmware, and you have not fully understood this method of unlocking it.

          Make sure you read up on what is needed and how to do it. The xda post has been a bit hard to follow for some.

          • @DisabledUser58080: Yep, will go through the full thread tomorrow with the phone and make sure I 100% understand.

            It is possible to flash back to the previous firmware, right?

            • @PrimalNuke: Yes you can with the LGUP tool and the early Oreo firmware kdz file.

    • Yes, I have had this phone for 12 Months and finally flashed/unlocked it over the xmas break. Pixel Experience and Lineage are both pretty stable, minor glitches in both, but more ongoing support for Lineage is usually the case. Issues I have experienced so far: Cant unlock phone via voice unlock, Proximity sensor is more sensitive, light sensor is more sensitive, media and ring volume is lower than stock, always on display is darker - Otherwise everything else is working (You can also patch with Magisk to hide root/unlocked bootloader get Android Pay etc working). Overall its better than the LG stock rom, significantly better battery life for one - For me it added 6 Months more life to this phone, lets see if we get wireless charging on the OnePlus 7 or 7+!

  • +1

    Thinking of getting $450 worth of JB gift cards at 5% discount, but if it is a pricing error it'll be a $450 gamble to save further $22 on this deal.

    • Definitely not a pricing error mate. Multiple users (including myself) have reported it being confirmed by individual stores.

    • +1

      I got confirmed by at least 2 stores that the deal starts tomorrow.

      • Thanks went to local Woolies but JB gift cards no loger bepaid by eGift cards. No more 5% on gift cards. :(

        • You can't buy any gift cards with wish egift cards, that's been the case for a few months now.

          Some older terminals still allow it though.

  • Anyone in Sydney confirm with any stores that its happening tomorrow?

    • +2

      Asked to see catalogue at Hurstville JBHIFI today, can confirm it is an actual deal in Sydney.

  • +1

    WHy people still think of price error, my house got JB hifi catalogue delivered yesterday, it has same front page as OP posted, also went to JB Hifi Forest Hill, it already had big handwriting poster about this deal on front window. They confirmed $479 price only will start tomorrow and have stock ready. However they couldn't reserve or accept deposit, I ended up to ring Doncaster and got one reserved, they said they have plenty.

    • Because of this link

      • It could happen till I saw a big poster on JB window, surely no one will waste time to make a price error promotion poster.

    • Hi, as you have the catalogue, can you help me to answer if it's a one day deal or the deal will be running for the whole week (7 days)? Thanks

      • Catalogue says from tomorrow to 13/2, JB window poster says " ending soon "

        • Thanks, as I have a staff from a store told me it is one day deal. Then there was another one from a different store told me it will last for a week when I asked them when they are expecting the additional stocks to be received. A bit of confusion.

          • @johnnyle: I worried about stock and asked them as well. Both stores confirmed they've ordered more stock and they are on the way.

            • @jassssone: Same, I asked the staff and they even showed me most of the stores will have more stocks coming. The one I asked has about more than 10 coming in, but they weren't sure when they are getting them is what I makes me worried. As it could be after the sale!?

  • Hopefully amazon will price match….

    • Do Amazon stock Grey Import or Aus stock though ?

  • Does anyone know if JB Hifi accepts Amex instore?

    • +1

      They do, but there is a percentage fee.

    • +1

      They do, although there is a surcharge. I think it's between 1.5 and 2% from memory.

      • Cheers. Still worth it for the screen insurance.

        • I have a $200 JB Hifi voucher that I have had for a few months now - thought this would be a good use, but maybe the screen insurance would be a better deal…

        • Anz platinum card offers extended warranty (for another year) although insured up to purchase price.

          I'm thinking of buying this using anz card and purchasing a 12 month Kogan sim using an Amex card - from reading the T&C it seems like the screen insurance is also valid if you purchased a sim only plan - requires a minimum of 12 month for it to satisfy the condition.

          That way I get the extended warranty + screen insurance.

          • @jjjia: Be careful with that - if it's anything like the Amex insurance it will be excluded by the small print:

            SIM Only Plan does not mean: month to month contracts, ‘no lock-in contracts’, prepaid, top up or add-on plans or purchases.

  • Was able to put one on hold at my local JB. They only have one. Lucky I called.

  • Can't get to a store for another 6 days. Is it likely that they'll have restocked (and have not re-sold out by then), or is my only chance to get one of these to buy online for click & collect ASAP?
    I know we can't predict the future, just wondering at your best guess, how hot sales like these usually turn out.

    • with almost 10k clicks for this deal and the +ve votes….hmmm I dont like ur chances…

    • +2

      It's very likely to be sold out I'm afraid. Your best bet would be to call them first thing and ask if they could put it aside for that duration, or click & collect once the price goes live.

      My store were getting a few extra units for the sale for example, as apparently many are, but I don't think there's enough to last that long without you taking one of the above steps.

  • Not live online yet. Waiting for that sale tag to appear…

  • Alive online! Pick up in store only.

  • Bought - picking-up at Chaddy - couldn't risk waiting for egift cards to arrive so I might grab another one when they do (if there's stock anywhere) - good luck to all.

    • Still can't see any stores in Victoria, showing an error when searching for a store with stock

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