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eBay: $2 Bonus ($2 Spend) or $5 Bonus ($20 Spend) Plus 10% Cashback (Uncapped, Unlimited Txns, Exclude Coupons) @ ShopBack


Great bonus cashback offer on top of the 10% cashback. Time to go shopping!

10% cashback is uncapped and no limit on number of transactions.

  • Spend $20 and then you get $5 Bonus & $2 Cashback = 35% cashback
  • Spend $30 and get a $5 Bonus + $3 Cashback = 26% Cashback.

Get a $2 bonus when you spend $2 OR a $5 bonus when you spend $20 or more. T&Cs apply. - Spend $2 to $19.99 for a $2 cashback bonus OR Spend $20 or more for a $5 cashback bonus. Minimum spend amounts do not include GST charged at checkout for international items, delivery and all other fees. - To qualify for one cashback bonus, you must make one transaction (with the respective minimum spend) from eBay Australia (eBay.com.au) through ShopBack between 12:00AM and 11:59PM AEST on 30th September 2020. - Limited to one bonus per customer. If you make multiple transactions in a single day, you will receive the bonus for the transaction with the highest purchase amount. - The cashback bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you receive on eBay Australia purchases. - The cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30th November 2020. - Standard eBay Australia cashback terms and conditions apply. - Your cashback and bonus will still be valid if you pay for your purchase using gift cards. - The use of coupon codes will not qualify you for the regular cashback or the bonus. - Purchases of items excluded from cashback (for example gift cards, charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel) do not qualify you for the bonus. - Returned, exchanged and cancelled orders will void your eligibility for the bonus. - If your tracked cashback at eBay Australia is rejected, your bonus will be voided. - ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4056)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +3

    I stand to get about $50 in cashback if I calculated correctly, decided to give shopback a try after the bad publicity as I dont care if people know my account details or try and call me. But I will care if it didnt track, because cashrewards always works and have good service, so I hope shopback will help if theres any issue!

  • Edit: got tracked at 10% :)

  • Bought last night…hope it tracks :/

    • Mine is not tracked as of yet as well.

    • yeah waiting for mine to get tracked as well.

    • Just tracked…

    • My click is registered now. However, cashback is not tracked.
      Two days to track the transaction expire tonight. WIll give them the benefit of the doubt until then, and this will be the last time.

  • The normal story is negs will soon turn up with tracking missed especially on higher items.
    It like a never ending story .
    Mine not tracked yet and I went much smaller because of the above .
    Cashrewards was tracked and made sure I used same browser so none of the blocking excuses should apply .

  • My tracking email came through overnight;, I bought yesterday around midday.

    Adblockers etc turned off.

  • My first 3 transactions from around midday were tracked. Still waiting on the last one I purchased at 11.55 pm.

    • -1

      Only one will be given 10%

  • Edit remove

  • +2

    Tracking confirmed on 1k item. Thanks.

  • +1

    My purchase transaction is tracked but I don’t see the seperate $2 bonus transaction. Anyone know when the $2 bonus transaction will be tracked/appear?

  • +1

    I got a weird scenario, I clicked through Cashrewards on 29/9 and purchased some stuff on eBay, they were tracked correctly.
    Then on 30/9, I clicked through Shopback and purchased something on eBay again, it got tracked on Cashrewards!

    I checked my click history on both Cashrewards and Shopback just to make sure I haven't gone bananas.
    On Cashrewards, my last click through to eBay was 29/9.
    And on Shopback, the click through to eBay was recorded at 30/9, which I proceeded to shop.

    Anyone had the same experience?

    • I completed two exact same transactions, one through ShopBack, another a few hours later a repeat via CR. My click on CR shows but no tracking yet. Very strange 2 transactions are showing now as tracking on ShopBack but not correct amount.

    • Same, shopback didn't track at all, instead the shopback transaction tracked as cashrewards. Appears to be an ebay error.

      • CR had a 15%, $25 cap cashback on eBay at the same time so unless you had used it prior, that is better than nothing right?

        • I don't know what your angle is, but we would expect a fair outcome from when they sort this out. And no it's not better than nothing when a subsequent transaction for a much lower amount fails to track with shopback and instead replaces the higher spend on CR.

          • @chyawala: Understood. Never mind my previous comment.
            My view is, with these cashback sites (be it SB, CR or others) there is always a risk of not getting your purchases properly tracked. The chance of getting an error is greater when you make separate purchases on the same website and using two different cashback sites within 24 to 48 hours. Myself have experienced wonky tracking from CR and SB on ebay purchases using different accounts, different browsers where purchases tracked to different cashback accounts that I did not click from. I see these cashback as a bonus if the purchases are tracked and will not be utterly disappointed if a purchase did not track properly as I never treat these upsized cashback bonuses as a discount because there is no guarantee that you will pocket the ‘savings’ unlike in a real discounted sale.

            This comment will not help the matter at hand but as you and other have said it is more to do with eBay than SB. With your case, eBay has tracked your purchase to CR, therefore, they saw CR as their affiliate for the sale and will likely pay commission to CR for that transaction so not sure how SB can reverse that decision.

        • +1

          Nup, I intentionally purchased something just over $2 to take advantage of the $2 bonus.
          Otherwise I wouldn't have, so I'm actually $2 out of pocket lol.

    • I had similar exp last year. I did not bother as the amount is too small. Since then, I always do it on different PCs now. It seems only happen with eBay purchases.

    • Same here. Had done a ebay purchase via cash rewards followed by 2 ebay purchases from 2 different shopback accounts. all 3 are tracked under cash rewards.

  • +1

    I also purchased with CR and ShopBack last night. Neither has tracked yet.

    • +1

      Both mine have just tracked.

  • Does tracking take longer for bonus cashbacks? I don't see mine yet after ordering 8:50PM. Also one transaction includes orders via multiple sellers in the one order?

    • Yeah I didn't get the bonuses tracking yet either. But as long as you have the main eBay one tracked you should be good

  • +3

    oops, one day late lol
    wish this was a two-day event (like Amazon Prime Day) =S

    • Same, pretty disappointed at myself. Wish these weren't for one day only.

  • +3

    Seller with %100 feedback cancelled yesterday’s order this morning cos out of stock. All my time and discounts down the drain. Don’t think it’s ever happened to me before. Thanks for listening OzB.

  • +2

    $1k cashback tracked. Will wait to see if SB honours it.

  • Finally tracked.

  • +1

    My 3.35pm transaction has tracked, but my 5.50pm bigger purchase hasn't yet. Hopefully it will soon.

  • Just to be clear. If the purchase tracked, of $300, will there be a cashback bonus of $5, and also $3 coming later on? or is it $5 +$2?

    • $5 bonus later on but you should've gotten a tracking email of $30 not $3

  • +2

    I am starting to feel that I will be disappointed.

    I did a few transactions with Cashrewards that tracked correctly (reached my $25 cap). I then did some transactions with Shopback which tracked EXCEPT for the 1 largest one ($3000 transaction - $300 cashback).

    I have read other people post that they have missing transactions with Shopback on higher value transactions and just thought that they must be doing something wrong. But now I am starting to think something funny is going on. I have been using Cashrewards for ages (occassionally use Shopback) and am very careful to have a separate browser for when I use these cashback sites with no adblockers etc.

  • Mine still hasn't tracked, why does it seem to working fine for Aliexpress but ebay is hit or miss.

  • Did not track. Not good. $35 lost.

  • Not tracked yet, website says it can take 7 days.

  • Hasn't been tracked yet and it has been a week. Pretty disappointed with Shopback lately, I had to submit enquiries for my last 3 EBays transaction. And they always give me the same advices, I've been using cashback for years.
    Anyway, it will be my last time using Shopback.

  • So is Shopback just garbage now? Still not tracked after 7 days and purchase from Amazon on 13th of September is still being investigated.

  • I have a query, my transaction was tracked for $20, Will the bonus $5 also shows up as "pending" or will it be credited on 30/11 separately.

  • I've just had to submit a report as well, shopback are shite. I'll try and get this paid out and then delete my account.

  • +2

    Just got denied cashback after opening a case regarding the bonus $10 eBay 21st birthday promo. Saying that cashback was ineligible. I didn't visit Cashrewards. Always use my phone or browser extension with no ad blockers.

    Now I have to lodge another claim for this promo. Going to miss the $5 bonus now too…

    • I really just think Shopback has gone to shit. Just had a claim from an Amazon purchase on the 13th of September denied, and I just really don't know what more I can do to make it go through successfully. I don't have high hopes for the "investigation" into my missing eBay cashback. Over two years I've received just under $700 back from Shopback, and I would always use Shopback over Cashrewards, but now this type of shit seems to happen every single time I use Shopback.

      • +1

        Mine didn't track either. I'm in the same boat, I got fed up with cashrewards not tracking and shopback always seemed to work better. Now they are quality as bad. I think it's time to cashout and delete.

  • +5

    I think this is a big scam. I completed 3 transactions using different accounts at my home. None of them tracked. I have been using Shopback for a long time and have earned a lot of cashback so surely, I know what I am doing. When I raised a query for a missing cashback, I got a response saying the transaction was deemed ineligible, which is ridiculous. Keen to know how many people having this issue and whether we can do anything about this?

    • +2

      Yep mine didn't track either and just got the email declining the cashback today.

      • +2

        Me too,I used shop back apps at that night and my purchase history record showed in shop back , at the time, cash back display in cash rewards website that I didn't use in it . But shop back can do nothing. Loser.

        • +3

          Ditto, transaction didn't track, claim denied

          • +1

            @cytotoxic: Shopback had better up their game as on future posts we will all be forewarning of being denied and these scammy tactics.
            Cashrewards on the other hand did fix this blunder even though they were given the wrong tracking by eBay.

    • I also want to share my experience as well. I am in a different situation that my purchase was successfully tracked with a different date and time. I made a transaction on 30/9/2020 and the confirmation email tracked the transaction was on 01/10/2020. Interestingly, this transaction was shown on 23/09/2020 when I login to my Shopback account. Shopback still denied my claim and said the transaction was deemed ineligible.

      Does anyone has experience similar to mine?

  • +3

    Mine didn't track either, I submitted a claim and they deemed me ineligible. What a joke.

  • +3

    Mine did not track and submitted a claim , also got it denied. The most recent ebay one tracked no issues and I did exactly the same steps both times no ad blockers etc.

  • +5

    It is so weird , when I spend small money such as 10,20 dollars in 1 or 3%cash back, they can track correctly, never missing. But when I spend a lot in 10% cash back, they can not track even they are showed in click history. Disgusting.

  • +5

    Shopback are a bunch of *****. Mine didn't track, I submitted a claim and now they've rejected it with a generic email as to why it was not eligible. They didn't even give specifics, and say that I may have used other extensions like honey or cashrewards, or adblockers etc. I used the Shopback app and the eBay app and I didn't input any coupon codes either. Their app is so flawed. I wrote back specifically addressing every point they raised and told them to give me specifics as to why it was rejected. I suggest everyone writing back too, don't let them get away with this!

    • +1

      Send the ozbargain rep a message. He / she will assist.

      I'm at 3 times in a row now using the phone app with ebay cashback. There is something wrong with their app communication with the internal browser and ebay app.

      We are not the only ones.

      • Thanks. I have sent him a message. Hope he can help.

      • +1

        Thanks for that. I didn't even know they had reps here.

        I had a reply to my email. It looks like they have looked into it again and are willing to credit the cashback. Still clarifying with them exactly how much they should be crediting me though.

        Once again, I suggest others that got rejected to contact them if you believe you are eligible.

      • Already sent the rep a message a day ago, however have no reply yet.

        It appears sentiment towards shopback is souring rapidly, so it would be of no surprise that if left unresolved their future deals will be littered with comments warning of this, and negative votes which are valid if you have a major issue with the business.

        • I have a feeling that the rep and their support team are getting a lot of these missing cashback claims right now…

  • +1

    feeBay has stolen our money

  • +2

    Today they sent me an email to ask me to review the Shopback website, can choose 1 to 5 stars , I share my experience that I used shopback apps for my Ebay 10% cash back purchase but only 0.1% cash back show on cashrewards apps that I did not used it. I used shopback apps by mobile phone, and cashrewards apps state they only track cash back for Ebay purchase though desktop or laptop website browser. So it's 100% they make a mistake, but they can not do nothing to correct it. So I submitted a 1 star bad review.

    • To clarify, are you saying that you used the Shopback phone app? But Cashrewards recorded the ebay tracking and transaction?

      • +2

        Yes, even no that Ebay purchase click history showed on cashrewards apps. It never happen before, but this time I spend 1000 dollars with 10%cash back rate, it happened.

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