Hortico Lawn Repair / Tough And Drought Hardy Lawn Seed 1kg $6.94 (Was $11.80 / $13.58) @ Bunnings


Greetings everyone, seems like this great price is back again for this product, was quite popular last time.

Hortico 1kg Lawn Repair

  • Fast to establish
  • Very easy to use – simply rake and sow
  • The added fertiliser helps the seedlings establish and feeds the surrounding lawn
  • Seeds are a mix of tough, fast growing and drought tolerant varieties.
  • 1 kg covers up to 60 m2

A special blend of lawn seed and a slow release lawn food, developed to repair bare areas and patchy lawns. Very simple to use – simply rake and sow!

Hortico 1kg Tough And Drought Hardy Lawn Seed

A fast-growing, tough lawn seed blend suited to most Australian conditions Hortico Tough & Drought Hardy Lawn Seed is hard-wearing and drought tolerant, producing rich, green growth swiftly.

Available in a handy 1 kilogram bag, Hortico Tough & Drought Hardy Lawn Seed will produce up to 35 square metres of new lawn, or 70 square metres over sowing.

Hasn't been this cheapest since 2017.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Bought 8 of them on clearance at $2 each 5 years ago. Still sitting in my shed.

  • They don't lie about "green growth swiftly". I used this on my lawn and it has been the bane of my life. I used it in patches that didn't have good coverage and now those patches need to be cut almost weekly while the rest of the grass (probably kikuyu) grows much slower making it look awful with all these tufts sticking up.

    • you dont have kikuyu, if you did you'd be needing to mow it twice a week in summer!

    • if you had kikuyu you wouldnt need this garbage… unless you have a shady spot.

      • Well, the patches were all my bad. I used some weed killer and it was a little… well a lot… overpowered. Killed about 30 cm around the weed. I actually think it is buffalo now rather than kikuyu. Either way, lessons learnt here.

  • The pigeons love it.

  • Would this be good for a buffalo grass lawn?

    • Yeah, keen to know what happens if you mix this with buffalo?

    • I’ve got buffalo and I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t tried it but it’s a struggle to get rid of other types of lawns that grow in my grass, from neighbours.

    • Don't do it, you'll be adding a different grass to your lawn, so you will then have a mix of buffalo and whatever this is. There are buffalo specific fertilisers that would be better.

    • My backyard gets almost no sun in winter and much of the Buffalo dies. I oversow with this to keep it fuller/greener. As others said it grows faster and taller so you need to mow it regularly and it can look a bit silly in patches (but I prefer it to the dead/dirt patch/damp areas that it fills). In the summer my Buffalo grows very fast in full sun and takes over again where there is almost none of the oversown grasses left. My yard is tiny so it is easy to hand pick out any obvious grass tufts that are unwanted come summer when the Buffalo is back again

  • Used this stuff, badly regret it. I have buffalo grass and this "lawn seed" grows this tall weed looking grass that sticks out like dogs balls. It grows much taller and much faster than the grass around it. I've spent time trying to rip out all of the "grass" it has grown because it looks ridiculous. It was either this product or a similar patch repair product from the same brand. Don't recommend.

  • For those interested blend composition listed elsewhere for Hortico "Tough & Drought Hardy Lawn Seed"

    • 38% Perennial Ryegrass
    • 27% Annual Ryegrass
    • 20% Couch
    • 8% Creeping Red Fescue
    • 7% Kentucky Bluegrass
    • Really? So its 80% cool season grass = not very drought hardy. Cool season grasses look beautiful (fine leaf, dark green color) - but don't like the heat.

  • I used this a year ago and regretted. Used in a small 2x5m2 area. It was great for few months but did not last through winter. The area now covered with clovers and wild weeds. Not recommended

  • yeah, don't waste money on this, if you have kikuyu just do a bit of watering and fertiliser and let the weather do it course, if it's buffalo then better spend up and patch up the area needed. These are mostly ryegrass which will grow tall and spread their seeds everywhere, together with fescue with strange dark green colour and make your lawn turn into a special fry rice in no time.

  • As a first sow, it is great as it takes minimal care and grows rather easily (mine took almost 3 weeks before sprouting though for some reason, after which it just grew and grew).

    Now though, I'll probably invest a bit more and get the kikuyu seeds instead. A bag should be enough to oversow when this grass starts dying and helps protect from birds too in a way.