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SodaStream Source Element Sparkling Water Machine $99 (Was $149) @ David Jones


Been waiting for this model to get abit cheaper. Finally got one

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David Jones
David Jones


  • Looks like better value than the one I got a while ago, waiting for that to go on sale too.
    (paid $80 for the SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker - Black Metallic)

    still not sure how long meant to hold the button down, trying a few short presses instead of holding it down for 10s.

    • I got the Sodastream get for $19 delivered on eBay Plus month sales

      • Yeah that was a good deal, missed it
        Black models always cost more

        My folks got a few of the sodakings reduced to $20 at spotlight a while ago, seems to require less press of the button or comes out faster..

    • Short bursts is better. I have the electronic version and that's how it does it.
      Also use room temperature water rather than cold water from the fridge.
      Cold water or holding the button down too long can cause the tip to ice up. If this happens you'll see a little ice poo out of the end.

      • ice poo! i love it. i always thought, for some reasons, using cold water was necessary to get good carbonation.

      • The colder the water, the more CO2 that can be absorbed. So I guess if you don't like it very fizzy, then warm water would absorb / use less gas.

        Same principle when opening a coke bottle. Cool it as far as you can before opening, so it holds its gas.

        Open it warm and it will be more or less instantly flat.

    • Bursts should be around one FULL second ie: Mississippi.
      4 is typically enough and six is super fizzy.
      Press too quickly and you won’t get enough gas in, the fart sound tells me it’s finished.

      Colder the water, seems to take more gas.

      • Thanks all, some room for improvement in my technique, feel im wasting the gas somewhat.
        The manual also says cold water but I've heard people recommending both. I have an 8l Brita jug in the fridge.
        Edit: Meant to say I assume a normal press strength is ok, you can press it down harder with different results
        Will try that cheers.

  • Try the Pepsi Max flavouring if they’ve got bottles. Bloody decent

  • Tip:
    Don’t waste your time refilling these, get a kegland adapter and use a 2.6kg bottle directly attached.
    Move to the laundry or something. The key is a bit larger than the soda stream nothing massive.

    Maintains high pressure, lasts a long time.

    If you refill yourself you never get the same pressure.

  • I use the short one

    2.6kg bottle (equiv to 6 x soda stream canister swaps)


    Sure not cheap initially but well worth it in the long run.
    Very convenient.

    • This is genius - I'll give it a go. Thanks so much.

    • Purchase mine on Saturday and arrived today in Rural NSW. Very fast postage, yet to use but seems straight forward

    • I have the 6kg tank. If the have the room, it's even better value.

      refills are cheap also

      • Yes bigger the tank the bigger the savings!!!

        The 2.6kg costs me $33 to refill. Not as quick as an exchange, but saves a lot of money compared to SodaStream\SodaKing exchange which in my area have gone up to $19\$20 for 0.4kg. For me it's also about not having to change the cartridge so often.
        When you have a spotlight coupon, Sodakings cannisters can be a decent alternative, but when not on-sale they cost more than Sodastream from Coles\Woolworths

  • Perfect for making fizzy Baileys Irish Cream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oUJ27q0noU

  • Great price!

    I got the 6kg keg from kegland.
    Sits in the garage and I refill everyones cylinders.
    Only $45 to refill at the local gas place.

    Just don't overfill the cylinders. Otherwise they don't work, you'll then need to depressurise before you use, and waste CO2 in the process. Thought I busted my unit and got it replaced.

  • Costco has the mega pack (with extra bottles) currently for $80

  • How many bottles would you need to consume for a sodastream investment to work out cheaper than just getting the 90c bottles from colesworth on a whim?

    • my missus was drinking 3-4 bottles a day at one stage, so not long….

      Kegland kit is a winner - we've got our machine installed in a cupboard in the garage, 3 bottles in the fridge on rotation - love it!