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iHerb: 24% off Sitewide + 5% Cashback from Cashrewards & ShopBack (Free Shipping on Orders over $56.82)


I was checking whether I'd received Woolies gift card bonuses on both Cashrewards and ShopBack when I saw this deal for iHerb - stack 5% cashback on top of 24% off sitewide sale.

Free shipping on orders over $56.82

iHerb at Cashrewards
iHerb at ShopBack

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  • Good sale or cb at iherbs. Go there. Find item I want. Add to cart. Out of stock. Repeat 10x. Close tab.

  • That's fabulous. Sadly I ordered big recently. I'll get more. 🙄

    • It’s free over $56

      • +3 votes

        Would be good in the title or description. Makes it much better.

        • Or you could just do some basic research on a place you want to buy from instead of being hand fed by other people.

          • @samfisher5986: Or it could be in the title, saving everyone from repeating the same process of 'basic research', since the OP already did it.

          • -1 vote

            @samfisher5986: 'Basic research' would constitute it being on the main page or on a banner, which it is not.

            I threw in a couple of things and there wasn't even a 'spend $x for free shipping' notification.

            Seems like 'basic research' would constitute happening to throw over $56 in your basket or looking for shipping details.

            Or just put it in the title.

            • @Blu: Shipping has been free on iherb for many, many years over $40 USD spend. (~$56 aud)

              I don't agree it being in the title as the majority of people already know about it and it isn't hard to find… It's very obvious in the cart.

              A proper bargain hunter would always look for offers, including free shipping before buying from anywhere (if they don't already know)

              • +1 vote

                @nismo: Literally never shopped there in my life, until now.

              • @nismo: I don't think it doesn't hurt if it was put in the title… it is like every Amazon deal posted, although we all "should" know by now that free shipping is with Amazon Prime or $39 spend, it is always included in the title post for those that aren't aware.

                But anyway, nice find Op. :)

              • @nismo: It's not a tall ask. Shipping info is included in most Amazon deal titles.

        • As requested, free shipping info has been added to the title and description. The minimum for free shipping is at the top of every site on desktop but not mobile.

  • I got packages from them (USA) faster than a lot of Australian sellers.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Can anyone recommend an acne treatment that works, i see they sell a few? Thanks!

    • If you have acne , go to a dermatologist and get on roaccutane.There is really no other permanent treatment than to dry out the glands that cause the acne

      • Yep, I was on it years ago and it works a treat when nothing else works.

        You just need to weight out the potential benefits vs side effects. For me it was mild, dried skin amd lips.

      • Just be mindful of possible significant side effects of the drug. I was on it in my youth - triggered really bad eczema & depression for me.

        However, I teach a fair few kids on Roaccutane & the vast majority are fine.

        Talk extensively with your doctors.

        One possible alternative is using an AC gel & cleaning regime, e.g. the stupidly expensive Paula's Choice, or the same stuff found in the much less expensive but highly rated Benzac brand at Chemist Warehouse (the gel stains material, be careful with nice clothes & bedsheets).

        Good luck!

      • I wouldn't say it's a permanent treatment - well for me at least. I've been on Roaccutane twice and my skin is still gets fairly oily these days. I don't get cystic acne anymore but at most it's moderate. So I still have to keep using topical treatments.

    • change your diet? lots of skin conditions can be triggered by foods.

      • I think that's a bit simplistic. I had terrible acne from ages 15 to 17, and I see mid to late puberty is when it seems pretty bad for lots of people. If it was triggered by food you would expect it to happen at all ages - eg I had a similar diet ages 10 to 22, so if it's caused by food it should have happened equally throughout that time, but it didn't.

        In my case I think it was largely hormones + naturally oily skin. But there's an upside to oily skin! People who had great skin in their late teens (low oil) now (30 years later) look like old leather, whereas my oily skin looks great in comparison. It's like moisturising every day! So to my teenage self, I would just say : although you can't see it yet, there is an upside!

    • The classic OTC acne treatment ingredients are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid but you can easily get those locally (Benzac 2.5% [benzoyl peroxide], La Roche Posay Duo Plus [salicylic acid]). You can find them in other brands like Neutrogena, but these products suggested are straightforward and with fewer unnecessary ingredients.

      Make sure that whoever has the acne is washing their face at least once a day, and applying moisturiser as well. For acne people will give a lot of random and bogus advice like put a lemon on your face, or toothpaste - but I hope that you can see that what I've written is logical enough - these are the acne fighting ingredients in products.

    • Finacea over the counter from chemist warehouse. It’s azaleic acid- prescription in the USA but otc here. Just say the doctor told you - it’s off label for acne but all the pharmacists know it, and it doesn’t dry out skin like benzoyl peroxide.

      • Adding onto this comment - if you decide to try azelaic acid, Azclear medicated lotion is more cost-effective compared to Finacea. It also has a higher concentration of azelaic acid (but a higher concentration is not always better).

    • Protect your skin barrier + balance eating (no dairy and sugar) and your skin will heal over time. You should watch LIAH YOO on YouTube to learn the science behind it.

  • I don’t always by herbs online. But when I do, iHerb.

  • Thanks OP. Stocked up on a few things!

  • doesn't seem sitewide to me. opti-men 240 multivitamins not included.

  • Is free shipping value calculated before or after discount

  • Very disappointed with the price jacking on some of the items.

    One of the products I only ordered 4 weeks ago has gone from $9.24 to $10.16 (10% jump) and other has jumped from $54.15 to $65.61 (21% jump).

    I know there's going to be variation with the exchange rate but looking at the 30 day average it's been fairly stable overall.

    Disappointing, but still a good discount on some of the stuff.

  • Ordered some fibre capsules. Looking forward to some good poops.

  • Almost too scared to look at what the exclusions are to sitewide - I think they base them on my past orders.

    Even the iHerb logo has an asterisk.

  • What would be a quality plant based protein?

  • Major price jacking.

    In my lists I have a greens powder which says $150, open it up and it goes to $165

    iHerb is dodgy as f&&K, ever since the GST charges they like increased prices 30-40% on alot of items.

    It's cheaper to buy alot of vitamins here.

    I honestly wanna give them my first down vote, but I won't because it's not ops fault.

  • Weirdly enough I made an order 2 weeks ago and they're all cheaper now. Also - my items arrived so quick, like in a few days,

  • Can anyone recommend something for chronic nasal blockage?
    dying here.

  • Price jacking on items I wanted.

  • Hi everyone, welcome to make a list below of price jacked items.
    I'll collate them and send them an email about it :)

  • Thank you OP! I just placed an order and I didn't notice the price jacking on the items I bought

  • Interested in pure stevia. Can anyone recommend and how long does it last?

  • It's price jacked, but wouldn't say bad. For me, iherb are usually the cheapest - or close to it. Item I purchased usually costs $54.95 and was jacked to $60. I had like $5 in loyalty bonus + 24% off, ended up purchasing two of the items for just under $90 shipped. Usual price on ebay/supp stores is $60-$70 per tub. Forgot CR, but that would of also given me another $6

  • Price drop on the items I wanted. Worked great for me. Plus 5% cashrewards. Thanks OP.

  • Searching for some definitive information on what time this deal ended and can't find anything anywhere.

  • ok, I'm definitely calling this promotion a scam.

    Now that the discount has ended, a wide range of products I wanted to buy are now in stock. A bit of a coincidence.

  • Do we get hit with a foreign transaction fee when buying from iherb on a big 4 bank debit card?

  • Best to keep an eye on amazon

    Yesterday i bought 5 X BPI preworkout and 2 X 1kg BCAA 4:1:1 for $60 after 10% S&S and maccas $20 off $79 (and paid with a $50 gift card which i bought for $40 😎)

    They have a average true retail price of $260 to $280